Brilliant Venture – I Love This Fandom VIP | Dubstep

Continuing his rollout of Trotcon exclusive tunes, Brilliant Venture breaks out a VIP of his ode to the fandom from Ponies at Dawn’s AwakeningThis one is grittier and harder-hitting than the original, featuring some very recognizable samples, including the NRG PonyDub and a new section featuring the cathartic The Magic Inside, and interpolations (I think I may have heard a Trixie the Pony Troll one in the drop!). The gritty basses and upgraded sound design should certainly please any fan of Brill’s!


Evgeniy Doctor – Eternal Nightmare | Psytrance

Trance prodigy Evgeniy Doctor continues to develop his style rapidly and this new menacing psytrance tune from him is, in my opinion, a crowning achievement. With careful attention to detail in the atmosphere, using techniques like transforming lighthearted samples from the show into something truly dark, amazing fills, unique rhythms, and some haunting but subtle vocal chops, this banger is truly something special!


Wandering Artist – Ghost | Soundtrack

Created for the popular Pony Town’s Halloween update, Wandering Artist really delivers a fantastic tune with a spooky but whimsical atmosphere. It’s incredibly easy to imagine this in a video game, especially during a night or a graveyard level, and the use of background ambiance, as well as sparse strings is top-notch on this tune!
Available for download on Wandering Artist’s Bandcamp.


Daniel Ingram – The True Gift of Gifting (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | Synthwave

After quite a while, the prolific Nicolas Dominique has released another show song remix! The atmosphere on this tune is quite somber, fitting of the tone of Spike’s song to Rarity from the new holiday special. The vocal cutting on this track is impressive, the piano accompaniment screams vintage early EDM, and the synthwave-y vibes are so deep. As of this posting, it’s the only existing remix of the lovely song from Spike, so check it out!


Yanamosuda – Get Lady (eksoka Remix) | Future Bass

The talented eksoka brings us an absolute gem of a remix, featured on Yanamosuda’s new album, Little Energywhich is available for free! The vibes featured here are incredibly sweet and the chords used befit it perfectly! The synth leads could not be better, lending themselves wonderfully to the atmosphere of the tune. Both producers are supremely underrated, and this is an awesome introduction to both of their work if you haven’t heard them in the past.


Vylet Pony – Glitter (feat. Bien) | Progressive House

The title track off of the prodigious Vylet Pony’s new album sees him returning to a progressive house style, years after the awe-inspiring Little DreamsThe track not only focuses on the touching romance of Vinyl and Octavia, but of Vylet’s own desire to release what’s significant to him and letting the music speak for itself. With some excellent guest vocals from Bien, a heavenly vocal melody, a cathartic drop, excellent use of chiptunes, and incredibly clever use of vocals from Flawless (seriously Vylet, more vocal chops plz), this tune is appropriately a highlight of the record it’s named after, which can be found here.


FilledSilhoutte – The New Form EP | Ambient

Beginning production in the community relatively recently, FilledSilhoutte’s eerie new EP is quite the intriguing experiment with soundscapes. The majority of it has some awesome experimentation with ambience and sound design, especially on the dystopic Hysteria. What exactly the “New Form” is is up to the listener, but, needless to say, it is beyond sinister. My personal favorite is the noisy, percussive Overthrown, which is chaotic and has a deceptively simple backing trap-inspired beat. I am beyond interested to hear more conceptual albums from FilledSilhoutte in the future, and you should be, too.


SlyphStorm – Nightmare Night (2018 Redux) (Covering WoodenToaster & Mic The Microphone) | Electro

Keeping with the theme of comebacks to pony music, here’s the famous SlyphStorm’s! He’s covered the classic Nightmare Night in the past and recently submitted a reveamped instrumental to Ponyville Ciderfest’s charity album, but it appears he’s gone and tweaked it even further and added vocals! He has truly nailed the vibe and the vocal stylings (effects included!) of the original, and it sounds as fresh as ever in 2018. A kickass guitar solo, a rock-solid organ section, and a distinctly SlyphStorm brand of electro all help make this restyling an absolute delight.


LaRaikaa – She’s a Vampire (M-Type) (feat. EileMonty & Nowacking) | Metal

LaRaikaa (f.k.a. PsychGoth, BagpipeBrony) brings us all the way back to 2012 with a driving metal spin on his original synthy tune based on the fanfic My Roommate is a Vampire. Of course, the beautiful vocals from EileMonty and Nowacking bring even more flavor to the already very tasty djent-inspired instrumental. Whether LaRaikaa will return to do more horse tunes is unknown, but his return is lovely to see!