Aoshi – FluttERR (feat. Fluttershy) (PSFMer Remix) | Jersey Club

Disclaimer: This is about the remix from the original song, not the original song, and while at times it may seem like I’m talking down on one song, I intend to compare and contrast the two.
So my take on this remixed version of fluttERR from the original, well going back and listening to both for the first time, and by a side by side character I prefer the remix. Both are talented able and potential musicians, but something stood out to me more than the tune, cords, bass or vocals was the rhythm and theme of the music. The remix sticks with the same theme all the way through with a little surprises here and there. while the original seems to jump from theme to theme, its dubstep one second, hiphop, then electro the next and its rather distracting, but still a good song and im sure it was amazing in its prime. The remix is a fun remix you almost want to dance to, as stated in the comments you could get a wrong idea with some of the lyrics it depends on the person, it sticks with a select set of vocals to accommodate the beat and rhythm of the song. With how the song is set up you can tell its a remix, but in my opinion a rather good one, it has a great drop. the little addition of a new piece every few seconds such as a squeek, grunt (or moan whichever you prefer) the bass, is a rather fun addition, while this song is only 2 min 11 seconds its a great listen to and I recommend it! only thing i wish is that it was longer, great job PSFMer, with both the cover piece and the song, i cant wait to see more of your work in the future!