[P@D] MrMehster & GrazySmash – Shanti | Psytrance

Resident psytrance connoisseur MrMehster has teamed up with the talented GrazySmash, who’s been making major plays in pony music in the last year, for a divine Somnambula-inspired cut on the new Ponies at Dawn album! What elevates this above many Somnambula-themed tunes is its adherence to Eastern sounds. From the wonderfully psychedelic drops (and visual accompaniment in 60 fps!) to the great use of vocal samples and gritty basses used in the latter portion of the song, this one is certainly a standout on Eternal!


John Doe – Crystals | Soundtrack

Seasoned composer John Doe has crafted another beautiful tune for a new update of the very popular Pony Town game! This one is a bit more subdued and focuses on the crystal caves in the new update. Naturally, John Doe uses percussive mining sounds and dripping water noises (among other things) to great effect, creating an engrossing atmosphere and evoking a sense of wonder in the listener. A very calming tune for a cozy night in or one of adventure!


Never Say Neigh – Black Stable: Vol. 2 | Compilation Album | Dubstep / Riddim

The ultra-talented Never Say Neigh crew is back with another, albeit more compact than the last, face-melting compilation album! The shorter length makes it easy to digest in one go and each track has something standout about it. AJ Young’s Old School has a killer drop mixed in with some recognizable OG brony media samples, SKUNKED’s Wrath has some fantastic strings and sound design throughout, Suskii’s F*** You Up has an extremely unique groove in its last drop, and much, much more. This is definitely one of the premiere pony releases this year!


Daniel Ingram – The Spectacle (feat. Lena Hall) (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

Rod Steven continues to gun for the top of pony Eurobeat with some more impressive pony eurobeat remixes! This time, he tackles the often-remixed Spectacle with an excellent driving groove, some fantastic Eurobeat progressions, and awesome use of the vocals (especially during the “Gimme more…” sections). You may also know Rod for his Odyssey Eurobeat cosplays at conventions, but, following in the master’s footsteps, this guy’s got some serious musical chops and is going places in Eurobeat!


StableTwoStallion – GalaCon Theme (Covering MusicByOctavia) | Industrial Metal

Any fans of Rammstein should be very pleased with this one! The very talented StableTwoStallion has graced us with a very hard hitting and hauntingly beautiful cover of the talented MusicByOctavia’s theme composed for Galacon, which the convention still uses today. This cover has all the aspects people love about industrial metal from the 2000s: hard hitting bass drums, a liberal helping of synthesizers throughout, choirs, and guitar riffs you can’t help but bang your head to, so don’t miss out on this gem!


DivinumX – Love Me Cheerilee (Covering WoodenToaster & The Living Tombstone) | Metal

Quite possibly my favorite metal musician in the fandom, DivinumX, has come through with a rockin’ cover of a vintage brony song and, when you’ve been in the fandom as long as I have, it’s always a treat to hear new spins on the classics. This cover of the original Glaze and Tombstone collab features a rock-solid metal rendition of the tune, with a rippin’ solo to boot, so any fans of the original (or any metal lover) should be more than pleased!


DAϟH – Ground Zero | Terrorcore / Speedcore

Hardcore Pinkamena Party advocate and creator of all things weird, DAϟH returns with one of his extraordinarily hard-hitting contributions to the latest Pinkamena Party album! Featuring everything from pony dialogue to raid sirens and EAS alerts to enhance the atmosphere, it is held together by multiple sections of frenetic speedcore. I was quite impressed with the kicks’ design all over this track and it fits right at home in the PONYDOME!


Vocal Score Pony – End Of The Rainbow (We’re Still Here) | Ballad

Another end of MLP-centered song, courtesy of Vocal Score Pony, this one is more reflective and contemplative than many of the others, which is a nice change of pace! As always, Vocal Score’s striking voice is enough to give you chills and the lyrics are sure to make anybody with memories in the fandom really take a good look back. The backing vocals and piano playing also contribute immensely to the song’s tone and, at its climax, it truly is something to behold. Our show is ending, it’s okay to cry, but we’ll all still push forward when it’s all over!


Ditherer – Story of the Blanks | Experimental Hip Hop

Master wordsmith and fussbudget Ditherer comes through with a self-produced hip hop song very befitting of the classic game it was based on, Story of the Blanks (which you can find here). The lyrics more or less follow the story of the game and feature some excellent use of imagery, along with what I think is one of the best flows Dith has come up with yet.


RIEL – I Am Riel Pt. 1 | Dubstep

RIEL has stepped back up on the scene and wants to introduce himself, or rather, re-introduce himself, as he has been cranking out hard-hitting dubstep tunes with lush synth work for quite a while! Based on the theme of the song, it really contains a style that embodies him as an artist. The variety of genres, tempo changes, and hard-hitting sound design all contribute to the triumphant vibe of this goodness!