[P@D] Koa – To The Nines | Electro Pop

Koa has really made her presence felt this year with a couple powerful live performances in addition to hit tracks like this new release from Ponies at Dawn: Eternal. To The Nines captures everything about Rarity’s work perfectly with the well-polished, flashy pop composition mixed fabulously with a moving bass to an excellent, upbeat tempo. The incredible synth work brightens up the song exactly how Rarity makes her dresses stand out. The vocals are elegant and dangerously catchy – but you’ll want to be singing along to this song all day anyway!


[P@D] Francis Vace – My Rainbow Horse And Me | Ska Punk

The king of pony ska punk is back at it with this standout track from the newest Ponies at Dawn: Eternal compilation album. My Rainbow Horse And Me is a comedic narrative about Rainbow Dash appearing out of the tv and living as a lazy roommate. The song is super catchy, boasting expertly crafted horns, top-notch guitar work, and a silly, romantic theme that only Francis could craft!


Ponyville Ciderfest – 2019 Official Convention Album | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Ponyville Ciderfest, the MLP:FiM convention coming up this week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has just released a new compilation album featuring many of the musicians that will perform at the big concert! This year, the convention is holiday-themed and several of the songs on this album are new or remastered holiday tracks! The range of music is extremely diverse and flows very nicely from start to finish. Here are just a few of the many highlights on the album.

The first track is an unreleased song from Vocal Score and really sets the stage for the whole CD. Extremely festive and flowing beautifully into The Heart Carol from the original Hearth’s Warming Episode.

Prince Whateverer makes a few appearances on the Holiday Album, most notably with his new metal cover of the classic, Nightmare Night. John Kenza and loophoof, who will be performing a back-2-back together, feature remixes of each other’s songs. Galen of the Wonderbolts band and Brilliant Venture release brand new holiday hits. MC Arch also has a brand new and powerful track entitled Oathkeeper.

Other well-recognized names include 4everfreebrony, Black Gryph0n and Baasik, JoinedTheHerd with CadetRedShirt, Seventh Element, Nevermourn & TCB, MelodyBrony, Francis Vace, and more!

All proceeds go to Generations Against Bullying – the Ciderfest charity which aims to reduce childhood bullying through research and education, so be sure to help out if you can!


[P@D] The Wasteland Wailers – Friendship from Fire | Symphonic Ballad

The Wasteland Wailers never fail to deliver and Friendship from Fire is another instant classic! The track utilizes gorgeous orchestral composition and instrumentation with Brittany Church’s heart-melting voice. The string section sets a somber tone, the drums add an epic, controlled, energy, and the vocals are crystal clear. While the story of the song is mostly of loss, the punchline leads to a very determined, and optimistic tone – capitalized by the incredible bridge and outro at the end.


Dizzy Inmotion – Spellshatter | Hip-Hop

Another piece of her Battle of the Bands concept, Dizzy Inmotion brings us this clever take off of Under Our Spell from Rainbow Rocks. Spellshatter is a self-hyping track with quick punches and great flow, talking up the dazzling personalities. The synth chords and word play pay great homage to the Equestria Girls hit while bringing a lot of creativity and Diz’s own personality to the forefront.


[P@D] Frozen Night – Glaciation | Symphonic Metal

Another can’t miss track from the brand new compilation album Ponies at Dawn: Eternal comes Frozen Night’s Glaciation. The orchestral elements set the stage with a light, wintry beginning before diving full force into a metal power theme. Frozen Night is a master at creating vivid imagery of nature with instruments and this composition will take you back and forth between the peaceful ambiance of a cool winter scene and the intensity of a full blizzard. The orchestral strings mixed with heavy drumming and electric guitar make for a piece that is sure to get you pumped!


[P@D] Radiarc – The Void Undying | Breakcore/Hybrid Orchestral

If you haven’t downloaded the new Ponies at Dawn: Eternity compilation album, then you are missing fantastic, powerful tracks like this one! Channeling his own pain and struggles, Radiarc turns that emotion into a dark, overbearing sound signifying “the formless evil that lies within every villain, and its insanity and power from relentless hatred of all living thing”. The harsh instrumentation combined with an intense, chaotic beat and Radiarc’s always skillful symphonic touches makes for an emotional ride!


[P@D] Foozogz – Make It Special (Finale Mix) | Happy Hardcore/Drum & Bass

Foozogz brings the feels in this incredible retrospective tribute to the show! A clear highlight on a compilation album filled with spectacular tracks, the music legend really raises the bar early on Ponies at Dawn: Eternal! The vocal chops are sheer perfection with their ambient mixing and powerful, nostalgic hits. The familiar pony clips layer on top of each other while the instrumental track builds, which inspires a craze of emotions in a way that makes Make It Special exactly what it says – special. It should be no surprise that Foozogz is still delivering top-tier music, and this track is no exception!


[P@D] John Kenza – Nightlife |Melodic House/Trance

John Kenza is easily one of the best at fun, catchy house melodies! His upbeat tempos combined with perfectly crafted synths and song progressions are consistently incredible! Nightlife brings the party right to you with the rave build ups, drops, and even some vocal chops from Spike! A hit track off the new Ponies at Dawn: Eternal album you don’t want to miss – so make sure to go grab the entire compilation right away!


Dizzy Inmotion – The Sunset Shimmer Show | Hip-Hop

Dizzy is a rising star and it is easy to see why with such incredible flow and lyrics! The Sunset Shimmer Show is written from the perspective of the lead Equestria Girl herself tearing down a Battle of the Bands, Diz very cleverly plays up Sunset while knocking on the competition. The instrumental is simple, yet complimentary of the rapping, and the rapping is captivating!