ExplodingPonyToast, LutariFan & ThatMusicBrony – Start Again (Mr. A.M. VIP Remix) (feat. TheWanderingKit & Chaotic) | Dubstep

It’s time to Start Again with a VIP of Mr. A.M.’s heartfelt remix of the iconic track from Awakening, this time featuring TheWanderingKit and Chaotic, and paying further tribute to the emotional piece with deep rapping vocals and a revamped Dubstep instrumental of many wonders. This is a magnificent example of responding to emotion… with more emotion!


eksoka – Sartoria | House

A wonderful and much inspired track brimming with Rarity’s charm, Sartoria is Eksoka’s musical response to those “Rarity’s Peek Behind the Boutique” animated shorts that aired during the ad breaks of some S7 episodes on Discovery Family. A stylish and very chic House arrangement is sublimated by beautiful and “fashionable” sounds, while the whole track is delightfully topped with hot vocal samples, including Rarity’s voice from the shorts, and makes for a very “Rarity” sensual experience.


MC-Arch – Ave Cadenza (Power Of Love) | Hip-Hop

A new powerful and meaningful song from genuine rapper MC-Arch, this one truly lives up to its theme, with a beautiful and heartfelt message about love and its emotions expressed through amazing and mellow vocals. The correlation with the Princess of Love, Cadance, was definitely well thought and well put, and the love expressed through the tender vocals is certainly a wonderful homage to her. The whole song is just making me melt, with the vocal melodies and repetitions being very heartwarming and impactful, just like the lyrics. And personally I couldn’t agree more with the message of this song, since as someone who genuinely feels so much love for many people and the whole brony community, I certainly know very well the Power Of Love, the powerful feelings of love in my heart, the happiness it grants me, the powerful emotions I feel that often make me tear up when I think about you all or daydream about meeting you… It truly is wonderful. Let us open the gate


Modern Bard – Blue Angel | Industrial Trance

Musical experiments like these are always so great to see! Borrowing elements from Industrial music, Modern Bard delivers Blue Angel, a Trance-empowered track of much beauty. Encompassing the power of the Night and her winged harbinger, the track takes us through a heavy exploration of Trance and metallic sounds, not without a magnificent break where echo-y piano and choruses are giving to our beloved Princess of the Night the tribute she deserves.


H8_Seed – Neverending Strife (BassPon3 Remix) | Hardcore

Remixes of all-time community classics will always be welcome, and it’s even better when they mean something personal! BassPon3 is now using what they learned as a musician to pay tribute to a meaningful track to them, Neverending Strife from H8_Seed! Many of us and me included have our own special pony tracks that we affectionate because we found them early when we became bronies, so enjoy this heartfelt remix full of awesome Hardcore beats and breaks paying much tribute to the original vocals!

Also find below an additional review from one of our new guest writers, JustAnotherPonyGuy!

Start of JustAnotherPonyGuy’s review
This remix by underground expert BassPon3 breathes new life into a fandom classic. The catchy, simple synth leads into a brilliant repurposing of Discord’s vocals. Throughout the song, fast, almost chiptune-like effects keep us interested. Of special note are the haunting melodies that evoke vistas of chocolate rain and cotton candy clouds. Some top-quality hardcore for you to enjoy!
End of JustAnotherPonyGuy’s review



Don’t let your kids listen to this track, cause they could get inspired by Flurry Heart and become a WAMMI! Following DWK’s antics, APPL3JVCK turned the WAMMI concept into as Trap tune that’s as dark as it can get, with a delightful progression and an atmosphere that seems to call for an ascent to madness. This is a side of the pony music scene that I affectionate a lot, and I can’t thank APPL3JVCK enough for this initiative!