Daniel Ingram – Best Friends Until the End of Time (TCB Remix) | Future Trap

I guess we were all really hanging out for some new official show songs. It makes sense, the last show song was more than eight months ago (slightly less if you count Legend Of Everfree). Enter Best Friends Until the End of Time and suddenly we’ve got more remixes than you could shake a stick at. This particular version takes a very unique approach to the source material, and brings it to a really chill downtempo place. Combining thethe original melody, vocal chops and future chords with trap kick and hithat rolls, it creates something that almost feels like it shouldn’t work, but very certainly does.


Reverbrony – Corrosion Creeps | Progressive Metal

This one is a long one folks (although, admittedly, not by Reverb’s standards) so strap yourselves in, we’re going for a journey.¬†We start with clean, dark riffs on acoustics and layers are added, exchanged and layered until we’re neck neck in dirty guitars and heavy, driving drums, all backed by an almost ever present ethereal choir. Tight grooves, tight guitars and very tight production.