Etherium Apex – Flight of the Wonderbolts | Complextro

A sequel-of-sorts to one of his more popular songs; Flight of the Rainboom, Flight of the Wonderbolts captures much of the bravado and vibe with a new twist! The use of samples from season six’s Newbie Dash episode really help set the mood of the track and the powerful and complex elements of the track are top notch!


Nicolas Dominique – Warden of the Sky | Ambient

An Ethereal environment, as the sun rises, a wistful breeze whispers above the clouds as the warden of the sky flies over her kingdom. Nicolas has always had some of the most mesmerizing ambient tracks I’ve ever heard and this song does not disappoint! The progression is spectacular and theres just enough change and subtlety through out to keep the track morphing and evolving and to build a more grand image of our beloved Princess of the Sun!


Daniel Ingram – The Pony I Want to Be (Etherium Apex Remix) | Progressive House

Etherium Apex’s Electronic songs always have a notable vibe to them, and this one is no exception! The chord progression is spot on, and the melody is catchy and fitting! Its reflects Diamond Tiara’s emotions remarkably well and its always nice seeing her getting some much deserved love and I hope we get to see more of her eventually.


[P@D] DJT – Goddesses In Crime (feat. 4EverfreeBrony & Chord Catcher) | Future Bass

From Ponies At Dawn: Enigma we got an amazing collab from DJT, 4EverfreeBrony & Chord Catcher! Infectious vocals open up to a soothing acoustic melody before the vibe is fipped on its head as the song builds into a powerful yet, airy future bass track! These musicians seamlessly blend their styles together and a true masterpiece is the result! Its one of my favourites from the album, and if you haven’t checked out this song, or the rest of Enigma yet, than what are you waiting for!?


4everfreebrony – Birdsong (feat. Relative1Pitch) [2019] | Acoustic / Pop

Six years ago 4everfreebrony released their first brony song, Birdsong. Now after honing their craft they have released a revamped version!  This is a wonderful nostalgia trip for those who’ve been around for a while and even if you haven’t its still  stellar song today. I love seeing how far they’ve come since way back than, with a much improved sound stage and vocal recording. 4everfree gives us the version they’ve wanted to release since the start, and I couldn’t ask for more.


Jastrian feat. FritzyBeat & Faux Synder – Friendship Princess (Element Of Laughter Remix) | Dubstep

A fresh, upbeat, and harder take on a track that was released four years ago, Element Of Laughter throws their energy into the mix and brings out an elaborate performance with creative drum work and astounding staccato chords laced with some harsh intricate sound design yet keeping the soul of the original. There is a lot going on here from the piano rolls to ambient and varying percussion. The builds have a very jumpy vibe and there are little surprises everywhere! This track is definitely a highlight worth mentioning!


Remember Falling – Change the World (ft. BearSlayer & Cerridwen | Melodic Dubstep/ Indie Pop

Remember Falling has released Change the World which tells a story from Hollow’s friend, Infinity as the pair gets ready to face the challenges set in front of them.

This is also the first track released by Remember Falling to feature voice acting, which I think adds to the story and theme they are going for and is a nice touch. The switch ups between the faster and slower parts transition really well and if you like upbeat poppy music and the more refined soothing sounds of melodic dubstep this song, this gives a healthy dose of both and I love how everything comes together!


Ocean Melody – Beautiful Land | Orchestral

Ocean Melody’s love letter to the fandom, they bring us a wonderful medley of nostalgia and love spun with iconic songs both from the fandom and the show itself! Each song has a creative twist on the original and the sound stage of the orchestration is really pleasing as well. Some of the songs are very noticeable like “Winter Wrap Up” and “Smile Song” but there are also some subtler nods as well, notably Dawn Somewhere’s “Sinking Ships” and  4everfreebrony’s “Chant of Immortality”. How many songs can you find?


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Harbour (Pts. I & II) | Alternative Rock / Ambient

Yet another release from Vylet’s Homeward Album. They combine both parts of Harbour  and its really cool how seamless both these parts are despite giving off a very different vibe. If you aren’t already aware, this album is all part of an intricate story that really helps bring the world of Homeward into perspective and I highly recommend you give it a read.

Harbour is actually the song Vylet is listening to on his way to visit Sylver in the story specifically in the first part. We get a very upbeat and energetic rock track that Vylet says helps him to “drown the crippling fear induced by being away from home,”  The chorus is infectious and all of the elements blend together to create something truly powerful.

As the song winds down we are met with a *click* and a stark contrast as the atmosphere opens up into the bustle and noise of the Starship Ponyville which signifies the part of the story where Vylet has switched off the song and is waiting for Sylver to invite him inside his suite to reminisce on memories of Equestria and just tell each other stories to pass the time. Now I love these small details, especially when you have the context of the written story, they just breathe an air of immersion and I really appreciate when the little things, be it a conversation from the story, or sound effects are mixed into the music.

From here everything slows down and a soothing piano melody plays followed by some minute glissando and various string and woodwinds with the sounds of the busy life of the starship in the background the polyphony is wonderous and it ends all too soon but is a really touching extension to the song.


ROKII – SmartPony™ | Album | Electronic

ROKII recently released their SmartPony™ Album and I have to say its a real treat! Introduced with an eerie yet mystical ambiance that relays a sense of discovery and the unknown. From here things progressively ramp up and AI Heartbeat really caught my attention here. Its very mechanical yet melodic and everything feels like clockwork from here as elements are brought in and out breathing life to the machine and is a very solid track that blends the mysticism of the opening with the rest of the album’s inner workings.

After a short interlude we get into the dark and gritty of Internet Protocol Address. After the AI comes alive it than needs an identifier. That is where this track comes into play with some industrial minimalist vibes it really feels like a driving force for whats to come.

This album has quite a lot of diversity ranging from ambient, to progressive house, tech house, dubstep, complextro, and more and its just such a fun experience to explore the mind of the SmartPony™. I especially love its ending. The raw emotion it exudes is awe-inspiring and the world it shapes before we even get into the first few notes really sets us up to let us know that it is indeed getting dark, and their batteries have run out; at least for now…