[HMC] Brohoof Studios – Get Up! | Dubcore / Drumstep

As a part of Horse Music Central’s latest album, Brohoof Studios continues to impress us with his latest song, “Get Up!”  This one will definitely get people’s blood flowing, from the sick basses to the well-mixed drums and strong hi-hats.  It will get you up and running, no doubt about it!

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Crusader! – Summer in Equestria | Pop

This song is a fun one to listen to; it is very 1990s-inspired!  The sound selection, the portrayal of the theme, etc. are well-thought of and executed.  The song just wants you to go out and have fun with friends.  What a way to spend the “Summer in Equestria”!  Nice work, Crusader!


The Dark Side – Holy Moly | Trap / Future Bass

Ah, yeah!  Love us some trap and future bass here, coming from The Dark Side!  Inspired by John Joseco and his Princess Molestia webcomic, with Trap Nation style visuals, this song is sure to be appreciated by brony bassheads everywhere.  From the emotional chord progressions to the cool sub falls and filthy drops, this track has a nice combination of both trap in major and minor keys.  Nice job, Dark Side!


Jyc Row – Strength | Orchestral

Jyc Row sure knows how to deliver the goods when it comes to orchestral music, and “Strength” is no exception!  Inspired from Rockhoof’s story in Season 7, Episode 16, “Campfire Tales,” this work has instrumentation fit for Rockhoof’s time and composition fit for a typical superhero.  It definitely feels like you’re in the village when you listen to it!  Great composition, Jyc!
The rest of the Jyc Row’s EP will be coming soon, as this is Song #1.


SayMaxWell – Part of the Swarm (feat. FritzyBeat & ForeverFreest) (Lily Stilson Remix) | Glitch Hop

Ooh, some dirty wubs coming from none other than Lily Stilson here! The big thing with this is the sound design; it’s straight-up in your face one hundred percent of the time during the drops. The rap sections and the drops complement each other, and the post processing on the vocals is well-done! This is a nice remix!
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Daniel Ingram – A True, True Friend (HoriXZ0n Remix) | Complextro

Well this track’s a fun one!  This is a well-made remix from HoriXZ0n of Daniel Ingram’s “A True, True Friend!”  My, that sub bass fits perfectly with the chords; it complements them nicely.  The instrumentals and vocals go quite well together too, like it sounds natural.  Something like that is what you want in a remix like this, just a different version of the original song.  You did a good job, HoriXZ0n!
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Tripon – Villains 2.0 | Neurofunk

Some serious DnB wubs coming from Tripon with his “Villians 2.0,” part of his Villians EP!  Golly, this can work as a great example song as to what Drum and Bass can sound like.  The mixing and drum patterns are clean, and the wubs tie it all in.  Tripon also gave a nice contrast to the drops and the breakdown, giving his interpretation as to what a villain would be like from a musical standpoint.
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Daniel Ingram – Time To Be Awesome (Faulty Remix) | House

Brought to you by Daniel Ingram, and remixed by Faulty, this work has to be one of the most beautiful house tracks this fandom has to offer! The composition of the instrumentation is well-made to fit perfectly with the Rainbow Dash vocals.  Also, the vocal chops make for a nice lead in the breakdown.  This song is just so polished, it deserves more recognition; like it needs on a Dude Perfect or People are Awesome video.  Go give it a listen if you haven’t already!
Awesome job, Faulty!  (Good choice on the cover art, too!)
Go check out the original here!