MelodyBrony – Best Friends (feat. 4everfreebrony & StealingShad3z) | Rock

I just love these songs about the Student 6, since I love that group of friends a lot!! And this super collab from talented rock musicians definitely pays much tribute to them, with such a stunning composition and lovely lyrics brought to life by blissful vocals, all coming together wonderfully. I’m sure the 6 friends would be very happy listening to this, and maybe it’s happening in some way! Give it up for MelodyBrony, 4EverfreeBrony and StealingShad3z!


Vocal Score Pony – End Of The Rainbow (We’re Still Here) | Ballad

Another end of MLP-centered song, courtesy of Vocal Score Pony, this one is more reflective and contemplative than many of the others, which is a nice change of pace! As always, Vocal Score’s striking voice is enough to give you chills and the lyrics are sure to make anybody with memories in the fandom really take a good look back. The backing vocals and piano playing also contribute immensely to the song’s tone and, at its climax, it truly is something to behold. Our show is ending, it’s okay to cry, but we’ll all still push forward when it’s all over!


UndreamedPanic – Cruizin’ (feat. Kozmos) | Hip-Hop / Glitch-Hop

Panic and Kozmos team up in Cruizin’, a very groovy Spitfire tune with a lovely atmosphere of bright and clean licks and riffs giving a rather relaxed indie feel to the whole song. Kozmos’s rapping is very on point and is buttery smooth and laid back, perfectly complimenting the ‘kick-back-and-relax’ energy. Now thats not to say its all smooth sailing, as there are a couple very well laid out switchups bringing on a harsher grit with some superb breakbeats. All in all this is a superb track to listen to on a hot day, when all you want to do, is sit back and have a couple drinks.


BlueBrony – Shivering Heart | Chillout

A heart beat stirs.
As chimes ring out to an eerie and mysterious calling. It is cold, It is foreboding. A chill is present in the void as life sighs out a slow, soft breath.
BlueBrony has done it again with “Shivering Heart” A very inspiring soundscape based from the MLP season 9 episode “Sweet and Smoky”. This track imagines how the baby dragons from the episode felt during their cold slumber from within their eggs and I must say its quite a clever concept done amazingly well! Its the little things from the show that still get me. From such small thoughts come great things!


Miles Kintner – Driven Beneath the Waves | Orchestral

Another very emotional recent release, this tribute to the Hippogriffs from Miles Kintner is of pure beauty, with a truly magical composition that makes for a lot of emotion. The second half of the track in particular is my favorite and was so powerful for me! And focusing on how this is all depicting the story of the Hippogriffs, makes it even more impactful and special!


Crusader – Only Me | Pop Rock

Crusader is back again with another vocal delight! Big Mac has always had a special place in our hearts in this fandom. Crusader’s voice just gives this song some extra flavor to such a sweet song. I say this because the lyrics tell Big Mac’s throughs and emotions pretty well from Brotherhood Social. Feeling like you can’t fill those shoes anymore for your little sister. When you know that Applejack has done so much more then you have. To have doubt that you don’t matter anymore. Crusader’s voice and acoustics tell that story in such an uplifting way. I’m glad someone made a song about this special moment. We all would like a big brother like Big Mac. His efforts, His hard work. His Love for his family. Doing crazy wacky shenanigans. All to show AppleBloom that he still can be there for her. Much like my buddy LuckRock. Crusaders songwriting is his greatest strength. It shows. Its a heartfelt catchy tune your be humming to yourself. As I always say. This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Jyc Row – Sonic Rainboom | Orchestral

Instrumentals are wonderful pieces of music. They are pieces of music you don’t have to use lyrics to tell your story, your message, or the emotion you’re trying to emote. For this it’s emotion. Especially if you love a certain sky blue pegasus. Rainbow Dash is a character that inspires people like myself who have had issues believing in themselves. This music by Jyc Row lights a fire inside of you when you been beaten down and dragged through the mud by life. It starts much like that. Then the Melody grows and builds into this mightly theme that screams confidence. For myself, I picture my growth as a person, brony and a fighter. I picture RD landing next to me, Inspiring me like she does, to get up and don’t quit! The song makes you feel like she is there with you, Telling you that you can win!. You find yourself finding a way to overcome the odds! Not bad for making this in an hour or less Jyc Row. This song much like Dashie’s song in the MLP movie, Makes you inspired for greatness. As I always end this. This Qilin asks you for you to judge for yourself.


Koron Korak – City Sky Lines | Soundtrack

Koron always has an interesting track to bring to the table and City Sky Lines is no exception! It breathes an authentic early 90s cyberpunk arcade game from its fast pace, gritty analog basslines and leads and the visuals are spot on as well! While fairly repetitive (as is the nature of such opening themes) there is enough changes and progression going on throughout to be engaging an interesting and I really have to appreciate what they went for with this piece!