Frozen Night – The Light and Its Shadows | Orchestral

Frozen Night’s latest release shows us a piece written a few years ago for the fan game Ambient.White! This piece seems to narrate the aftermath of a battle, and builds some tension while maintaining a sense of determination. It’s as if, despite the hardships of battle, there’s a way through at the end. Check it out for a short but sweet piece of OST!


Sprocket – Redemptio Lunae | Hybrid Orchestral

Inspired by their piece, “Luna’s Redemption” releasing nearly a decade ago as well as the journey that this fandom has taken Sprocket on through all the years since, “Redemptio Lunae” may bare little resemblance to the former track, but it compliments it very well!

Mournful yet hopeful, this piece makes very good use of tension and has an atmosphere with plenty of intriguing instrumentation that compliment each other wonderfully. From sustained strings to brass folly, emotional and complex piano runs and choir chants there are also some well utilized e-pianos and synth arpeggios that really add to the mood. And don’t get me started on the crisp, low harpsichord in the opening act that’s subtly hypnotic! At six minutes, there’s plenty to unpack with this song and each section has a distinct, yet subtle shift in tone which all flow together seamlessly. Have I mentioned this is their first MLP related track in five years? Its a welcome return and I am excited to see where we go from here!


Prince & Tw3Lv3 – 2013 | Pop

Well this is certainly something new! In his newest banger the amazing PrinceWhateverer teamed up with beatmaster Tw3Lv3 to create this fun parody of Charli XCX’s track 1999. With Tw3Lv3 creating a whole new instrumental and PW supplying his amazing vocals this track is a fun travel all the way back to 2013 when things were quite different in this fandom. Definitely give this song a good listen and I can promise you’ll really enjoy it!


SpinScissor – Marshmallow Girl | Electro Pop

I’m far from the first person to say this sounds like Owl City, but it really does seem like a track off Ocean Eyes! Even though the upbeat and danceable instrumentation is fantastic in itself, it’s SpinScissor’s vocal performance that really shines through on this song. The dynamic range between the soft-spoken verses and shouted choruses, the tastefully tuned vocals, the little touches of call and response lyrics; it all comes together to make an excellent song!


H8_Seed – The Pickup (PegasYs Remix) | Pop

Is it a remix? Is it a cover? Doesn’t matter, it’s just great! PegasYs’s take on H8_Seed’s fandom favourite showcases a production style somewhat reminiscent of the original. It’s outside the norm for what I’m used to from Pega but he’s managed to put his own spin on it with his own solos performed as well. And did I mention the vocal processing? Not just the use of talkbox (which is always appreciated), but the way pre-chorus hits gives me chills! Take a listen for a new spin on an old classic!


[ASOS] Night Blaze – We Are Everfree | Hybrid Orchestral

Originally released on ASOS’ 2021 album Eclair, this hybrid orchestral piece from Night Blaze acts as a score to their own story about the Everfree Forest. The arrangement of a combination of orchestral and electronic elements, as well as the occasional modal interchange in the composition, works amazingly to create an atmosphere of something that’s beautiful and grandiose, but not quite natural… The electric-guitar-like lead sound really stands out for me as well! Definitely worth every moment of its almost 8-minute runtime!


Rubber – Hoodlums Ft. Versal, Blitzy, Kozzy (Prod. DJ Nu-Mark) | Hip-Hop

[language warning or whatever]

Big brony rap collabs like this are always a treat to listen to! Backed up by a classic 00s-style beat, Rubber, Versal, Blitzy and Kozzy assert their status as the kids you don’t want to mess with. Their flow is on point, and they each bring their own vocal style to the table while sounding great in combination together.


MathematicPony – Inspiration | Pop

Did you know that Rarity’s element of harmony was originally planned to be Inspiration instead of generosity? MathematicPony knows that, and created a vibe that only she could imagine! With a quick-running synth playing throughout, Math brings out the anxiety of work and pressure to meet personal goals and standards as the instrument persists in the background of the song. A contemporary pop mix sets the stage for passionate vocals telling the relatable message of a pony working hard and staying up late to complete important projects; dealing with the existential wonder of inspiration, aspiration, and legacy.


Tw3Lv3 – Aura | Electronic

Tw3Lv3 has been prolific with her releases over the last few years, with plenty of wonderful album experiences and collaborations to her name, with plenty more sure to come. The culmination of some of that work is on show here in her latest offering, Aura. Featuring 14 different tracks, two of which were initially released as part of P@D’s last compilation album, there’s a lovely mixture of solo and collaborative work, and some cool album art from BL1NKY as well. With plenty to vibe to from d&b rollers to more future bass-oriented dance tunes, there’s also the helping of chill you’d expect from Tw3Lv3 too.

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EveryDayDashie – 3Pink1Pie (Pi Day Special) | Orchestral

Here we have a nice little piano-and-strings tune here from EveryDayDashie in celebration of 14 March, (Pinkie) Pi(e) Day. Taking inspiration from math YouTuber 3Blue1Brown as well, this song also works like background music, almost like something from a puzzle game soundtrack. We can’t guarantee it’ll help with your homework, but give it a try just in case!