Daniel Ingram – In Our Town (Evgeniy Doctor Remix) | Hightrance

Trance extraordinaire Evgeniy Doctor continues to explore different flavors of the genre as he continues to create. This time, he brings us an extremely upbeat and infectious remix of the unsettling introduction to everyone’s favorite reformed villain! With some clear psytrance elements leaking in, the soundscape on display here is both very catchy and highly intricate (with an awesome bridge section to boot)!


Jastrian – Everfree Life | Chillout

A track a bit lusher than you’d expect from the name, this tune from chill extraordinaire Jastrian is quite eclectic. Featuring some awesome staccato piano (likely video-game soundtrack-inspired), a very creative use of Oriental-style strings, and an overall entrancing atmosphere, this track goes through several emotional movements despite its short runtime. Always a pleasure when a new Jastrian upload appears in the subscription feed!


Arkineer – Prove Thy Courage | Soundtrack

It appears as though progress is indeed still being made on the RPG project Adventure of the Lunarbolts! Arkineer, aka Senjan, has been on board as the project’s composer for over six years and he returns with a totally exhilarating battle theme! With some excellent use of strings and heart-pounding electric guitar, as well as some frantic chiptunes, this will certainly be intriguing to see implemented in the full game and is up there with some of the best battle themes in the fandom thus far.


Technickel Pony – PCD | Album | Hip-Hop

Technickel Pony‘s self-described “retrospective of the feelings experienced at a con” has arrived. After his wonderful collab album with mycutiemarkisagun, he continues the trend of convention-themed project and brings along his signature flips of various funk tunes along for the ride. He does delve into various other genres on tracks like “The Dance Floor,” and the album features a wealth of vocals from Wootmaster, as well as a rap from Doodled. A great album for reminiscing or kicking back on a weekend, this is a very worthwhile listen!


Vylet Pony – True Beauty (feat. Myles Vice) | Chillout

Continuing the release cycle for Glitter, Vylet brings along talented vocalist Myles Vice for a somber and beautiful piece. The atmosphere and vocals in this tune are impeccable and, combined with subtle guitar and trap-influenced percussion, create a haunting and gorgeous soundscape. If you can appreciate some great ambiance, don’t pass this one up!


Brilliant Venture – I Love This Fandom VIP | Dubstep

Continuing his rollout of Trotcon exclusive tunes, Brilliant Venture breaks out a VIP of his ode to the fandom from Ponies at Dawn’s AwakeningThis one is grittier and harder-hitting than the original, featuring some very recognizable samples, including the NRG PonyDub and a new section featuring the cathartic The Magic Inside, and interpolations (I think I may have heard a Trixie the Pony Troll one in the drop!). The gritty basses and upgraded sound design should certainly please any fan of Brill’s!


Evgeniy Doctor – Eternal Nightmare | Psytrance

Trance prodigy Evgeniy Doctor continues to develop his style rapidly and this new menacing psytrance tune from him is, in my opinion, a crowning achievement. With careful attention to detail in the atmosphere, using techniques like transforming lighthearted samples from the show into something truly dark, amazing fills, unique rhythms, and some haunting but subtle vocal chops, this banger is truly something special!


Wandering Artist – Ghost | Soundtrack

Created for the popular Pony Town’s Halloween update, Wandering Artist really delivers a fantastic tune with a spooky but whimsical atmosphere. It’s incredibly easy to imagine this in a video game, especially during a night or a graveyard level, and the use of background ambiance, as well as sparse strings is top-notch on this tune!
Available for download on Wandering Artist’s Bandcamp.


Daniel Ingram – The True Gift of Gifting (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | Synthwave

After quite a while, the prolific Nicolas Dominique has released another show song remix! The atmosphere on this tune is quite somber, fitting of the tone of Spike’s song to Rarity from the new holiday special. The vocal cutting on this track is impressive, the piano accompaniment screams vintage early EDM, and the synthwave-y vibes are so deep. As of this posting, it’s the only existing remix of the lovely song from Spike, so check it out!


Yanamosuda – Get Lady (eksoka Remix) | Future Bass

The talented eksoka brings us an absolute gem of a remix, featured on Yanamosuda’s new album, Little Energywhich is available for free! The vibes featured here are incredibly sweet and the chords used befit it perfectly! The synth leads could not be better, lending themselves wonderfully to the atmosphere of the tune. Both producers are supremely underrated, and this is an awesome introduction to both of their work if you haven’t heard them in the past.