Ante Up – Lay Your Head | Dark Ambient

Holy… okay, it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything dark ambient, and this track honestly just takes the cake. It begins with Fluttershy’s lullaby and a distorted pad. Then all the other instruments join in, making the soundscape almost mystical. You start to feel as if your soul has just been enveloped in this utter despair, and it’s amazing! “Lay Your Head” is full of little changes that make it very interesting, and all the elements pull you in to keep listening. I really recommend this if you’re a fan of the genre!


Totalspark – Paradigm | Liquid Drum & Bass

This sweet Liquid Drum & Bass track sets the stage right away with a soft beat, shiny piano, flowing pads, deep sub bass, everything just sounds so polished and shiny. You’ll absolutely love it. Yet it’s not super intense. Just exactly what you need to take a moment, sit back, relax… And imagine something like a beautiful field of flowers, or a flowing river. I could go on and on, but you should listen and experience this track for yourself.


Totalspark – Perception | Liquid Drum & Bass

A recent release by Totalspark is one of the great examples of a darker style of Liquid Drum & Bass, and it proves that by wasting no time, setting a mood right away – the colorful somber pads and a plucky bell-chime melody, followed with a heavy sub, will create a gloomy picture in your mind, yet not without a glimpse of hope. It’s both simple and complex at the same time, it’s deep, intense, and will definitely get stuck in your head for quite some time – I heavily encourage you to experience this mix of dark undertones with a total spark (pun intended) of light.