Red Spark – Fairytale | Orchestral

Orchestral music often tends to be very emotive, from epic orchestral soundtracks depicting grand adventures through space and time, to more peaceful tracks that paint beautiful landscapes in the listener’s mind. No matter the style or mood, perhaps the most impactful music of this genre is that which speaks to the heart and tells a story to the troubled soul. Red Spark’s new track, “Fairytale,” exemplifies this idea. Inspired by a Kirin fairytale, the track begins with quiet strings and delicate piano, making it easy to imagine a lonely traveler faintly silhouetted against a vast and barren landscape. A sudden burst of intense brass follows, suggesting a climactic moment in the traveler’s journey – perhaps, a rush of overwhelming loneliness, or intimidation by the magnitude of the wilderness, or fear of never reaching her destination. The intensity dissipates with the entrance of soft woodwinds and oscillating key changes, creating a meditative soundscape of wonder and awe. As you enjoy this gorgeous track, let it inspire a journey of your own imaginings.


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