SnowShovel – Luna (Alt Mode) 2023 (feat. Forest Rain) | Metal

It is 2023 and Eurobeat Brony’s famous track “Luna” still reigns as one of the most popular songs in the fandom, spawning many remixes and covers over the years, including Forest Rain’s ever-popular “Luna (Alt Mode)” that brought us a special fresh take to the original Eurobeat track in the “Rock” side of music. It is this version that inspired ShowShovel to make their original cover at the end of 2020 with a fresh vocal recording from Forest Rain, and this new “2023” version as well. ShowShovel really is one of the most talented guitar players in the fandom, from sweet, melodic style on parts like the introduction/solo guitar parts, to his deliciously punchy guitar sounds on the classic secondary melodies, and even the fast-paced driving melodies in-between. I still can’t get over that increasing drive at the end of the piece where it keeps going up to the next step in the bar. As far as I am aware, that wasn’t present in any of the previous two versions of the “Alt Mode,” but it fits perfectly before the melodic fall at the end. I know SnowShovel mentioned that it is hard for them to make music these days, but I hope they keep going strong and produce more amazing pieces like this one in the future.


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