Tripon – The Great and Powerful | Drum and Bass

Tripon coming at you with those Jump-Up vibes again. When it comes to Drum and Bass Tripon never disappoints, and this song is a perfect example of that. The build up in the beginning with the horns is excellent in framing how powerful this song is going to be, and the usage of Trixie vocals helps us transition into a drop with some very classic Jump-Up sound design. The break section continues with the horns from the intro and leads in to second drop with some super interesting variation on the first drop. Once you finish up with this song be sure to check out the Bass House version of it as well.


bank pain – rewritable EP | Drum & Bass

Bank pain’s newest EP is the result of more than a year of work, and it really shows. With a nice mix of chill and heavy sound design bank pain sets out to show how he’s improved over the past year as a producer, and you can really tell how much improvement there has been. This is not an EP to miss if you love insane sound design. Be sure to grab it on bank pain’s Bandcamp page.


Tripon – Solay Rays | Drum and Bass

Tripon brings you that dark rolling drum and bass sound in this new track available off his new two side EP. I love the atmosphere set up from the beginning of the song, and that fade out right before everything comes in in the drop is just wonderful. The bassline is nice and dark, just like you’d expect coming from Tripon and the atmosphere in the drop is just amazing. Be sure to check this song out and grab the EP if you like what you hear!


Tripon – Nightmare Moon | Drum & Bass

Continuing on with uploading songs from his EP, Tripon shows off a very deep dark Neurofunk style with his track Nightmare Moon. The subtle brass hits and the background synthlines really help set up the dark atmosphere here in the beginning, and the Luna vocals are just amazing with how haunting they are. I love the way that the bassline keeps rolling along throughout the whole track, and the main sections are really cool in that the main difference between them and the breaks is what the percussion is doing. Make sure you have a good listening setup when tuning into this one or you’re gonna miss out on a lot of the cool things going on!
Be sure to check out the rest of the EP on Bandcamp!