Japkozjad – Drunk | Bass House

It’s the weekend and your neighbor has invited a small group of friends but with immense party energy.
The sounds of content drunken cheers, the scent of fresh pizza, the booming drums and reverberating bass drops are all part of the party nature, all in one animated 2D video done by the 19 year-old musician Japkozjad, along with a team of friends mentioned in the description. Don’t miss their next party, bring snacks and don’t forget to download and stream “Drunk” to electrify your weekend parties through speakers.


Koron Korak – A Nice Time on Holidays | Zouk

Warning : Sun cream is required during the listening of this song.
Zouk is a rare gem in the fandom and Koron Korak provides us diverting tropical vibes with this enjoyful song. Tuneful synth melodies, a rhythmic bass line and the charm of the drums accompanied by a French Caribbean cocktail is the mixture of excellence to dance to this warm tune with your pony friends on a beach.


The_snake_skin蛇皮 – The New Star of Wasteland | Hip-Hop / Rap

Littlepip considers herself as an ordinary pony, but due to her actions and sense of justice during adventures throughout the Equestrian Wasteland, it earned her word around to be known as a heroine, a role model and the new star of wasteland as titled by a rapper all the way from China! Rapping the distressed point of view of Littlepip over a disheartened type beat with a booming emotion and its 808s, this storytelling musical will grapple your heart with its on-point lyrics of survival and battle of hope. English lyrics are available in the closed captions of the video, shout out to Cosmia for the translation.


Nicolas Dominique – Radiance | Trance

Nicolas Dominique has been in the community since 2011 releasing MLP G4 original songs and remixes from the show and other pony musicians, even Equestria Girls and G5! A whole discography of exceptional ambient, chill attuned electronic music and striking trance awaits for you, especially now to with their latest release Radiance. Influenced by Rarity, this gem will unbound your inner stylist to glamour up and vibe on the dancefloor with radiant synth melodies and stirring pad sounds.
You can also listen Nicolas Dominique djing Saturdays from 10PM (UTC) at PonyvilleFM in their show Lantern In The Dark.


Toby Macarony – Pegaflight | Orchestral

Dear Pegasi, have you been glancing through your playlist and don’t know which song to start your flight with to fly among Equestrian clouds with your mesmerizing wings? No need to agonize, TM’s latest single Pegaflight captivates the energy to keep you off ground. Start your flight routine with a soothingly piano playing and steadily be in unison with celestial choirs that’ll uplift your natural instinct to finally at free will journey above unseen enchanting lands and crystalline seas. Snazzy drums, a flexible bass groove and purulent orchestra elements fills up the environment of this song as in equal your existence hovering as one with nature. Once in a lifetime experience and what a fortunate time to get this orchestra piece available on TM’s Bandcamp.


[BP] Dauntless Dan – Bioluminescence VIP | Melodic Dubstep

The original version of Bioluminescence is a cherry on top to enjoy by the river side of the Everfree Forest, wich was featured on the Everfree Park Rangers album Woodland Guide.
Now having a VIP version, the melodious rainbow drops will dive you from the top of a waterfall into a body water of palpable clean drums and short crisped synth breaks. With a smooth bridge, it’ll have you back floating and admire the astral sky and fall again into a second prismatic drop. This jam is available on the album Everfree Park : After Hours from the label Balloon Party.


Aiky – Time | Soundtrack

There are experiences of value that induce nostalgia to relive unforgettable times of enjoyment, whether they are strolling through treasured scenery, a beloved gift from a long time friend, or a beaming song like Aiky’s most recent release. In depth “Time” sounds like it could be in an MLP short show scene and delivers a polished music structure with an ending image of the youngling become a grown pony. With time the only thing that’ll never fade is the beauty of smiling – like Aiky’s in the video. Recreate joyful memories, graciously inhale the present, and exhale comfort with this delightful piece.


Sparklight Productions – Find Yourself | Chillstep

Our own struggles of introspection and intimacy with finding our true selves are handled with ease when we venture through the things we like to do. That joy unchains what keep us distracted from our significance and inner beauty. Sparklight Productions represents their experience in this harmonious tune with daydreaming vocal chops flowing gently with the rest of the vivid instrumental – a great addition for your playlist of chill music!


[BP] Mullet Music Productions – The Magic of the Everfree | Pop Rock

Individually each song embraces a pleasant energy or a glamorous sound element to resonate with. Mullet Music Productions has brought us here a story of a companionless pony in the Everfree Forest, sitting alone until life magically bonds him with a good-natured new friend who graces his life with her warmth welcoming friendship to later on chant in duet a radiant hook to make a trio singing with you the listener. Spoiler alert! this song may make you air guitar and pour out a slight tear of joy. Catch this song featured on the album Everfree Park: After Hours from the label Balloon Party.


Acid Applejack – I love everything | Deep House

Acid Applejack strong production area is hard sub genres of electronic music, but as a skilful music producer is natural at some point to blend out and touch other musical wonders. This aesthetic jam featured on the latest album release Everfree Park: After Hours from the label Balloon Party will dive you in a chilling adventurous nightlife vibe inside the heart of the Everfree Forest. Creative and benevolent vocal sampling from Fluttershy’s song So Many Wonders, you’ll love their accompaniment along with the blissful synth sounds. If you’re a late night enjoyer to party or relax, this song and album is a flavorous catch for your ears.