Tw3Lv3 – You can’t let one bad apple make you think you failed. | Lo-fi

A genre I don’t listen to enough, Tw3Lv3 has released a very laid back and soothing LoFi song, with the crackle and grit one should expect from the genre which blends quite well with the lounge-like melody and its deep and punchy bassline. Even the visuals harken back to the old age and helps immerse the listener even more. This is one where I can kick back, close my eyes and think back on life. An excellent job Tw3Lv3!


Ariannu – Over the Sunset | Progressive Trance

Ariannu has released a stunningly brilliant piece hear with a very wide open and *shimmering* atmosphere. A very well executed progressive trance song with powerful chords, an emotional melody, and all the little things that keep this song chugging along are just so great. The pads and bassline are my favourite parts about this and this song is absolutely worth your time!


UndreamedPanic – Cruizin’ (feat. Kozmos) | Hip-Hop / Glitch-Hop

Panic and Kozmos team up in Cruizin’, a very groovy Spitfire tune with a lovely atmosphere of bright and clean licks and riffs giving a rather relaxed indie feel to the whole song. Kozmos’s rapping is very on point and is buttery smooth and laid back, perfectly complimenting the ‘kick-back-and-relax’ energy. Now thats not to say its all smooth sailing, as there are a couple very well laid out switchups bringing on a harsher grit with some superb breakbeats. All in all this is a superb track to listen to on a hot day, when all you want to do, is sit back and have a couple drinks.


BlueBrony – Shivering Heart | Chillout

A heart beat stirs.
As chimes ring out to an eerie and mysterious calling. It is cold, It is foreboding. A chill is present in the void as life sighs out a slow, soft breath.
BlueBrony has done it again with “Shivering Heart” A very inspiring soundscape based from the MLP season 9 episode “Sweet and Smoky”. This track imagines how the baby dragons from the episode felt during their cold slumber from within their eggs and I must say its quite a clever concept done amazingly well! Its the little things from the show that still get me. From such small thoughts come great things!


John Jennings Boyd, Lisette Bustamante & Nick Confalone – Invisible (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

This song has always needed some more love in my opinion. Rod Steven does just that adding a very tasteful flair that nails the Eurobeat aesthetic with its signature basslines and screeching leads. Its a really fun and jumpy take to the original and its great seeing this song getting some love! Excellent work Rod Steven!


Koron Korak – City Sky Lines | Soundtrack

Koron always has an interesting track to bring to the table and City Sky Lines is no exception! It breathes an authentic early 90s cyberpunk arcade game from its fast pace, gritty analog basslines and leads and the visuals are spot on as well! While fairly repetitive (as is the nature of such opening themes) there is enough changes and progression going on throughout to be engaging an interesting and I really have to appreciate what they went for with this piece!


[Equinity] GeekBrony & Drummershy – Last Tempest (feat. Vylet Pony) [MrMehster Remix] | Hardstyle

The original Last Tempest is a really fun treat in its own right, but what if there was a more jumpy, and heavy hitting version out there? MrMehster answers that call with their remix submission to Equinity 01: Stellar.  Pumping up the original with a classic hardstyle twist, the screaming leads and pounding bassline breathes a different kind of energy and is sure to appease fans of the genre and is a very well produced addition to the album!


[Equinity] Shuffle Horse – Hot Salsa | Guaracha / Tribal House

Now this is an odd one! ‘Hot Salsa’  is Columbian tribal house song from Equinity 01: Stellar that carries itself with fun, fiesta-like vibe and gets straight to the point with a hammering deep bassline; You’re gonna want headphones or a decent subwoofer for this one! The very high leads meld wondrously with the basslines and the trumpets and vocal samples really bring out the aesthetic of this tune and is a very chaotic yet minimalistic piece. If you’re looking to party and need a very powerful groove, this is the track for you!