Dynamite Grizzly – TECHNOPONE VOL.3 | Album | Electronic

Dynamite Grizzly has been dropping hot albums in this fandom for almost 6 years now and still going! TECHNOPONE VOL.3 is the culmination of lots of time and hard work throughout 2018, and the final result is a great reflection of that effort!

This album features a healthy collection of originals based off season 8 as well as a couple hot remixes from HACKD and Spikey Wikey tracks. There is a good mix of genres from acid to techno to drum and bass all the way to hardcore which keeps the flow of tracks interesting and fun.

Dynamite Grizzly is a big fan of brony music and even gives a nod of appreciation on the bandcamp page for this album! TECHNOPONE VOL.3 is listed as name your own price, and with all the love Griz gives us, certainly we can all give a download back!


JoinedTheHerd – Shelter (feat. Stellar Eclipse) | Drum & Bass

Who doesn’t love JoinedTheHerd at this point? Shelter is a very relaxing track with a gorgeous soundscape! The synth sets the tone perfectly with its bright chords, the flute keeps the sound light and pretty, the acoustic drums give the atmosphere a trace of nature and rhythm, and finally Stellar Eclipse‘s vocals come in with a soft, calming message. Everything in this track is well-designed and flawlessly executed – which is part of what makes JoinedTheHerd such a talented producer!


loophoof & NeverLastStanding – Have Here (Silva Hound Remix) | Trap

Silva Hound is starting 2019 strong with a great remix from loophoof and NeverLastStanding as featured on Cider Party last year! The track features Pinkie vocal chops throughout, starting with a light melody before building into an upbeat jam with the kind of energy and immersion that Silva has thrived upon. The energy is well-managed throughout, knowing just when to calm down before exploding back into the song that has you clapping along at home. The song ends with a neat guitar riff provided by Sylver Stripe to echo the soft synth from the original.


FlutterDash Records – Lend a Hoof (TCB Remix) | Midtempo

TCB is great at targeting the emotion of a song and bringing out the best in it! This remix of Lend a Hoof (originally by FlutterDash Records) pinpoints the loneliness in the vocal melodies and lets it shine with a bit of light piano. When the lyrics brighten up with the theme of helping each other, the piano melody, beat, and signature TCB style kick in and really shine – always through the original vocals. The genius composition of this remix really make you look at the original Lend a Hoof in a different light, further proving the accomplishment and skill of TCB!


Remember Falling – Let You Know (feat. Namii) | Synthpop

Remember Falling has been on a hot streak lately and this collaboration with Namii only continues to show off the immense talent we are lucky enough to be graced with! Let You Know is about the lonely Marble Pie falling in love with a certain red stallion that she can’t have while holding onto hope that maybe one day she can. The track has a somber tone and beautifully builds off that emotion! At times the instrumental is very simple allowing Namii’s vocals to radiate Marble’s loneliness while the great climax of Let You Know shows off how well Remember Falling and Namii can sing together over a more intense beat and synth demonstrating the fierce emotion in our protagonist.


PrinceWhateverer – Are You There | Alternative Rock

Warning: Explicit lyrics
PrinceWhateverer explores the softer (at least by his standards), emotional world of pony breakups. Based off of the Marble Pie-Big McIntosh stirrup from “Best Gift Ever”, Are You There explores Marble’s inner anguish over the situation. The verses are characterized by soft guitars, leaving the somber vocals to drive the emotion before the drums and guitars come in more prominently for a more enraged chorus. The back and forth between the soft, sadness and controlled anger, tied together with moving guitar riffs allow PW to show off his musical, emotional range.


Frozen Night – Winter Dream | Soundtrack / Ambient

Frozen Night has always excelled when it comes to atmospheric pieces and soundscape design. Winter Dream was written for an action-adventure story game to introduce the player into a post-apocalyptic world. The sound design is beautifully arranged and full, while evoking such vivid emptiness with its sounds of distant high voices, light bells, and atmospheric synths – a testament to the tremendous skill of Frozen Night!


BlueBrony – Cold Nights, Warm Hearts | Orchestral

You never know what you are going to get with BlueBrony, but you can always count on him delivering something awesome! Cold Nights, Warm Hearts is an ode to “The Hearth’s Warming Club”, specifically Gallus’ role in the episode. The song is centered around the piano composition and starts out slowly and somber, before growing into an optimistic tune. The violin brightens up the emotion of the track while the sounds of a fire burning give the tune a homely feeling, invoking the imagery of the six, young students keeping each other in good company during the holidays.


Zephysonas – Welcome to Equestria | Orchestral

The perfect song to get into the holiday cheer, Welcome to Equestria mixes traditional holiday instrumentation with several show melodies from season one. Zephysonas, an orchestral great for sometime now, ties it all together with his fantastic composition skills and a variety of instrumentation from low brass, to violins, woodwinds and more! This song was written for the new Seapony Orchestra Hearth’s Warming album – a great compilation for the season!


Arabesque Sympony – Jolly Ol Saint Nick (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Big Band

Arabesque Sympony shows off his clever musical skills in this track covering Spike’s feature from the MLP Holiday Album. The jazzy, swingin’ piece is recomposed brilliantly, allowing the bright brass tones to shine through, but not so much that it distracts from Sympony’s wonderful vocals. He even subtly adds Spike’s original vocals in at the end as a great accent to the track!