Jeff Burgess – Before These Mighty Skies | Alternative Cover Album

Once upon a time in the magical time of 2013, Le Soldat Pony released “Before These Mighty Skies” as an innovative, indie/alternative sound that was quite new and distinctive to the fandom. Le Soldat may not be a common name nowadays, but another longtime fandom musician certainly hasn’t forgotten. Jeff Burgess revived the ideas of the songs from the original album and transformed them into his own form of covers, even continuing to add bonus alternatives to the bandcamp album following the initial release!

Burgess’ sound mixes elements of indie, alternative, ambient, progressive, and folk to capture a full, distinctive sound that manages to come across as both somber and nostalgic – almost as if the songs themselves are thinking of Le Soldat and wondering where they are now.

A Train Between Canterlot and the Great Divide features a gorgeous acoustic guitar quickly picking single notes of chords and driving the song forward. Jeff sings of a pony who – like the guitar – aims to move forward, leaving the past behind and hopping off a train to something new.

A Wide Eyed Cabin in the Woods has a very old-timey, homely vibe through a strumming banjo and layered, group vocal deliverance – all performed by Burgess. It is eerie and comforting in a way only Jeff could make so satisfying.

A gorgeous blend of genres, styles, originality and cover tribute, “Before These Mighty Skies” is a brilliant revival of what once was, in a way that now is.


Koa – Rainbow Disaster Pop | Album | Hyperpop

Content warning: This album features adult language and other explicit content.

Hyperpop has been on the rise in the fandom for the past few years, and now Koa contributes a full album worth of crazy, silly, super-boppin’ hits! Every track on Rainbow Disaster Pop is conceptualized through a different episode from Dawn Somewhere’s series Rainbow Dash Presents, a comical video set which retold notable MLP fanfiction through parody. The entire album exudes punk energy with lots of fun vocal effects, subtle audio nods to Dawn Somewhere, chaotic randomness, hilarity, and so much more!

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P1K – Melody on my Heartstrings (10th Anniversary) | Pop Punk

How great is it to see a 10 year anniversary remastered track for a fandom classic? If P1K’s surprise update of Melody on my Heartstrings is any indication, then it’s the best! Working around the iconic starting bassline, P1K uses full, distorted guitars and brilliant vocal harmonies to declare his love for the pony who plays the music in his heart.


SCR4TCHK4T – Bound for Everfree (Unofficial EFNW 2022 Anthem) | House

SCR4TCHK4T has been hard at work all year, and Bound for Everfree is a big payoff for that effort! Released just prior to the big convention held in August, this unofficial anthem dedicated to Everfree Northwest 2022 sets the scene for the big trip to the hotel. With a fun, moving melody and bouncy bass, this song is perfect for anytime-listening!

4everfreebrony – The Finest Creatures Ever (feat. Brittney Ackerman) [Covering Aphylliate] | Pirate Metal

A lot of people might have missed Aphylliate‘s original epic when it dropped in 2013. Thankfully, 4everfreebrony wouldn’t let it go until he had created an appropriate cover many years later (available on his new cover album now!) Set to a line of dialogue from Spike at Your Service, 4everfreebrony injects tons of life and whimsy with the pirate metal guitars, quick and punchy drums, and a little help from Brittany Ackerman‘s voice!

Everfree Park Rangers – Woodland Guide | Compilation Album

The historic fandom compilation album Balloon Party made its big return in July with many active musicians contributing. Balloon Party has always thrived around theming their albums, and so each of the 20 accepted tracks relates in some way to the idea of Fluttershy leading an expedition into the Everfree Forest as the group’s Woodland Guide.

The variety of music featured on the compilation is astounding – covering electronic and acoustic, vocal, vocal chops, and instrumental, as well as many, many different genres. With so many different contributing artists, there are a lot of creative takes on what kind of music and stories can be present through the theme. “Woodland Guide” is totally free for download, and it is a fantastic snapshot of what many fandom musicians sound like this summer!


Forest Rain – Great to be Different (feat. Decibelle) [10th Anniversary] | Soft Rock/Ballad

A lot changes over ten years time. People grow and change, cartoons come and go, schools get built and new rulers are brought to power, but the beauty and impact of one of the cornerstones to the early fandom music scene never wanes. Forest Rain celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the release of her love letter to Derpy with this updated masterpiece which enlists the help of over 10 fandom musicians, including the voice of Derpy from the original track, Decibelle. So much time has passed, yet the impact and beauty of a single moment is just as beautiful and mesmerizing today as it was in 2012.

√ Σ † ∫ & ATR – Mathie Sings The End Of The World | Alternative/Experimental

In case you missed The Rest of Our Lives last summer, here is one great reminder to go grab that album! Mathematicus & And The Rainfall craft a gorgeously dark and encapsulating soundscape as the backdrop to this narrative of Twilight discovering something is not quite right. A bold experiment for soundscape, “Mathie Sings The End Of The World” is incredibly original and a fun deviation from any expectations for fandom music!


Childlike Wonder – Ponk | Lo-fi / Hip-Hop

An underrated treasure from last month, Childlike Wonder mixes a lo-fi, and at times jazzy, backing instrumental with a creative rap which combines a stylistic flow with lyrics from an egotistical pink pony. Throw in a some Pinkie Pie vocal chops and a great video loop for the song, and you’ve got a can’t miss hit!

Top 10 Brony Songs of July 2022

Top Brony Music has released The Top 10 Brony Songs of July as voted on by the community! July was slammed with all kinds of great fandom songs, including more YouTube releases from Ponies at Dawn’s Zenith, the return of Balloon Party, the soundtrack to Minty Root’s new Missing Out film, and so many great individual releases! As usual, the hits span all kinds of musical genres – so take a look at what the community decided!