[P@D] Hay Tea & Faulty – Chasing Sunlight | Liquid Drum & Bass

Coming at you with a fast and tense piece; Hay Tea and Faulty bring us ‘Chasing Sunlight’ from Ponies at Dawn: Enigma and its a very good piece to get the adrenaline going while keeping a smooth flavour all around and makes wonderful use of sampling and instrumentation to give off that old-school DnB vibe. If you’re looking for something carries a lot of tension and suspense, this is the track for you!


[P@D] ILLUMNATION – Good Night | Dark Folk

Folk music is something that I don’t often see from the fandom, but its always something to cherish when it surfaces. ‘Good Night’ evokes a haunting melancholic mood and tells a tale of the two sisters, from Luna’s perspective as she waits out her isolation on the moon. Its a very soothing piece with Velvet R. Wings‘ signature vocals and some stellar and crisp instrumentation and if you have the time, you should really lend them your ear.
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma!


[P@D] bank pain, Tripon & Progressive Element – Ghost In The Dream VIP | Drum & Bass

Here we go again! The original ‘Ghost In The Dream‘ was an amazing collaboration I fell in love with and now as of the recent P@D: Enigma album, we have a stunnning variation of the original. Opening with the aggressive energy from the original, things start shifting and morphing and giving the original a new light and is a great nod to the original. The addition at the climax was something I wasn’t expecting but man, does it ever give it a nice chilling epilogue.
I dream


Ponylution – Falling in Sky (bank pain Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

Falling in Sky has always been a great song and bank pain does an excellent job here giving it a breathe of air. Breaking away from the original’s epic and energetic chord structure and instead going with a more laid back and flowing melting pot of harmonies, bank really brings forward the feeling of ‘falling in the sky’ in a new light and is a soothing take on the original.


Einarx – Nightfall | Dubstep

Einarx has dropped quite the literal bombshell with this one! The atmosphere that is brought in straight from the intro is incredible and gives us a mix of some digital and Japanese anime vibes. Speaking of which by sampling the Japanese Nightmare Moon’s voice it really sets this apart from what I’m used to hearing! It’s clever, refreshing, and hard hitting and that’s what I love about Einarx and is quite the ‘trick’ of Trick NO Treat: Phase 3 from the folks at Magnus Records. If you loved this one then you really should check the rest out. It is quite a treat.


[P@D] Exiark – Through Time And Space | Complextro

I always have high expectations for an Exiark track but Through Time And Space is something all its own! Easily one of my favourite tracks from the latest Ponies @ Dawn Album; Enigma this one will definitely take you for a journey and you can feel the tension and chaos that a thousand years on the moon would bring about and the way the tempos and rhythms shuffle and morph, it’s truly awe-inspiring!


Viricide Filly – Uality | Downtempo

Viricide always brings something unique to the table and “Uality” is no exception! Its got that sharp wonky feel I’ve come to know and love with a deep atmospheric vibe to it. In her own words, “Imagine a binary star system. Two orbs of light orbiting around each other. Without one, the other cannot go on.”  Its a rather intriguing way to describe this track as it sets the mood and really gets you thinking and fits really well with the theme of ‘Yet Sightless’ in my opinion; As it follows Eleanor on her journey to find self knowledge and love.