[P@D] Progressive Element, bank pain & Tripon – Ghost In The Dream | Neurofunk

Three awesome names come together and deliver this monster of a collab, namely Progressive Element, bank pain and Tripon. Massive bass design combined with some amazing atmosphere make this a very chilling listening experience. Some excellent halftime sections and breaks complete the nerve busting drops. This is truly a song you don’t want to miss!

Editor’s note: This song is from the upcoming Ponies At Dawn album, Anthology! Full details on the album release and livestream event will be ready shortly, but pre-orders are open now, with a very special option available…


TCB – Atychiphobia | Future Bass

TCB’s new EP, Cutie Cuts, is something to behold. The EP is themed around the fears of the CMC, and it’s amazingly well done. This song, Atychiphobia, meaning the fear of defeat, really portrays Scootaloo’s fear of not meeting the aspirations she has. The vocal chops and melodies are extremely well done and the emotion of the song really shines through. The vocal snippet from Parental Glideance really creats a tender moment that makes a perfect transition into the main section of the song.

Be sure to check out Sweetie Belle’s song Atelophobia (the fear of imperfection) and Apple Bloom’s song Monophobia (the fear of being alone). One song should not listened to without the other, just like the CMC always come together.


Hay Tea & Sky Runner – Compass for a Lost Dreamer | Drum & Bass

Hay Tea and Sky Runner come together once again to bring us this awesome collaboration based on the fan fiction Compass for a Lost Dreamer. The intro brings us this lovely atmosphere created by reversed piano samples and vinyl crackle. Hay Tea and Sky Runner’s amazingly smooth percussion is accompanied by synths and plucks that float over a wonderful driving bass line. This smooth and lovely track is exactly what you expect when these two names get together!


Chang31ing & Einarx – Scourge | Hybrid Trap

From Magnus Record’s brand new compilation album series, Chang31ing and Einarx bring us this amazing hybrid trap song. The intro brings us this dark haunting atmosphere complemented by the Chrysalis samples that leads us into both drops. In the drops we’re greeted by some amazing bass designs and some excellent minimalist percussion. The straight rhythm sections complement the trap rhythms nicely in this song. Great work you two, this is one amazing collaboration.