Night Blaze – New Day | Orchestral / Soundtrack

A piece as gorgeous as a sundawn or a moondawn, New Day is Night Blaze’s tribute to the two sisters, as well as a musical take on their backstory. An epic, intense, deep and uplifting composition is brought forth along the progression of the track, and it’s just so wonderful to listen to while thinking about the topic some more!


Rarity Advocate – Passacaglia | Orchestral

Matching the beautiful artwork of stargazing Rarity with a breathtaking composition on the organ of 12 minutes, Rarity Advocate definitely had another marvelous idea with this new track, that is very unique! We don’t get such pieces focused on the organ often in the community, and the soothing vibes from the sounds are definitely a wonderful accompaniment to the artwork!


Tripon – Wonderbolt Shuffle (feat. Single Purpose) | Neurofunk

Tripon‘s reimagining of The Wonderbolts Rap is funky, hard-hitting and dark, with the power of Neurofunk being blasted full-force at us once again by the master himself, and Single Purpose contributing to the beauty! Vocal samples are placed so masterfully among the rich atmosphere that definitely holds many delights of sound to appreciate. Part of Tripon’s Equestrian Ravers EP!


[PP] Dynamite Grizzly & Enny – If, By Midnight, I Do Not Have a Fourth Pony Keg… | Gabber

Featured on Cider Party, this Gabber treat from the lovely duo of Dynamite Grizzly and Enny is definitely bringing the right vibes considering the theme of the album! Playing with vocal samples from an earlier gen on MLP (notice the mention of Scorpan), the hard-hitting track is featuring an awesome guitar work by Enny as well as Dynamite’s high-speed Gabber greatness for a killer combo! Available now on GABBA​-​CA​-​DABRA FOR PONIES!


Daniel Ingram – The Magic of Friendship Grows (JoinedTheHerd Remix) | House

You just knew it was going to happen! A remix of the very emotional song from the MLP Series Finale from JoinedTheHerd, who went all-out to pay tribute to it with much emotion in his remix as well! You can just feel the intensity of the musician’s feelings as the powerful drops take you by surprise, and the heavenly pony vocal chops take you in their warm and cuddly embrace. Very bright and emotion-inducing, this remix is such a gorgeous follow-up to the song from the finale, and another token of dedication from JoinedTheHerd! (Who could probably be named IllDieWithTheHerd, too!) Featuring art by Dusthiel!


General Mumble – Ponyville Murder Party | Dark Chiptune

To our greatest delight, pony music veteran General Mumble crafted a new pony gem for Nightmare Night, and by the looks of the cover art you should already know what to expect! Old-school distorted Pinkie vocals are complementing the Chiptune melodies that we love to hear from the musician, as a new dark scene gets played in musical form! Such a lovely surprise! It’s definitely never too late for such treats!


FilledSilhoutte – Lose Control | Ambient

Inspired by Last Tempest, FilledSilhoutte crafted a fine Ambient experience that will make the perfect musical ambience for walking in a world that rejected you, feeling the rain on your face as well as the decision to walk away brewing inside of you. Melancholic and somewhat futuristic vibes are brought masterfully here along the reflective melodies and space-y synths, and listening to this is such a bliss!


Pinkamena Party – GABBA-CA​-DABRA FOR PONIES | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

It’s Nightmare Night, and the Pinkamena Party crew got a bag full of treats for you all to savor, in the form of a compilation album themed for the occasion and featuring Abra-ca-dabra on the cover art! The contributing musicians did awesome venturing in the roads less traveled once again, while having heaps of fun, and you can definitely hear it! Gabber, play on pony vocals, experimental endeavors, eerie atmospheres, ambient adventures… So many lovely initiatives are so wonderful to see, as we celebrate the shenanigans of this spooky night along with everypony on the album! And if you missed the live release party, you can watch the recording of it!