Djohn Mema & Metal Core Pony – Arrhythmia | Metalcore

When I first read the title I was amazed. Metalcore Pony and Djohn in the same track?! Only quality music would come from this duo. The subject of the song is also something really deep, dealing with our disablities. This time is arrhythmia. It could be any other disease or difficulty.
The song itself is amazing, I love how the atmospheric and raw/angry elements mix together, it gives the song a blackned sound. The screams are well done, and the mixing is pretty good. This song is a treat if you like atmospheric and etheral metalcore. A thing that is very present in Converge’s songs.


Vylet Pony – Elysium | Alternate Electronic / Indie Pop

Man this song brings in the Feelings along with Beautiful and Outstanding vibes! I am honest in this track is my favourite from the Album! This track just brings, so much enlightment in me that I instantly feel Motivated to write Music! The story involved with this is that Satyrn & Vylet a Journal that leads-up to a Meteorite that was found in Saddle-Arabia. Is another adventure setting itself up? Will we see more badassery from Satyrn, Vylet, and the whole crew of the Starship Ponyville? Because legit, the Story is wonderful! And it would be amazing to see it expand more and more! Just as the track itself feels so wonderfully Adventurous! I’ll gladly withstand another Epilepsy attack to feel and witness it! And here’s to more write-ups from Homeward!


Envy – The Herd Lives On | Hardstyle

Envy (Also known as Cosine Pitchshifterz the man, the legend.) has brought us another dope Hardstyle track! (as his Forté) This time however, paying tribute to the fandom with a bouncy but none the less heartwarming track bringing us a Message we all need to hear; That we are still here. And we are still doing this! For and by all of us! and that nothing of this will suddenly stop! (Including HMH, we will still be here!) Rejoice my Brothers, Sisters, and Theysters, the Herd Lives on! Long live G4! and nice work Envy!


Chiptune Brony – Heart of Thicket | Soundtrack

As mysterious as it is curiously gorgeous, Heart of Thicket is the conception of Chiptune Brony, the resident jack-of-all-trades composer who hails from Oregon. The composition brings the audience in with ethereal and uncertain soundscapes, later woven into a World soundtrack of sorts. It is very reminiscent of many film soundtracks from the 80’s and 90’s, creating a familiar yet peculiar and exotic set of tones and melodies.


Daniel Ingram – A Kirin Tale (Loophoof Remix) | Electro House

Loophoof‘s electro house tracks are quickly becoming staple songs in the fandom scene, and their remix of A Kirin Tale by Daniel Ingram is sure to live up to the hype. With full chords and expert use of the original vocals through means of vocal chops, the remix establishes a familiar upbeat vibe that we’ve all come to know Loophoof for. Between the energy of the drops comes a nice melodic section that brings the audience back to earth for just a moment before being sent back up again.


Koa – Take Off (Confidence) (feat. General Mumble) | Electro Pop

Koa and Mumble bring us a catchy and pumping track about confidence. the overall tune takes me back to some of the fandom’s earlier years and the heavy and clever use of Rainbow’s speech from Hurricane Fluttershy really sets the stage for the theme and is a really fun throwback to the pony days of old. If you like fun and catchy music this is a track for you!