[Equinity] TCB – Only One (Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

As a power move, Tw3lv3 has released a smooth and fast remix of TCB’s quite popular tune “Only One” not only to Equinty’s 4th album, but also their own Simp EP! Keeping in line with the ambience and scope of the original we get a taste of a faster yet laid back version of this tune with some really fun changes and twists especially near the end where some surprising but welcome textures and vibes. This one is a wonderful addition to the album and Tw3lv3 really knows how to string a vibe together!


Toby Macarony – Autumn’s Stars | Alternative Electronic

Toby is at it again with their distinctive style and flare! This one is a surprisingly tranquil piece with a very soothing atmosphere, a groovy bassline and a plethora of wonderful instrumentation. Choirs? Pan flutes? Grungy breakbeats? This has it all and has an astounding dynamic range! I’ve always been a Kirin fan and I just have to say I don’t know how they do it. Making ethnic inspired melodies, groovy basses and choirs work together in harmony but once again Toby knocked it out of the park!


FilledSilhoutte – Rarity’s Fashion Playlist | Album | Future Funk / French House

FilledSilhoutte is back with their last album under their aforementioned alias and I have to say its a really treat of funky and fresh vibes all around! A great assortment of fifteen future funk and french house tracks and if you aren’t already familiar with Silhoutte’s style and flare, you are in for a TREAT!

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Replacer – A Sorceress Girl (Covering SoGreatandPowerful) | Indie Pop

SoGreatandPowerful is an icon in this fandom. There’s no question about it. As such it can be pretty challenging to cover one of their songs and still elicit similar emotions. replacer has delivered once again with their cover of SGaP’s ‘Sorceress Girl’. Breathy calm vocals over that wonderfully soothing atmosphere. This is the pop I live for and the lines “a kind voice, a gentle face a friend who vanished without a trace” are delivered so, so well and just sells the vibe. Take a listen, trust me, this is a treat!


[P@D] 7th Stive & ponycutz – Blood Flavor | Bassline

As the genre would suggest, Blood Flavor is a complex and bass heavy track from Ponies At Dawn: Eclipse! Lots of distortion, lots of variety in the low end with many, many elements that remind me of the trippy moods of psytrance and the brashness of jungle terror. 7th Stive and ponycutz ensured to cram A LOT into this three minute journey! From the glitches, and the myriad of gritty sounds, to its unorthodox pulsing beat and frankly, It just works. Very, very well.


Maddie Tourmaline – The Flower Gardener | Ambient Pop

Now this is an interesting one! This piece has a very mystical yet powerful personality it feels fairly simple and straight forward however the way the instrumentation and percussion is used from the drones to the the spaced out chimes and bass… not an ounce of potential is wasted and the whimsical vocals really tie everything together, AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE DYNAMICS! Maddie has grabbed my attention for sure here and I’m very intrigued to see what else they have in store!


[P@D] BlackIceMusic – Eternal Night | Melbourne Bounce

Fresh off the press, BlackIce’s Eternal Night is a groovy iconic and spooky tune embracing samples of Nightmare Moon and has those signature Melbourne vibes we’ve come to expect from them! The melody is quite intricate and the way everything is meshed together will ensure your attention is grabbed throughout. From the one shots and show samples to the driving bassline and switch ups this track is a banger and don’t forget to check the rest of Ponies At Dawn Eclipse!


Daniel Ingram – The Magic of Friendship Grows (Koron Korak Remix) | Electro

Koron Korak is back with a remix of the wonderful song from the series finale! Its got a wonderful rolling progression with the perfect atmosphere to set the mood! The snappy drums and the mixture of string and strong synth leads is a very welcome combo that I’d love to see more of! Every remix I’ve heard of this song is always a treat for me and this one is no exception!


[ASOS] NeverLastStanding – Your Friend (Paloris & Ponyman Remix) | Future Bass

Nothing makes me happier than when a song can utilize a speech seamlessly in a song.
Twilight’s coronation speech is the perfect fit here both contextually and emotionally. Intricate and bright vocal chops melded with a vibe-y and mellow bassline, the speech opening the track, just brings about that sense of joy and longing and really plays with the heartstrings! One thing I love about this specific style of Future Bass is how laid back, yet powerful it is! Fun samples, but you can FEEL the energy in the mix, yet its not in your face. I enjoy the original a lot for its high energy and pumping beat and this takes it in a whole new direction! A State of Sugar just keeps on supplying the goods and this box of chocolate has many surprises in store. You can check out the rest of A State of Sugar’s new album, ‘Chocolate’ right here!