Crystarium – Saddle Arabia | Ethnic Drumstep

After almost a month, Crystarium is warming back up with this drumstep track infused with ethnic vibes and topped with his signature sound design. Prepare to be blown back by heavy bass accented by a beautiful Afghani Rabab sure to leave you with a taste as fine as Karkadeh in your mouth. Check out his future releases, including a collaboration with a certain someone, on the next Ponies at Dawn album dropping on the 23rd!


Delta Brony – Daybreaker Boss Battle Theme | Soundtrack

Get your raid gear together and make sure you’re a high enough level for this epic boss battle theme made by the legendary Delta Brony. High octane strings, choirs, and drums clash in this duel of the century that even features a “Critical” version of the track that plays should you near victory. With a brilliant mix down and wonderful usage of his music theory, Delta does it again setting the mood for a truly glorious and bold new entry in his vast arsenal of orchestral pieces.