Jyc Row – Naegissa’s Music Box | Orchestral

I’m starting off the new year with yet another piece from the madlad Jyc Row with new piece of the Infitnite Eclipse series. This piece delivers a very eerie vibe. It’s oddly relaxing, but you just know something is coming… And YOU BET this piece helps deliver it. As its creepiness and intensity increases by the second. But only delivering a small taste of what’s to come throughout the series… It is in either case safe to say, Naegissa’s appearance is both something to dread and something to get hyped up about!

One thing that keeps me amazed regarding this project is how the builds-up remain so vast and consistent. I feel like a massive, wonderful story is going to come out of IE that’ll blow everybody’s mind. Well done, Jyc!


Jyc Row – Fluttershy, One With Nature | Epic Orchestral

Jyc Row’s second track from their ‘Elden Wing EP‘ is themed around a boss theme for Fluttershy. The EP itself is a concept album tying together ideas of both MLP and Elden Ring and those themes ring true here. Mystical and huge in scale with a wide orchestra opening the gates to powerful, foreboding vocal lines and the roar of distant yet powerful war drums, the title “One With Nature” could not describe the duality of nature’s force and beauty better!


Ponies At Dawn – Wanderlust | Compilation Album

In case you missed the release party earlier this month, Ponies at Dawn have released their twenty-sixth(!) album Wanderlust. Sporting 76 songs in a variety of genres, the album features the usual mix of P@D and fandom veterans and some newcomers to the scene. Regardless of your taste, there’s something to please everybody in this huge collection of brand new music!

Wanderlust is available to buy on Ponies At Dawn’s Bandcamp or stream on various services. Some of the songs have also been uploaded to the P@D YouTube channel, with more to come on a regular basis!


Radiarc – Gazing Through a Window | Hybrid Orchestral

Radiarc is back with yet another incredible display of craftsmanship! The somber melodies of the piano, saturated with the undertones of glitched, industrial breakbeats exude a powerful emotion coupled with the winding string and vocal harmonies.

Overwhelming, wondrous, haunting.

A world in ceaseless motion as described by the artist, this song really conveys the message of watching things tear themselves apart and wondering if anything they’ve done has made a dent, as things carry on as planned.

There is so much I try to put into words about this piece yet some thoughts can only be expressed in sound, do not miss out on this one!


Nugget – The Winter Gala | Orchestral

It’s fair to say Nugget’s orchestral pieces are more subdued than his metal music but it still paints a picture. The darkness of the winter days is reflected in the unusual scales the lead instruments follow and waltz rhythm gives a regal feel, fitting of any gala.


Skyshard – Her Adventure Begins | Epic Orchestral

Considering that this comes from a collection of songs telling a story about heroes, this song from Skyshard has a very fitting style and soundscape! Taken from their most recent album, Tiny Sky, it certainly sounds like the introduction to an epic tale. There’s a great use of a recurring motif and a nice bit of modal interchange that I personally always love to hear in music.


Kakofonous A. Dischord & flankƨ​y – flank​ƨ​y / kakofonous a. dischord | Experimental Album

Two friends have decided to blow the dust off their collabs and bring them out to the light for us to enjoy! Kako, aka an experimental/noise musician, founder of the music label and game designer and developer was collabing in the last year or two with secretive street artist flankƨ​y, flankƨ​y’s music is known throughout in Pinkamena Party albums and previously featured on too. Both musicians have chosen the streets as their office work to mark their underground musical art with narcotic frequencies and fresh physic sounds. This illegal album is only available on bandcamp and

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The Horse Music Herald Very Belated Nightmare Night Extravaganza

What month is it again? We wanted to collate all our NMN writeups into one post this year, but we weren’t as quick off the mark as we hoped to be 😬 But you know what they say; better late than never, right? Catch a selection of songs below from the likes of Jyc Row, Prince Whateverer, Twisty Tunes, Brilliant Venture, Skyshard and more!

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Dat1Pony – Bane (Prod. Pendo46) | Hip-Hop

CW: mild gore

First time feature here for Dat1Pony! The flow of their lyrics in this is almost hypnotic, and combines perfectly with the spooky sounding beat from royalty-free producer Pendo and the artwork. Good to see the brony rap game’s still creating good players.


A State of Sugar – Doughnut | Compilation Album

Following the release party on Saturday, A State of Sugar’s latest album is now available to download! Not only is their 10th album released in just over 5 years, but it’s also their biggest one yet with 59 unique songs! We’ll be bringing you individual songs from the album as they’re released by the artists, so why not get acquainted with the whole compilation in the meantime?

ASoS: Doughnut is available to purchase from Bandcamp and is coming to streaming services soon™.