Proto_ssin and DIϟTORTED DAϟH – iNsAnE ViP | Hardcore

Proto_ssin and DIϟTORTED DAϟH bring us a monolithic and pumping soundscape of deep and grinding kicks, schitzophrenic blasting percussion and haunting organs mashed together like a factory’s assembly line in an industrial powerhouse of hardcore techno, complete with the maniacal ramblings of Miss Pinkamena. What begins as a soft and chilling organ solo ends up thumping and jumping. Adrenaline-shots of quick and glitchy drum loops accentuate the track in unexpected bursts that interrupt the kick drum heavy soundscape and keep you on your toes. This one is definitely meant for louder volumes!


[OUT OF LIMIT 1.5] Crashie Tunez – Pegasi | Nintendocore / Cybergrind

Crashie Tunez explodes onto the scene with their track from the compilation album OUT OF LIMIT 1.5: Pony Love To Pedrógão Grande hosted by The Experimental Bronies and This tune assaults the senses with raw and powerful instrumentation, distorted and brutal vocals and the strangled cries of an NES. Chiptune and grindcore meet in a fiery fusion that psychotically and mercilessly powers forward like a bullet train, switching between verses and 8-bit synths while a pumping percussion loop rolls on. The track schitzophrenically jumps between melodies and finally crashes to an end with a shocking sound that jolts like an electric current, and the only thing to do after that is to hit repeat. Definitely a unique take on hardcore metal genres, and certainly a rare treat for those bronies who love their music HARD.