[PP] Additive Subtractive – Lickity’s Split | Bouncy Techno

As featured on Cider Party, this Pinkamena Party track from horse music veteran Additive Subtractive will rock your world. It features delicious sampling and awesome old-school hardcore feels. It’s really hype and you should check it out along with rest of the Pinkamena Party album, “Ponydome VII: Injected with Pony“.


TheTaze – Ecumenical Systems | Deep Dubstep

This deep dubstep track about Luna and the stars is a rare gem that unfortunately was released at the same time as when the final BronyCon was going on. Its highlights includes snazzy percussion, deep sub-basses, and some smooth pads. TheTaze still has a lot to offer so you don’t want to miss their work.