StealingShad3z – Equine Anarchy (feat. 4everfreebrony) | Pop-Punk

StealingShad3z’s Equine Anarchy gets a solid PMV treatment, celebrating Shad3z reaching 1k subscribers on YouTube. With help from 4everfreebrony, Shad3z crafts a great tune about how fighting the good fight is always better with a friend. With great vocals and fantastic production, this track makes for a great soundtrack for toppling monarchies. Be sure to pick up the track on Bandcamp!


Wootmaster – Magic Bling (TCB Remix) | Future Bass / Hip-Hop

Wootmaster’s Magic Bling is arguably one of the best ponified parody songs of 2016. TCB has remixed the Drake parody to perfection! A future bass soundscape complements Wootmaster’s vocals quite well. With a “kawaii” atmosphere, one can really get down a boogie to this remix! Be sure to grab a download from TCB’s Bandcamp!


Suskii & DJT – Spooky Ghost Buggos | Dubstep

The folks over at Magnus Records have done it again, with a colab track from Suskii and DJT. “Spooky Ghost Buggos” is solid from start to finish, with fantastic production and some really great piano work on the break. Sampling moments from “Sleepless in Ponyville”, Suskii and DJT capture the spooky night little Scootaloo had, and add their own flavor to it. This track is a treat for those of us who already miss Nightmare Night! 👻 Be sure to grab a download of the track from Magnus Records while you are at it!


Crusader! – Let’s go to Ponyville! | Pop Punk

Crusader! is here with a fantastic pop punk anthem for the town of Ponyville. This song just seeps with the sound of those early 2000’s tunes you would find on MTV. All this song needs is a cheesy music video that contains copious amounts of skateboarding and frosted tips. Cheers to Crusader! for capturing that feeling and turning it into a song about our favorite town in Equestria!


Jyc Row – Tempest Shadow / Captain Celaeno | Orchestral

Hot off the tail of the release of My Little Pony: The Movie, Jyc Row gives us a fantastic,  theme for one of film’s villains, Tempest Shadow. Commanding strings and percussion paint a vivid painting of sound, perfectly capturing the dangerous mare that is Tempest. The track would fit well in an action scene in the Movie!

Ahoy! Jyc Row ‘ere be giving us a swashbuckling jig based on our favorite Captain’, Captain Celaeno from My Little Pony: The Movie. Rolling organs and flutes usher thoughts of the sea (or clouds in this Captain’s case) and adventure! Jyc Row perfectly capture’s the character’s confidence and awesome attitude.


UCDP Brony – Luna’s Cake (feat. Arthur Raulin) | Progressive Rock

UCDP Brony’s latest track happens to be about Luna and some Cake! A fantastic song all around featuring quality drum work and radical guitar riffs. The song also includes a great guitar solo from Arthur Raulin. With inspirations from the likes of Dream Theater and 4/3 de Trio, UCDP Brony has created a wonderful track with a cute story! UCDP Brony produced this song for the French Pony Music Awards 2017.