Steryotype – Study Tapes Vol​.​1 | Album | Lo-fi

Here’s something different and vibe-y! Study Tapes Vol.1 is Steryotype’s brand new beat tape – full of creative productions and samples that show off the innovative possibilities of the lo-fi genre. Most of the tracks last just long enough to set the tone and get some solid samples, while a few of the tracks on this tape are fleshed out and meant to stand on their own.

One of the standout demos is called Bleu and combines a more lively jazz beat with a trumpet carrying the melody. Combined with the lo-fi soundscape and a couple of charismatic chops, this sample really grabs your attention and is super fun to nod along to.

The longest track on the 19 track tape is UnVerguenza which utilizes the marimba for the melody and a subtle piano to fill out the background. This chill song is the quintessential lo-fi beat – chill, not too complicated, stands on its own, and is perfect to get lost in.

Study Tapes Vol.1 shows off a lot of what lo-fi fandom music can be, and hopefully we will get to see some of these tracks put to great use. Steryotype represents the genre well and has a great commitment to his craft. Lookout for more from this talented creator and hopefully we will get a Volume 2 in the future!


Salvatore Ganacci – Horse | House

Ganacci is gucci and this Horse is in the House! Probably the best song of all time, from the second-best musician Sweden has ever given us (big-ups to the OG House Yeezy, Avicii), Horse is a very deep and complex track with a powerful video to supplement a lot of the nuance in the message. We know this is deep because the track begins with a simple sample and flashing yellow text that says “Salvatore Ganacci” – very moving. As thunder roars and falcons dressed as eagles screech, Ganacci comes to life. Truly a masterpiece in the paradigm of wonder, although why anyone would ever use a horse as a medium for any kind of personal, musical expression is beyond me.

HMH Update: Format Change and New Name!!!

Welcome to the new and improved House Music Herald! Starting today, our great staff of human promoters will be focused on bringing you the best and newest house music on the market!

Why house music? There’s a few reasons for our new focus on the only good thing to ever come out of Chicago.

Number 1) The domain name was available. Have you tried buying websites? There’s like no cheap ones left – but we got this one!

Number 2) Anything over 130 beats per minute is trying too hard, and we all have enough anxiety in this world.

Number 3) Everyone loves house music. It is the Kanye West of actual music. Literally everyone is on the house market.

Number 4) The expert promoters on our staff feel that house music is a very mature route of music, which symbolizes personal growth within us all. Also you can’t tell us what to do; nyah nyah ppppbbbbbttttt!

So in conclusion, we are excited to announce that from this day forward, we will be known as House Music Herald. Tell all your friends, subscribe to our socials, and all hail Avicii!


Dandelion – With Borrowed Wings | Ambient Pop

If you haven’t been listening to Dandelion, you really should! Their ability to create unique and innovative soundtracks is apparent with each and every new release. With Borrowed Wings is an extremely peaceful and gorgeous song. The theme explores a pony afterlife which is made apparent by the heavenly design and instrumentation. Helen the vocalist has an angelic voice which sings softly over a subtle, bright synth. Some dream-like bells are mixed in with light percussion to really give life to the tack. Brilliantly designed and original, make sure to check out this song and more from Dandelion’s channel!


StableTwoStallion – Maud | Industrial Metal

There’s no questions StableTwoStallion is the reigning king of the industrial sound, having released several tracks in the genre last year. Sung in German, this dark, heavy track is about the working live and personality of the titular Maud Pie. The guitars are tuned down and carry a dirty, distortion while the drum snare and kick hit hard to emphasize the powerful nature of the track.


PeKaNo – A Giant Pumpkin Is Trying To Eat Pinkie | Tribecore

PeKaNo has been around for a long time and it is always great to see a new song from them! This Nightmare Nights themed track has a lot of great elements, from the percussive horror-screeching, to the modulated synth, to the uber-catchy beat! It’s great to see niche sub-genres represented as well; tribecore is a fast form of free tekno and PeKaNo has a talent for using it to bridge fast, hardcore elements into something more melodic while maintaining all the intensity of a great Nightmare Nights track!


GeekBrony – Pony Zone: Round Three (feat. 15ai & PVPP) | Drum and Bass

Psst…it’s time.


That’s right – after the first two installations earlier this year, GeekBrony went all out with a full visual video and song 5 months in the making. We return to the pony zone, this time focusing on Rainbow Dash and Applejack whose chops were supplied through show clips and the help of 15ai and the Pony Voice Preservation Project. The instrumental works well with the DnB beat given the quick, heart rate-increasing tempo. GeekBrony makes great use of an added synth to transition measure to measure. While that loops, the focus stays primarily on what the ponies are singing to the listener.

The lyrics and erotic and degenerate.

The visuals on the video are pretty amazing! GeekBrony edited the whole video to have each member of the Mane 6 on screen singing their parts, moving around, and making faces. There are some added flash graphics for those that know. It is really captivating to watch and helps demonstrate just how much work went into this project!


7th Stive – Frames | Bass House

Every now and then there’s a song that catches you off guard with how good it is! It should be no surprise that 7th Stive can turn out a hot, dirty mix like Frames given how hot their tracks have been this year!

Frames is the first song off their amazing new album of the same name (which you should definitely check out and buy!) The track starts off with an unassuming lead, syncopated excellently to lead into the beat. The bass on this track is fantastic – making it impossible not to nod your head along. Add in some extra sound effects and professional sound design and you’ve got an amazing door into an even more amazing album!


Polarhigh – Memories Of Places You’ve Never Been | Indie Dance

Polarhigh pops up every now and then with a new jam. Memories of Places You’ve Never Been is a fun instrumental with a lot of great composition going for it. The track utilizes a funky bass line throughout which keeps the energy and groove going. The song’s strongest asset is the creative use of so much instrumentation – it starts with high strings before adding in a synth, drums, and bass. Add in an ambient synth, mix it all together and you’ve got a fun, boppin’ soundtrack!


Toby Macarony – Giggle at the Creepy | Alternative Electronic

Toby Macarony goes back to their roots with this horror-inspired, electronic take on Giggle at the Ghosties. Mixing in that far-away, Halloween organ with upbeat synths, percussion, and the trademark Toby Macarony pitched-up pony chops, Giggle at the Creepy is the perfect Nightmare Night party track. While these kinds of songs have always been difficult to describe, it is a fever-dream, a nightmare, and a rave all put into one. The best way to understand is still, of course, to listen for yourself!