EveryDayDashie – Pirates of the Ponyvillain | Classical / Epic Orchestral

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Disney and Hasbro came together to make a My Little Pony x Pirates of the Caribbean crossover? While that will probably never happen, we can at least imagine with EveryDayDashie’s song “Pirates of the Ponyvillain.” Featuring a reimagining of the famous “He’s a Pirate” tune and Dashie’s incredible talent on the violin adding onto said theme, this song is full of epic adventure from start to finish. It is Dashie’s subtle & signature MLP musical licks that they add to every one of their songs that shines once again, reminding us that this song is still pony at its core. If you told me this song was taken straight from the Pirates of the Caribbean OST, I would probably believe you at first.


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