Interview – Lavender Harmony


A couple of months ago, I had the honor of talking to and organizing an interview with one Lavender Harmony.

I then procrastinated for two months before finally getting myself together and nailing down a time to actually do it.

The resulting question and answer session was really insightful and gave me  really good insight into the mind of arguably one of the most influential ‘old dogs’ of the fandom music scene

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ChickenSteve – Tartarus | Eurobeat

Eurobeat has an interesting history in the fandom, being some of the first music to ever hit the scene and stay there, and it looks like ChickenSteve has really picked up on what made the first tracks from way back when shine! Give it a listen, I’m sure it’ll really take you back!


GhostXb – Endless Faith | Symphonic Rock

A new post from the GhostXb is always a great refresher for my more electronic ears, perfectly embodying Applejack in this track which merges electric and acoustic guitar sounds with the flowing sound of an orchestra before bringing in a hit of that classic “Old West Action” feeling from eons past (Clint Eastwood would be proud). All in all one of my favorites of the new year, good job Ghost.