John Doe – Sunny Island | Soundtrack

Continuing the trend of associating beach/island areas in games with Bossa Nova-like BGM with much love, John Doe impresses once more with a crafty field theme for the latest update of fan game Pony Town! Just the perfect atmosphere for chilling at a tropical beach, with lots of ponies around!


Miles Kintner – Driven Beneath the Waves | Orchestral

Another very emotional recent release, this tribute to the Hippogriffs from Miles Kintner is of pure beauty, with a truly magical composition that makes for a lot of emotion. The second half of the track in particular is my favorite and was so powerful for me! And focusing on how this is all depicting the story of the Hippogriffs, makes it even more impactful and special!


Cynifree – Endless Ages | Liquid Drum & Bass

Paving a stairway to pony Heaven with Flutterchops and letting sparkles of magical light fall down all around you with that crystal-y piano… This is the kind of scene that Cynifree’s latest masterpiece is evoking me, and I hope that you’ll like it as much as I did. With the deep bass to lift you to higher planes and the halftime DnB beats taking you by surprise, there is a lot to appreciate in Endless Ages, a track full of magic!


Evgeniy Doctor – Shards Of Memory EP | Various Genres

A new stunning and complete experience from Evgeniy Doctor, this 4-tracks EP is quite heartfelt as it is a tribute to the impending closing of FiM (but remember, not of MLP nor the community!). Of various genres, the tracks made with love are expressing much emotion, from the Ambient Magia Ex that builds the epic experience to come, to the Psytrance Last Minutes that is almost 8 minutes long, to the deep Voices Of The Past that is a collab with One Track Mind, to a powerful Orchestral finale in Time To Become Infinite. Both very impressive and conveying much feelings, this whole EP is a masterpiece!
Shards Of Memory EP is available from both Bandcamp and Mediafire!


Aelipse – The Old and the New | Orchestral

Master Aelipse is back, and looks like they haven’t lost their hooves at making such emotion-inducing, story-telling music! This one is about the beginning of a new chapter for the community, reflected in Twilight having to say goodbye to Golden Oak while planting the seeds of a bright future. Definitely a masterful and emotional composition, showing the extent of Aelipse’s talent once again!


Ditherer – The Princess EP | Hip-Hop

New release by Ditherer, new exploration of a pony’s character depth or concept from the community! This one is about Princess Erroria, or the background pony that became famous because of how she appeared as an alicorn in the show out of animation error! With much dedication, our hero made a full EP around her that you can get from Bandcamp, and many guest musicians contributed. You can catch the lyrics here! Princess Erroria shall live on, thanks to very welcomed initiatives like these! Keep it up Ditherer and everypony!!