AndNoOneDriving – In The Magical Land | Rock

The landscape begins rushing by seemingly never-ending and full of vistas each more epic than the last. In the Magical Land takes you on a grand journey through the fantastical land of Equestria by gently inviting your gaze toward a simple landscape, gradually guiding you into increasingly epic sights and experiences, and finally allowing you to settle down in a peaceful field to take it all in. This piece by AndNoOneDriving is a wonderful musical portrait that may even enhance one’s personal image of just how beautiful Equestria could be. If you enjoyed this song be sure to check out more of AndNoOneDrving’s incredibly inspired music such as For Queen Chrysalis.

Edit: The song appears to have been deleted from the channel for unknown reasons, so in the meantime you can listen to it from here.


Henni – Power of Friendship | Synthpop

“Friendship is all about trusting each other, helping each other, loving each other and being crazy together.”

The mane six have braved many trials, learned hard taught lessons, and begun to help and teach others as they have developed as champions of harmony. Henni’s Power of Friendship brings forth strong retrospective feelings of where things have been, and how they have gotten to where they are today. Beautiful synths and a thoughtful use of ambiance treat the listener to an uplifting impression of nostalgia and perhaps even a reassuring perspective of the future. Things will be fine so long as we have one another….


Vylet Pony – Oak Library | Lofi Hip-Hop

The cheerful comfort of a happy home and good company. The golden oaks seemed like more than just a home for Twilight but an extremely fitting extension of her character. It was a relaxed setting of simplicity and comfort for a librarian horse, her friends, and their daily life challenges and shenanigans.  An implementation of soft and cheery instrumentations and a few thoughtful vocals simply make this song feel cozy and welcoming. Vylet’s Oaks library is a perfect tribute to this important and memorable setting from the show’s early seasons. (I think I miss the Golden Oaks <3)


[ASOS] Dreamer – Adieu | Future Bass

I’m going to go out on a limb and say the feelings this song brings forth are exactly why Dashie loving horse fanatics like myself think pegasi are so freaking awesome! The freedom and ability to say goodbye to it all and just take off into the endless skies… Dreamer’s Adieu is a spirit-lifting experience that takes you up into the clouds with an upbeat electronic rhythm and glides you down into bassy melodic dives throughout. A truly wonderful example of the theme State of Sugar seeks to bring to this community!


Daniel Ingram – I’ve Got To Find a Way (Modern Bard Remix) | Orchestral

From one to another, another to one. A mark of one’s destiny singled out alone, fulfilled.” Twilight could only express hopelessness at her accidental corruption of her friend’s destinies. Modern Bard delivers us a re-imagination of this tragic moment by pairing it with a taste of the 80s. New levels of emotion augment this classic song with somber guitar notes, and an ambient backing of percussion, brass, and beautiful synths of a bygone era. Truly an epic take on Twilight’s emotional struggle to save her friends.


Ponytronic – Cherish | Indie Dance

Upper class and sophisticated, but delightfully kind and upbeat once you get to know her. Ponytronic’s Cherish invites the listener to take a moment to understand the real Fleur de Lis as they experience her transition from one of Canterlot’s elite into the bright and buoyant personality she is behind the facade. One can truly sense this transformation in character as the instrumentation moves from a simple but elegant set of ambiance and strings, into sugary layers of synths, drums and Xylophone.