Nugget – Serenity | Orchestral

A soothing and more laid back orchestral piece, “Serenity” is a wonderful change of pace from the epic orchestral soundscapes I’m accustomed to! A vibraphone is the main focal point of this song and has a very ear-pleasing melody and calmness that is accompanied by some strings and soft choirs. It thrives in a simpler arrangement that doesn’t ask you to pick out a plethora of subtleties, its there to relax. After all, as the theme suggests, its about the simple things in life!


Aiky – Robot | Electro House

Now this is an interesting one! Robot uses a lot of staple and simplistic electronic synths, but its rhythm, melody, and flow is addictive and catchy! Like a blast to the past aged like a fine wine Aiky has released something that embraces simplicity in all its forms yet proves that a little can go a very long way!


Vylet Pony – Antonymph (Eurobeat Bronymph Remix) | Eurobeat

Odyssey Eurobeat has embraced the Antonymph bug, perfectly encapsulating the nostalgic and free vibe of the original and adding her signature eurobeat style on top of it! Powerful and crisp synth brasses sliding around smoothly that scream euphoria in this fast-paced rendition with the driving off-beat basses and fun vocal chops is pure energetic ear candy and worth all of your attention!


Wandering Artist – At the end of the day | Album | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Wandering Artist is back once again with another incredible collection of environments and medleys, seven in fact as part of their new album “At the end of the day”.

Originally developed as a radio drama soundtrack involving Sunny, inspired by long commutes to work as of late and how well radio shows can keep you company during those lonely drives, but “at the end of the day”, decided to just release it as music, allowing us to think of our own stories and contemplate on what Sunny did during her day while she finally gets a moment of respite!

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Evershade – Potions | Pop

Based around the background music and theme of the Pony life episode “All That Jitters”, Evershade has created an original song about Twilight battling her nerves while trying to impress Potion Nova.

A catchy backing melody and the relatable message this song gives is wonderful! Push your worries aside and have fun. Don’t burn yourself out hiding behind a mask, Just be yourself and everything will work out in the end!


MLP FiM – “Winter Wrap Up” (Event HoriXZ0n Remix) | Electro House

Event HoriXZ0n has remixed a cult classic with some electro flavor! The rolling melody now sports some mellow but rich saws with the soundscape being quite atmospheric despite the typical “in your face” feel of a lot of electro house tracks making this a refreshing take on the genre! “Smile Song”also makes a seamless cameo with a melancholic breakdown and piano solo that gradually shifts back into the cheery high energy of the chorus we all know and love! Fun all around with a wonderful switch-up, this one is a must-listen on your daily commute!


4everfreebrony – I Don’t Know | Pop Rock

When you’re the leader, “I don’t know” is not an option, even if you don’t have any answers.

The message of this song is beautiful and talks about the perspective of leaders, of which are expected to have all the answers even when they don’t. Forced to use temporary measures or distractions to avoid saying “I don’t know”.

A hopeful and thought provoking message mixed with a ballad of acoustic and piano; 4everfree knocks it out of the park once more!


ararix135 – A Tune for ‘Shy | Soundtrack

This piece instantly grabs my attention with its repeating acoustic arpeggios and the beautiful piano melody accompanying it! The rises and falls of the melody are catchy and the overall song just fits Fluttershy’s vibe. Free and cheerful, and has that sense of scope and wonder that makes you want to explore the great outdoors!


[P@D] Totalspark ft. IXMO – Heart | Liquid Drum & Bass

Mesmerizing, melancholic, heavy yet breathy. The piano melody is incredibly sad, yet woefully beautiful. The synth rotates around and around like clockwork, like a call-and-response describing the message of the track. Why try so hard for someone who doesn’t feel the same? Will things change if I keep trying? Can I make it on my own? Each instrument is deeply interwoven in this masterpiece that you cannot take one element without sacrificing another.

This track is one of many featured on Ponies At Dawn‘s latest album: Zenith. It’s their biggest project yet, and you do NOT want to miss out!


4everfreebrony – The Fall (feat. Namii) | Chillstep

“The Fall” is a beautiful deviation from 4everfreebrony’s usual flavor! A mesmerizing atmosphere filled with subtle synth arpeggios and a wide breathing soundscape, it really feels as if you are falling through an expansive and unforgiving sky. The song is short and sweet, and Namii’s impressive vocal range is the icing on top for such an airy song while the natural drums add an organic feel to a genre so used to a more digital percussive element!