Xericide – Without You | Future Bass

With a thriller of emotion thrown into a single track, “Without You” has to be one of the most inspirationally well-made future bass songs here.  From the sweet chord progressions, to the dark saw plucks, to the mellow leads, to the supportive arpeggiation,  to the well-blended percussion, and to the ambient vocals, Xericide really did go all out on this.  This is an incredible work right here, and Xeri, you should be proud of this to the nth degree!  And to you reading this, be sure to play the video above!  You won’t regret a thing!


UndreamedPanic – Destroy them All | Electro House

To kick off his latest EP, “Spirit Horse,” UndreamedPanic has some crazy electro house music for us that would fit wonderfully in something like a Dude Perfect trickshot video.  From the delicious basslines, to the well-timed vocal slices, to the crazy supersaws, this work will want to have you get up on your hooves and dance!  Also, “Destroy them All” kind of sounds like Virtual Riot’s “Energy Drink;” inspiration maybe?  As said before, this would definitely go on a MLP-themed HOWSLA album, but why bother when Panic has three other works on his EP that are all house-based?  There’s the MLP HOWSLA right there!
Now, the title is “Destroy them All,” but what is getting destroyed?  We may never know….

Go listen to “Spirit Horse” here!


Psychoacoustic vs. Flyghtning – Opal | Deep House

It’s time for some deep house fun, Opalescence-themed!  This song is simple in composition, but it is a great one to dance to!  The sound design is awesomely unique, especially with the extremely thick bassline and the vibrato-filled lead.  Also, the drum patterns work wonders in complementing the moving lines.  “Opal” definitely reflects Opal’s personality; she just does her own thing!  Great job, Psychoacoustic and Flyghtning!


Dj Shadow Music – Crystallizing Memories | Tropical House

It’s time for more awesomeness from Dj Shadow Music! This one is a pretty chill tropical house beat. It definitely is a reminder of what the beach is like, especially a beach like Maui. The lead is well-done as a mellow timbre, as it contributes to the chill feel of the song. The drum pattern is pop-like and lighthearted, and the simplicity of the song actually adds to it’s overall feel. There is a claim that sometimes, less is more, and Dj Shadow has supported that claim!


[P@D] Homage – Free (feat. FritzyBeat) | Electro Pop

With inspiration from Wooden Toaster’s music, Homage and FritzyBeat have put something short and sweet together that definitely reflects Toaster’s style. The bassline is bright and clean cut, and it pairs well with the upper register elements. The chord progression is simple, but it also is interestingly well-put together in context, especially with the vocals, which sound exactly like how Wooden Toaster made his, which is a job well done on Homage and Fritzy’s part. But here’s a final question: are the lyrics referring to Sweetie Bot? The world may never know.

Check it out on P@D’s “Guardians” here!


Dj Shadow Music – Undecryptable Mind | Bass House

Dj Shadow Music is back on Horse Music Herald once again, giving us some more fresh beats, with this one having three different genres played in it! The dubstep, hybrid trap, and bass house sections really give the song a different kind perspective for each, but they all reflect the main idea in the end. The type of drums that come in early on give the idea that this work will be a thriller; and especially with the main bass and sub bass pairing together during the drops really hold the aforementioned statement to be true. Then, Dj Shadow decided to throw in a curveball with a subtle tempo change and completely modify the groove of the song to a bass house style, which was well-put together!

Follow Dj Shadow Music here!


[LDB] UndreamedPanic – Powershy | Bass House

UndreamedPanic has another Bass House banger for us! This work comes from his inspiration from S4E6, “Power Ponies.” The sound design of the main basses are unique and original, concerning the fact that he makes his own bass patches!  The Fluttershy vocal chops are creatively done, and the vocal ambience during the drops really ties everything in. If there was an MLP-themed HOWSLA album, “Powershy” would definitely be on it!

Check it out on Lycan Dese Beats here!