The Wilders – Everything Is Gonna Be OK (SAWMASTER REMIX) | Happy Hardcore

Well, the remixes for this track just keep on coming, and there has yet to be a bad one! And of all the bootlegs this one might just take the cake! It has the usual stuff that makes Happy Hardcore awesome: Smashing base, a vibrant synth to get your head bopping and fast paced, upbeat kicks, but wait, there’s more! The whole of the lyrics are pitched up by a semitone, making for a unique and entertaining sound, we get a little extended intro section at the beginning, and if you listen closely you can even hear woodwinds accenting the melody, making for a stunning bit of uniqueness that’ll stay in your head for quite some time! All in all this track is a big recommendation for everyone, no matter your tastes this track is gonna entertain you!

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