[Equinity] Doodled & Tw3Lv3 – Sunrise | Trap / Psytrance

Up-and-comer Tw3Lv3 has been consistently delivering a variety of dope tunes lately and, for the first Equinity album Stellar, he links up with Doodled to deliver a fresh summer anthem. Doodled, of course, has some of the most unique flows and lyrical stylings in the fandom and they are fully on display here. The production, as probably anticipated, is very summery. The trap drums from Tw3Lv3 are very well done and the psytrance featured in the hook fits the tone perfectly. Definitely a highlight from the first Equinity release!


Reverbrony – Kicking Names, Taking Ass | Metal

Reverbrony comes back with a tune that’s extremely fun to jam to! Compositionally, there’s not too much here, as Reverb describes, it’s just a fun song with some awesome riffs. Not to mention, the percussion on here is incredibly unique for a metal jam and mixed superbly. However, of course, the stars of the show are the various riffs. They all seem to end exactly when they’re supposed to, showcasing a great ability in building anticipation and surprise. Cut this one on if you’re on a high speed drive or just feeling great about yourself!


N4ghtwolf – Requiem of Shadows | Orchestral

This piece from the prolific composer N4ghtwolf is quite melancholy, yet empowering…not the easiest emotions to mix, but he has done it with this piece! Admittedly, I’m not familiar with the MLP comics, nor this storyline, but the description has a good summation. Based on that, the lyrics detail the interaction between the corrupted King Sombra and his first love interest and they work wonderfully how simply they are. The track is nothing short of heart-pounding with its heavy percussion and tonal shifts, so for any pony orchestral fans, N4ghtwolf has come through once again!


UndreamedPanic – Friends | Progressive House

The insanely versatile UndreamedPanic returns with a cut centered around the themes of friendship and, of course, the student six! Clearly, Panic has put a much love in the creation of this tune, if the description is to be believed, and it’s evident in the chill-inducingly catchy melodies featured throughout the song.  The vocal chops in the song are subtle and soft yet perfectly befitting, and each section in the song feels fresh. I personally also appreciate his ability to put the “progress” in “progressive house,” as the progression in this song is simple but effective. Here’s to UndreamedPanic, learning, and friendship in whatever form it may take!


Eurobeat Brony & TheLivingTombstone – Discord (Chang31ing Remix) | Midtempo

Here we have a remix of the defining brony song. Uh oh, you might think. It starts unsuspectingly enough, just as The Living Tombstone’s remix does. However, once the vocals fade out for the first time, one of Chang31ing’s signature tasty basses creeps in and the buildup results in an infectious breakdown befitting any club. It’s extremely hard to make the classics sound fresh, but Chang31ing has definitely discredited that with this short but sweet banger!


Ersillus – Fly | Dubstep / Orchestral

Newcomer Ersillus graces us with quite the intriguing hybrid of genres! Beginning with an epic buildup featuring soaring choir vocals and tribal drums, it immediately shifts to a section of cathartic relief in the form of those choir vocals soaring even higher and some absolutely filthy dubstep growls. The sound design, coupled with Ersillus’ knack for catchy melodies, make him a great new artist to look out for!


[P@D] Silva Hound & loophoof – Pink Out | Electro House / Bounce

Another Ponies at Dawn album, another batch of Silva Hound collabs! This time, surprisingly enough, he turns to loophoof for some help and it turns out wonderfully! Silva’s signature house grooves, penchant for catchy leads, and atmospheric buildups are an amazing companion for loop’s patented vocal samples and creation of cohesive melodies chopping them. One to get you really jumping, this is definitely a tune I expect to hear at live events in the future.


Daniel Ingram – Flawless (Eurobeat Brony Remix) | Eurobeat

After nearly three years, a brand new Super Ponybeat remix has risen! The true brony music OG graces our ears once more with a healthy serving of everything we’ve come to expect from him: an extremely catchy hook to accompany the Mane Six’s chorus, crazy synth leads, a subtly frantic bassline, and an energetic driving rhythm that complements the ponies’ verses perfectly. Flawless remixes are usually very high quality, and this is no exception. Here’s hoping Eurobeat Brony can bless us with a few more tunes before the show’s end!

Below is an additional review by fellow writer Cynifree!
Start of Cynifree’s review
It’s been over half a year since we had a Eurobeat Brony track, and this time around we get a very energetic take on Flawless. Odyssey is a king of the genre so you can expect those iconic screaming leads with a pumping bassline and all in all its just a really, REALLY fun remix to listen to!
End of Cynifree’s review


Acouste Wholenote – In the Meantime | Alternative Rock

It’s hard to believe this tune was just an outtake at one point! The underrated Acouste Wholenote really shines in this lovely song. The song contains some exquisitely catchy verses and a totally infectious hook, along with some impressive guitar work (the various tones used are excellent!). Perhaps a bit influenced by bands like the Counting Crows, the song calls back to many of the situations Fluttershy has found herself in and, if you haven’t already, will make anyone fall in love with Acouste’s heavenly vocals.


FenPony – Flow Rhyme Till the End of Time | Hip Hop / Rap

FenPony returns with another fiery rap, this time over a self-produced flip of the season 7 opener’s tune! Fen delivers a frantic rap over the Amen Break-heavy beat, switching perspectives between each of the Mane Six and adjusting his cadence and content to signal the switches. Of course, Fen’s signature speed rap is present here and, as usual, he doesn’t miss a beat. Hip hop heads won’t wanna miss out on this one!