Daniel Ingram – Let the Rainbow Remind You (L-Train Remix feat. Dionte George, SaxPon3, Zephysonas & Tavern Cat Records Remix) | Jazz / Electro Swing

Did someone say mega collab? As the finale of his remix album “Everypony” L-Train tackled the Season 4 finishing song, and along the way he picked up a whole horn section! Featuring the likes of Dionte George, SaxPon3, Zephysonas and Tavern Cat Records, this track is a remix full of fun melodies, the fun vocals from the original and a whole lot of horns and hearts! L-Train has really mastered the sounds of Electro Swing, and who can say no to some amazing live instruments! This song is a massive bop and definitely does the original justice, go have listen and enjoy this combination of poppy vocals, upbeat electronic melodies and classical instruments!


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