Daniel Ingram – A Changeling Can Change (SpinScissor Remix) | Trance

SpinScissor has pulled out all the stops for their first release of 2023! A great drawn out ethereal and soothing opening transitioning and twisting itself with a driving beat and sharp synth arpeggios it nails that Deadmau5 inspiration from yesteryear as well as some inklings of older pony music. The entirety of this large nearly eight minute long track zips by in a flash which is no small feat and the “epilogue” style ending where Thorax is finally accepted adds that satisfying closure, keeping everything tight as a drum!


ALostCarolean – The Last Survivor | Darksynth / Industrial

Flying out of the gate at full throttle, this track won’t even give you a second before it hits you with everything it has! ALostCarolean as been drip feeding their darksynth EP “The Hive” over the past couple months and The Last Survivor is no slouch of a song. Nailing the retro feel, high octane energy, and dark atmosphere of the genre this track has everything from icy pads to metal-esque saw chords and all the sounds you love to hear in a high speed cyberpunk genre! Definitely give this a listen if you’re just finding out about it now as well as the other two tracks in the playlist.


Daniel Ingram – Find A Way (SpinScissor Remix) | House

SpinScissor returns with a remix of a G4 classic “Find A Way”. This immediately takes a dark turn from the start with metallic warping textures overlain on an ominous drone. The mix of Twilight’s vocals and the tone of the mix are intriguingly unique and there is always a new element introducing itself to keep things fresh and flowing!


Jyc Row – Fluttershy, One With Nature | Epic Orchestral

Jyc Row’s second track from their ‘Elden Wing EP‘ is themed around a boss theme for Fluttershy. The EP itself is a concept album tying together ideas of both MLP and Elden Ring and those themes ring true here. Mystical and huge in scale with a wide orchestra opening the gates to powerful, foreboding vocal lines and the roar of distant yet powerful war drums, the title “One With Nature” could not describe the duality of nature’s force and beauty better!


Vylet Pony – Needle Pusher | Electro Pop

Vylet is back with another fun pop song! This time focused around the loveable Coco Pommel recognizing that even in the face of knowing herself and her self-worth, she will still have an uphill battle when it comes to another’s perception of what they believe you to be.

A super catchy and squishy melody is introduced to us before some screaming chiptune leads soar above our heads. Followed by Vylet’s infectious vocals combined with a patchwork symphony of glitches, 8-bit harmonies and warped and breathy pads really adds an air of mysticism. There’s a bunch of emotion here, sometimes happy; Hopeful. Other times frustrated.

What really stuck out to me was the phrase and feel before and after the 2:30 mark. A beautiful optimistic string movement, yet the vocals speak a tale of frustration adding a lot of depth to the song. After the pause we have the return of that shuffling happy melody quite literally forcing its way out of the static and all though Coco’s problems aren’t resolved, she’ll continue to do her best and make it through another day.


Dijit & R3CTIFIER – Exiled (feat. N. Hollow) (TCB CIDERFEST ’22 BOOTLEG) | Colour Bass / Hybrid Trap

Originally debuting at Ponyville Ciderfest this year, TCB’s bootleg of this heavy hitting Fallout Equestria piece from Ponies At Dawn: Rebirth finally gets a finished and full mix! Staying true to many of the trap elements of the original, this remix takes things to a new dimension of sound, bending and skewing perspective with otherworldly and intense drops. A balancing act of colour bass flare and spectacle with the grit and rawness of riddim. A new perspective on an already great song, this one is a must listen!


rawrity – extremelyonline.mpg | Pop

This is a vibe right here. The attenuated vocals give off a hyper pop feel while being very laid back and groovy! Gated string chords, hip hop breakbeats and a nostalgic helping of iconic short vocal chops that still manage to convey it’s simple yet heartfelt message.

When the world gets you down, friendship will conquer all.


Makaryo – Lets Run Together (Pony Princess Remix) | Tropical House

This remix takes a drastic shift from the original song that was short, yet sweet and acoustic in nature and flips it to a completely new genre spectrum! This remix opens with an emotional excerpt from the G5 movie before bringing in the warm, hopeful lyrics teasing in the electronic elements. The drop is a more chillaxed and funky one! With bass plucks and staccato leads, followed with strong piano chords, claps, and shouts, this one is a little treasure with some awesome catchy melody variations and great fun!


The Wilders – Joyous Wishentine (Voltex Pixel Remix) | House

From the most recent winter special of My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, Voltex takes the hearthswarming-esque song and adds a a vibrant, house theming to it! More rhythmic and danceable with a fun bouncy bassline that does a great job to not subtract from the vocals themselves, not always the easiest line to tow and results in a short yet fun piece to listen to!


Radiarc – Gazing Through a Window | Hybrid Orchestral

Radiarc is back with yet another incredible display of craftsmanship! The somber melodies of the piano, saturated with the undertones of glitched, industrial breakbeats exude a powerful emotion coupled with the winding string and vocal harmonies.

Overwhelming, wondrous, haunting.

A world in ceaseless motion as described by the artist, this song really conveys the message of watching things tear themselves apart and wondering if anything they’ve done has made a dent, as things carry on as planned.

There is so much I try to put into words about this piece yet some thoughts can only be expressed in sound, do not miss out on this one!