MC-Arch – Level up | Hip-Hop

Well, well, well, MC-Arch delivers yet another massive banger hip-hop track, sporting a melody reminiscent of Of Monster And Men (especially their song “Dirty Paws”) and his usual powerful vocals! And of course no MC-Arch banger would be complete without a little Fluttershy vocal bit to start us off!

Arch packs a lot into this song with lyrics that are bursting at the seams with meaning, heavy rhymes, and a flow that’ll stick with you accompanied by an arrangement that goes from whistling and guitar to slow drums. I’ll try my best to give you the Cliffs Notes after the break!

This is not only a love song to hip-hop–it’s also a stand against misconceptions about and prejudice against (brony) hip-hoppers. I strongly advise reading the video description to fully understand this track. Lines like, “But if for changing hip-hop I’m the “Anomaly” | I’m doing something right, won’t stop or heed”, and, “But no matter who you think makes this appeal | A pistol on your hip don’t make you Real”, make this track shine, and there’s so much more, including quite a few pony lines like, “Biggups to the new gen, love to the old”, and, “The ponyboy still trottin’ his story”!

Now to the instrumental backing: It starts out with just an acoustic guitar (to the point you wouldn’t expect this to turn into rap), followed by a lovely whistling melody and drums. The instrumentation shifts brilliantly throughout the track to add emotion and let Arch’s vocals shine!

And now, to finish off, I wanna quote the final lines of the track:
“Listen, all the stuff that I’m responsible for… YGMIGU, SFTH… You can be more than just a believer in that–you can do it, too. Brony hip-hop just hip-hop… We can be MORE than however the cutthroat industry game is played. You DO have the power to turn your life around, which is what we both want, don’t we? Well, what are you waiting for?… Better make it count.”

Big thanks to TheCANderson for helping me proofread and perfect this article!


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