BGM – Maremas! | Rock

Everypony who loves mares like I and BGM do, check this song out!! Such a wonderful fan song and gift for Hearth’s Warming! The ponies are singing to us! Rocking guitars along the voices of our beloved ponies, make us happy!! Let’s spend the holiday the brony way once again my brethren!
Check my wall of text comment on the video for more details about how much I love this song if you want!


[PF] Skyshard – Guiding The Way (feat. Acouste Wholenote, Studio Quinn & Zelizine) | Alternative Electronic

The second full-fledged alum that I hosted with my project Pony Family is out now, and this exclusive from Skyshard & Friends is just SO wholesome and like the kind of pony music we miss, I just had to have it as the opener!! I hope that you will enjoy this trip to Equestria! And do check out the rest of the album that is filled with pony emotions! Find it on Bandcamp here! Links to all the musicians who contributed in this song can be found in the description of the album on Bandcamp!


Deavas – Snowfall’s Frost | Metal

One of my favorite releases of the year for sure, Deavas’ new pony Metal beauty goes above and beyond, making use of TalkNet for custom pony vocals, singing lyrics you wouldn’t believe..!! The result is an all-out alternate version of the episode A Hearth’s Warming Tail, with Snowfall Frost actually removing the holiday for real as an evil witch, and Twilight happily singing the tale..! I just LOVE fan works like these so so much!!


SpinScissor – No More Apologies | Midtempo / Alternate Electronic

SpinScissor is honing the unique emotion in his songs even more through practice of the magic that is music, and this new release might just be a new peak! The emotional melodies throughout that incredible progression certainly resonated with me, while the heartfelt vocals are telling the commitment to newfound meanings explained in the description. Ethereal and magical, the piece will take you to higher planes!


char – Any Fuss | Alternate Electronic

Indubitably among the best and most emotional pony songs ever written in my eyes, char’s tribute released on the 10th anniversary of SGaP’s music is a commitment to the cultural preservation of such pony vocal chops-powered pieces of magic that call upon our Passion. With a progression reflecting Starlight’s character depth and a masterful composition that evokes emotion so well, the song is nothing short of breathtaking, and a gem you don’t want to sleep on!


Algo at All – Thank the Stars | Chillout

With such a dreamy title, this new release by Algo has got to make you travel! It’s definitely as beautiful as a trip in Luna’s gorgeous Night sky, painted here with lulling sounds and a deep dive into cosmic wonders at midway. This track is actually about a certain story/fanfic, that you will find linked in the description!


Harmonic Six – Rarigretto in F Major | Allegretto

This “Rarigretto” is as lovely as the name suggests! The fabulous mare might approve of those delicate and refined melodies, enveloped in a warm atmosphere reminding that of a Baroque castle. A longer version of this would fit well as a field theme BGM in a game for such a map, and of course you would meet Rarity there!


SpinScissor & Nyancat380 – BRUSH ADDICT | Hyperpop

A dream collab that was meant to happen, two of our regulars teamed up for a magical result. Colgate aka Minuette got a new song, and a pretty dank one at that. Not only the cool and light-hearted lyrics are making for an awesome reminder of brony spirit, but the vocals come in all shapes and sizes, with a cuteness overload happening several times during the track. As for the instrumental, it’s sparking from the fusion of the two musicians’ skills! Give it up for SpinScissor and Nyancat380 everypony!


Cantersoft – Six Ponies Flying in a Pink Hot Air Balloon | Synthpop

Cantersoft was right when he said that he achieved something very catchy… Writing this song up a second time right now after I posted it on EQD, I have its vocals stuck in my head even without re-listening to it..! Aside from the catchy-ness, the song is brimming with pony cuteness, and in the video as well since it has got such a fun and delightfully light-hearted PMV/animation to go along with it. You can breathe pony while watching this..!


BGM Pony Degeneracy – Fluttersad | Synthpop

(That title comes from the filename of the downloaded song from the description)
This song might make you cry! With the help of TalkNet, one of the musicians from 4chan made such a wonderful and emotional song where Fluttershy is singing to anon about the regrets she has. “I just wanted to be your mare.” That line alone is just taking me straight to where I want to belong in this community!! Thank you to the musician for this, and shout-out to all the passionate bronies on /mlp/! (If you read this, consider submitting a song to Pony Family, made precisely to showcase pony initiatives like these! Wink!)
Love, love everywhere!