Djohn Mema & Sable Symphony – ACD (Blame it) | Metal

Wow, this song really hits those feels, combining a catchy instrumental and melody with emotional lyrics that hit a little too close to home. The loud and punchy, smashing drums and heavy guitars combine to make a rocking, emotional, and catchy track – so make sure you get your ice cream ready cause this song will definitely hit those feels! Check it out!


Evershade – OhMyGosh | Dance

Some truly awesome vocal chop music! Combining a catchy instrumental with adorable rainbow dash vocal chops from the show, all combine into a cute and catchy track! Love the “oooooh” parts in the chorus and the vocal chop work, in this track, is truly a work of art! Check it out!


PrinceWhateverer – R4 (Reimagine) R1 & R2 | Metal

Straight from PrinceWhateverer’s brand new album, “REIMAGINE “, comes a very hard-hitting, and rocking, 2 part track, with a lot of musicians involved! The track’s story takes place in an alternate universe following the finale of MLP: FIM season 6. Y’all will want to take a listen or watch, since Prince, also teamed up with a bunch of SFM animators to give this track an awesome SFM animation about Chrysalis! The whole track is definitely, something that would make you want to get up and rock it out! Check it out!