Daniel Ingram – I’ll Fly (JoinedTheHerd Remix feat. Cadet) | House

Another great banger from JoinedTheHerd! This time Cadet joins in with her absolutely beautiful vocals, and also vocal chops! I’m in love with the sound design for this one with it’s catchy instrumental blended with skilfully chopped vocals, JTH never fails to impress! Check it out!


Luna Jax – As The Thunder Rolls By (4EverfreeBrony Cover)|Acoustic

After a long hiatus, Luna Jax has released his beautiful┬árendition of 4everfreebrony’s As The Thunder Rolls By, and it is truly wonderful. Tastefully played acoustic guitar, with relaxing clean vocals all combine to make a relaxing and soothing track to listen too, especially in tough times. Take a listen!


PrinceWhateverer – R4 (Reimagine) R1 & R2 | Metal

Straight from PrinceWhateverer’s brand new album, “REIMAGINE “, comes a very hard-hitting, and rocking, 2 part track, with a lot of musicians involved! The track’s story takes place in an alternate universe following the finale of MLP: FIM season 6. Y’all will want to take a listen or watch, since Prince, also teamed up with a bunch of SFM animators to give this track an awesome SFM animation about Chrysalis! The whole track is definitely, something that would make you want to get up and rock it out! Check it out!