PrinceWhateverer – Friends in Maretime | Metalcore

We knew this was gonna be awesome, we all did, but damn this is so much better then expected! This song has been called a bit of a spiritual successor to Solidarity, and you can see it when you have a look at the lyrics, but first, instrumental!
We start out acoustic, folk sounding, before with a big vocal fill Prince hits us right into the face with the full Metalcore power! This track has all a banger needs, from the drums and guitars to the fun vocal fills, this one’s a track for the ages and the highest quality of rock that’s out there!
Now, the instrumental make this awesome, but the what truly makes this the banger of the century is the lyrics!
And here you can hear why it feels like a successor to Solidarity. While Solidarity was all about looking back on the fun memories, Friends in Maretime starts out with “So don’t look back now”, and that’s just the start, the track is full of lovely lines and has verses dedicated to each of our pony friends, from pegasi with broken wings to fleeing from Bridlewood and tackling what ponies have been taught for all this time.
There’s so much more amazing about this track so definitely give it a listen and put it onto all your playlists!


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