MC-Arch – MuffinMan (Equestrian Pyscho) Prod. Tw3Lv3 | Hip-Hop

Do you know the muffin mare who lives in Ponyville? Do you know the brony rapper and loyal Fluttershy fan who vocalizes fiery rhymes on crystalline feelings and lionhearted songs? Then the time is now if you’re in appetite for a fancy sample with an ethereal beat cooked by Tw3Lv3 and a compelling message from MC-Arch. Relating the lyrics to Derpy who remains strong for an aspiring dream of a kind world and standing up for your friendships knowing that natural disadvantages are never reason to hold anyone down. This lyrical deliverance is a 5-star sweet treat by MC-Arch, the MuffinMan. Also be on the lookout for their third album “You got me, I got us” later this year!


The Wilders – Portrait Day (Acid Applejack Remix) | Happy Hardcore

The heartwarming sisterly bond ballad of Zipp and Pipp delivers a tranquil emotion to listen to. And then Acid Applejack drops a very contented remix using their talent for happy hardcore. A superb bonding of the sisters vocals with glittering rave sounds is a favorable tune to dance to! Your heart will easily smile big each time this remix pops up on your MLP G5 playlist.


[BP] SpinScissor – I Am Not So Hollow | Indie Electronic

SpinScissor is a blooming musician and singer that experiments through each release. I Am Not So Hollow, featured on the album Everfree Park: After Hours by the label Balloon Party, is a song with a sound out of this world. Remarkable glitchy pads and percussions, astronomical singing, a momentous guitar solo in the background and many wondrous elements in pure synergy is a natural essential listening with headphones.


The Wilders – My Bananas 2.0 (EveryDayDashie Remix) | Hardcore

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; when life gave EveryDayDashie bananas, they made a second energetic remix of the Sunny’s Slippery Incident meme, “My Bananas”. Just like slipping on a banana peal, you will nonstop sway to the upbeat drums, wooshing synths and appealing sections of eurobeat and Japanese hyperpop all blended in like a banana smoothie. Slip in and download this palatable remix from the comment video section, and taste a banana smoothie in Maretime Bay!


Vylet Pony – Antonymph (Zizkil Remix) | Electro

Last year the community felt love when they first heard Vylet’s epic dancepop anthem “Antonymph”.
Zizkil has passionately remixed it by going back to their ipod nano days from high school, and used sound palettes and genre’s from that era of their life. This version contains influences from Porter Robinson, Daft Punk and even a fast pace reggaeton section! A colourful world of sounds, a bouncing 808 to bump through your bedroom speakers ,and sparkling electro vibes are all packed in this remix!


DJSleepyHooves – SL O P NATION_-_Side A | Plunderphonics

Editor’s note: video contains flashing lights

Izzy Moonbow, her sparkling energy and artistic unicycling lesson has splashed into the hearts of the music community. DJSleepyHooves did a dive into the song “All For The Love of Trash” from Tell Your Tale episode 13 and did a inventive spin sampling it and a luminous video edit from the original. An easygoing intro that’ll get you off the ground to nippy drums to breakdance, dexterous crackly vocal sampling for your ears to nurture and a diversity of flamboyant synth sounds, this is a banger for your MLP G5 playlist!


Skyshard – Way Home | Orchestral

Way Home is a happy ending story of the first fully cinematic and orchestral album called “Tiny Sky” by Skyshard. Their ponysona “Sky”, after getting lost during an ecstatic adventure in the never-ending Equestrian skies, finds their path back home with the tenderness of the piano and spirited string sections with resonating trumpets as a triumph for Sky. A breathtaking sight to behold for her and an outstanding composition for us with sound effects from the nature of the wondrous sky to be intensely enveloped in the story.

The album “Tiny Sky” is inspired from the G4 timeline of MLP, contains collabs with Darkspeen Shore and Koron Korak and a variety of orchestra pieces full of fantasy, heroism, electronic hybrid and folk. A whole theatrical album divided in three stories. Once this well-crafted album is in your music folder, you’ll become a Cloud Seeker, altitude and clear skies awaits for you to fly side by side with Sky.


Ethan Toavs – Honolulu | Orchestral

Since 2014 Ethan Toavs has been sharing significant orchestral arrangements and masterly original compositions of MLP G4 and also the new wave of G5. As a wholehearted composer, he also explores the phenomenal world of G3. His recent piece “Honolulu” and great sound at finest is inspired by an artwork of “sydscribbs”. Impeccably for the G3 character, this charming song strolls soulfully the melodies by the serene touch of orchestral string instruments and a gleaming soundful piano. This is a chef kiss for uncommon G3 fan music.


The Wilders – All You Need Is Your Beat (Voltex Pixel Remix) | Progressive House

Creativity is flying in the music community with the new G5 songs from Make Your Mark chapter 2 and Voltex has crafted a stompin’ remix! From the pop-styled version, this glittering remix from intro to outro is a sensation alike being in the clouds, harmonic synths twirling with the aura of the vocals is a jam full of spark to have on repeat! Groove your way into the description of the video to download it!


SCRATON – Cyberpink (Acid Applejack Flip) | Hardcore

If you heard SCRATON’s original track from 2 years ago, hold on tight now for this flip by Acid Applejack! Rolling an alike structure from the original, this hardcore twist comes with a funky drum break as starter to smoothly fall like a rollercoaster for a short time and breaking off into turbo raving drops with kicks of high sugar dose and main leads of spice. This wild-natured track will flip you to party like Pinkie Pie.