Zephysonas – Second Family [For Makenshi] | Orchestral


Wow. Songs in this fandom that are written as a tribute to a specific person are always beautifully and meaningfully deep in ways that most songs simply cannot attain, yet there is something about the love that went into this track that makes it stand out among the other tributes.

Zephysonas orchestrates not just a fantastic composition, but also organized a myriad of heartfelt words from all kinds of brony musicians and promoters to say “thank you” to the biggest fan and best friend of every musician in this fandom, Makenshi. Second Family is soft and uplifting, utilizing light strings and bells to create a supportive atmosphere reminiscent of the person it is dedicated to. Emotionally moving in every aspect and subtly a nod to Makenshi’s favorite pony (Pinkie Pie), Zephysonas really outdid himself with this masterpiece!


[P@D] PrinceWhateverer – Shrouded Integrity (feat. IMShadow007) | Metal

PrinceWhateverer continues to show why he is the king of brony metal in this tag team collaboration featured on Ponies at Dawn: Enigma. Utilizing some epic vocals from IMShadow007, this track has all the intensity and refined sound design that we know PW for. A great feature of Shrouded Integrity is the dramatic strings that carry the melody through the track and add a beautiful and almost tragic sense of desperation while the singers call out the subject character for the choices she makes. Another very well-structured composition, be sure to check out this track and the album it is from!



Yanamosuda – Little Energy | Album | Multi-Genre

Here is the perfect set of tracks for when you need to just unwind, or maybe want to have something on in the background while you are getting stuff done! Yanamosuda has compiled quite an interesting array of tracks blending the right amount of peacefulness and groove to both relax and keep you interested.

There are a healthy variety of genres inspiring the album that all touch on the chill theme. One thing you can be sure of is that each track will have it’s own compelling, jazzy bass that blends almost too well with an exciting drum beat.

The album is comprised of original mixes like the titular Little Energy and Dusk Song (which has an amazing funk rhythm!), remixes from show songs like the theme and Evil Enchantress, and finally remixes of fan music like Dawn Song from Kitsuneyu and Get Lady by eksoka (featured on Cider Party!) It is plain to hear from the album that Yanamosuda put a lot of time, thought, and effort into this tremendously unique album.

Little Energy is available on Yanamosuda’s Bandcamp website as a free download, so there is absolutely no excuse not to have these 13 tracks in your library right now!


One Track Mind – Nightly Mares EP | Electronic

Just in time for the spooky holiday, One Track Mind brings us six great tracks to really get into the Nightmare Night spirit! This extended play uses a great array of dynamics to convey an overwhelming, almost helpless at times emotion throughout a very exciting set of songs.

The first track, Nightfall, does an incredible job setting up the feel of the rest of the EP, introducing an exciting, horror themed soundscape that flows beautifully into the second track.

Edge of the Forest is an exciting track right up until One Track Mind flips it on it’s head and gives the track a somber, chilling finish.

Unloyal starts off like a disco track and runs with that theme, managing to be eerie in it’s upbeat style. About halfway through the soft, terrifying feel of Edge of the Forest comes back to top off the track with that familiar fear feeling.

Fluttering Lullaby is an intense, more powerful track. The synth is on-point with the tense drums, invoking imagery of someone slowly losing their mind.

Black Heart Purple Fur changes up everything with narration over top of a distorted, stop-beat intro. This song is more laid back from the rest of the EP, and utilizes a high, ticking noise to induce anxiety throughout.

Giggles in the Dark wraps up the EP very nicely, like you are racing out of the woods, not knowing if you will make it or not. This track incorporates great dubstep wubs and has several moving parts that keep it interesting and intense!


PrinceWhateverer & Frozen Night – This is Nightmare Night (feat. Friends) (This is Halloween Parody) | Metal

Well here is the perfect song to get into the Nightmare Night mood. PrinceWhateverer  re-imagines the very familiar Nightmare Before Christmas hit to fit the pony holiday using his unique metal style, with the aid of his crew of friends. The many voices contribute amazingly with solo lines as well as haunting chorus parts (especially when they get to the la la-la-la crowd part). A perfect song for the end your October season, or just because you love a great song and parody Рbe sure to check out This is Nightmare Night!


[P@D] BlueBrony – Imperfection | Orchestral Pop

BlueBrony has always excelled at making songs in ways no one else could think, while maintaining a very high quality to the track – in any genre! Featured on the most recent Ponies at Dawn release, Enigma, BlueBrony manages to standout among the fandom’s best of the best with Imperfection. The chord progression and choices are perfect, controlling emotion as it swings between anguish, confused, and hopeful. The song is a narrative from Sweetie Bot’s point of view and despite being about a robot, is perhaps one of the most relatable songs this fandom has produced. The vocals sings of how Sweetie Bot wants her programming reset and memories flushed because it does not work correctly; her circuits and functionality creating limitations she feels the need to exceed. This masterpiece is beautiful, touching, and guaranteed to move you – just try to listen without tearing up!


Direct Current – Hourglass EP | Indie Electronic

Direct Current is a musician who always comes up with something unique and enjoyable. In his new 3-song EP, he celebrates his 100th song released – an amazing feat for any musician to be sure! Each song on the release is exciting in a unique way, too!

  1. Sands of Time: a beautiful and mesmerizing track,  the hard panning style of the ringing notes bring forth a hypnotic feeling
  2. Mists of Time: an uplifting track made even sweeter with the processed vocals, a bouncy synth and hi piano keys adds joyous tones to the sentimental track
  3. Forever: an optimistic piece romanticizing the future, the beat mimics the ticking of a clock in a very creative way

Hourglass is a great pickup and Direct Current should be commended for such a quality piece of work!


4everfreebrony – Working On The Farm (Ponification of “Waiting In The Weeds” by The Eagles) | Soft Rock

4everfreebrony is tugging at the heartstrings again, this time from Applejack’s point of view. In a tribute to an underappreciated Eagles hit, the longtime fandom alum sings a song to AJ’s parents letting them know what is happening with their family and how she has been feeling. As usual, everything from the guitar-work to the harmonies, to the production is spot on and you can’t help but get a bit emotional listening to the hardworking farm pony tell her mom and dad they could never be replaced.Touching and with the perfect amount of slice-of-life feel, Working on the Farm is another fantastic number in 4everfreebrony’s always impressive repertoire.


[P@D] MC-Arch & bank pain – Let Me Feel This | Hip-Hop

Fresh off of the new Ponies at Dawn album, Enigma (and I mean fresh) comes this great, quick track from MC-Arch and bank pain. An exciting duo to be sure, bank pain provides the quality backing track and balance we have all come to admire and MC-Arch brings the passion and flow that only he can. Let Me feel This has a very chill beat and a bouncing rhythm that make it so easy to groove along to!


Etherium Apex – Second Prances | House

For almost a year now, Etherium has been amazing us with his composition and sound-staging abilities, and Second Prances is proof that he continues to only get better! This uplifting dance track is an ode to the joy we feel when receiving a second chance – or in Starlight’s case, a second prance. The song begins with big piano chords that give the impression that something important has happened before transitioning beautifully into the happy house track following that gift of another chance to do right. Etherium writes a few great leading melodies which he executes phenomenally with the synths and backing sound design to keep the song incredible and interesting!