[ASOS] Cynifree & Zizkil – From Here to Where | Progressive House

A different form of progressive house than what’s usually popular in the genre, chill connoiseur Cynifree and sonic innovator Zizkil bring a Kirin-themed banger to A State of Sugar! The Kirin-themed tune cleverly incorporates Autumn Blaze monologuing into it, and contains extremely colorful musical textures, a fine-tuned atmosphere during the more subdued sections, and an undeniably danceable groove. Certainly a highlight on ASOS and Cider Party’s channel!


[ASOS] TCB – Atelophobia (Nevermourn Remix) | Drum & Bass

Remixing TCB’s atmospheric Cutie Cut, drum & bass maestro Nevermourn breaks his way onto A State of Sugar’s Ice Cream! Featuring a more traditional DnB take, this remix adds its own flavor and crunchiness to the original, and the rhythmic use of vocal chops fit like a glove on this tune in particular. Nevermourn continuing to develop his style truly is one of the most exciting things to watch in the brony music scene!


Mane in Green – Petit Papillon | Orchestral

This gorgeous piece from Mane in Green tells the story of our resident animal whisperer Fluttershy befriending a butterfly. The tune has some excellent use of strings and piano in particular, and it wonderfully depicts the peril Fluttershy and her little friend encounter on their aforementioned adventures before resolving into satisfying peace. A whole symphony of emotions, in four and a half minutes!


[ASOS] BassPon3 – Memories | Hands Up

BassPon3 may not be a name relatively many are familiar with, but HMH is here to highlight one of many of his amazing tunes from the past year, this time from A State of Sugar’s Ice Cream. A wondrous verse section transitions into some of the most authentic hands up jams I’ve yet heard in the fandom, and the vibe of the tune is simply euphoric. Any fan of uplifting music owes it to themselves to check this one out!


The Seapony Orchestra – Hearthswarming | Album | Orchestral

Christmas might be over, but The Seapony Orchestra just released a new album to keep your holiday spirit burning! Opening with a jazzy tune, the album mainly features orchestral pieces (including renditions of Corelli and Tchaikovsky pieces) and some are truly touching. Welcome to Equestria interpolates many tunes from the show, for example, and leaves you with an enchantingly warm feeling. Perfect music for sitting by the fireplace and bonding with your friends!


Daniel Ingram – In Our Town (Evgeniy Doctor Remix) | Hightrance

Trance extraordinaire Evgeniy Doctor continues to explore different flavors of the genre as he continues to create. This time, he brings us an extremely upbeat and infectious remix of the unsettling introduction to everyone’s favorite reformed villain! With some clear psytrance elements leaking in, the soundscape on display here is both very catchy and highly intricate (with an awesome bridge section to boot)!


Jastrian – Everfree Life | Chillout

A track a bit lusher than you’d expect from the name, this tune from chill extraordinaire Jastrian is quite eclectic. Featuring some awesome staccato piano (likely video-game soundtrack-inspired), a very creative use of Oriental-style strings, and an overall entrancing atmosphere, this track goes through several emotional movements despite its short runtime. Always a pleasure when a new Jastrian upload appears in the subscription feed!