PrinceWhateverer – Absolute Territory (Covering Ken Ashcorp) | Rock

(Listen to Ken’s suggestive original if you have not done so Here)
(Ok disclaimer: This song is not for everyone, there are VERY suggestive adult themes clearly talked about in this song or done. fair warning)
I don’t have to be a brony to even understand the topic of this very hot and sweaty tune. But if you going to be talking about ponies when comes to this song. Then I guess this honesty describes what Shining Armor felt like when he first saw Cadance in high school. The cute mare that has picked up on the fact your into her. SO it’s your lucky day because she is into you as well. My Cadance is not so proper when she gets away from Canterlot castle LOL. Prince, however, has put this naughty cover into his own style of rock and roll. The way he sings this song kinda reminds of all people, Marilyn Manson. In the style if delivering the lyrics. It adds to the spice if this song. The guitars are sexy and hard to fit the theme of the song, The melodies mimic the original nicely with extra hard rock flavor to the zest of this lewd track. So if it’s your kind of music. Check it out. This Qilin will not judge you for it.


[ASOS] Shuffle Horse – Night Club | House

Can’t stop the Waffle train. Track 2 from the latest ASOS compilation, this one’s said to be inspired by Equestria’s greatest DJ, Vinyl Scratch. It’s pretty chilled out while still being bouncy enough to dance to. The soulful vocal samples, synths, piano and bass all seem to come together to create the feeling of house music from the 90s mixed with the modern club standards of today. It’s a unique blend and an overall tight track!


Jyc Row – Ember (Wings of Fire) | Soundtrack

The master composer Jyc Row is back, and what better way to return with a short yet epic track about the dragon lord herself, Ember? This one keeps his usual style of epic orchestral sounds along with some Celtic/Nordic influences and what sounds like a distorted guitar for emphasis; a very fitting sound for the dragons of Equestria! She deserves a song that gives the image of her ruling the land and defeating her foes, and this is the perfect one!


Elias Frost – One Last Story | Symphonic Rock

Another song from Elias’ upcoming Stories Vol. III album, Our Last Story is an instrumental number inspired by events in S9, where Twilight has one last story to tell before taking over the princesses’ role as ruler of Equestria. Much like most of his material, it’s a slow burner, though the climax is always satisfying; there’s a myriad of orchestral elements, including an accordion and a choir, but towards the end, it builds up gradually with a drum kit and eventually an electric guitar. Their addition to the track feels completely natural and feels like a great breath of fresh air. Can’t wait for the album!


SlightlyAmiss – Cloning Ritual (feat. Djohn Mema & Blackened Blue) | Metal

With blissful riffs sending you to cloud nine, and both harsh and harmony vocals to tell the story in very charismatic ways, this new collab from the rock wonderponies is definitely an amazing surprise to appreciate over and over again. Themed around an epic and deep battle of convictions between Starlight and Queen Chrysalis, it delivers the intensity of the fight so brilliantly in this genre, and SlightlyAmiss, Djohn Mema and Blackened Blue definitely did wonders together! One More!


Rusty – Equestria i Tiden | Indie Pop

Equestria i Tiden is an extremely intriguing song incorporating both English and Swedish lyrics. With a prelude of pan flute and nylon guitar, the song sets itself up for a surprising change of pace. The drums barge in and the synths provide a shining change of atmosphere, then to go back to its origin of background noise and pan flute. And the end of the song provides one of the most captivating choruses that I have heard recently. No second will bore you with this riveting, stylish piece by Rusty!


Vylet Pony – Beauty Lies | R&B

Vylet has to be one of the most prolific musicians in the fandom. There’s just no stopping her, is there? Track 16 from her latest album Love Letters: Colourless, it carries the signature sound of the album: somber keyboard notes with a gentle drum beat carrying Vylet’s beautiful voice and harmonies alongside chopped Rainbow Dash vocal samples. The faint noise in the background reminds me of the sound of falling rain, which definitely fits the mood of the song. Sometimes life doesn’t go exactly as you planned, and can often take a turn for the worse. This is an honest number that just oozes emotion.


Night Symphony – Mistmane | Orchestral

Settle your day with this orchestral piece by Night Symphony! Characterized by soothing harps set astray by blaring brass, and the graceful piano and bowed strings which provide an elegant foundation. The spatial percussion provides a tense interlude and epic theme to the choruses later in the song. The Japanese folk influence and the fact that Campfire Tales was released just over 2 years ago now makes this the perfect tribute to Mistmane. Feel free to listen if you’re up for a copiously tranquil morning, noon, or night!