Frozen Night – Nature’s Frozen Embrace | Ambient / Soundtrack

An undiscovered OST track from the fanmade pony game Ambient.White, Nature’s Frozen Embrace lives up to both the name of the game and the name of Frozen Night, with a delightful Ambient atmosphere that seems to depict a snowy landscape to explore or a mystical place frozen in time where some fateful event happened… or would happen as you visit it in the game.


Technickel Pony – PCD | Album | Hip-Hop

Technickel Pony‘s self-described “retrospective of the feelings experienced at a con” has arrived. After his wonderful collab album with mycutiemarkisagun, he continues the trend of convention-themed project and brings along his signature flips of various funk tunes along for the ride. He does delve into various other genres on tracks like “The Dance Floor,” and the album features a wealth of vocals from Wootmaster, as well as a rap from Doodled. A great album for reminiscing or kicking back on a weekend, this is a very worthwhile listen!


Vylet Pony – True Beauty (feat. Myles Vice) | Chillout

Continuing the release cycle for Glitter, Vylet brings along talented vocalist Myles Vice¬†for a somber and beautiful piece. The atmosphere and vocals in this tune are impeccable and, combined with subtle guitar and trap-influenced percussion, create a haunting and gorgeous soundscape. If you can appreciate some great ambiance, don’t pass this one up!


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Waiting For Twilight | Classic Pop

Waiting in Heaven for your beloved one sure sounds romantic isn’t it? Moon Flame’s new release is quite the masterpiece, and expresses such tender and heartfelt love for the purple princess. It calls back to the roots as it’s the first pony song that the musician wrote, and it goes the extra mile with a very emotional part featuring Dashie’s vocals from the beloved show song I’ll Fly! Definitely a very creative and powerful song, fan work toward Twilight, and token of feelings, that makes for much emotion as we relate to feeling powerful things for the ponies…


Zephysonas – The Strange Forest | Soundtrack

Pony songs designed as Soundtrack pieces will always have a special place in my heart, as a massive OST fan! Zephysonas displays his talent for the genre/kind of music once more with a track designed to play as a BGM in a forest area in some RPG, and the result is breathtaking and so fitting! A mighty progression lays out many different instruments and melodies, all creating the perfect atmosphere to explore a forest, grind some EXP on the monsters there, and see what kind of rare items you may find in the treasure chests at the end of alternate pathways. RPGs and OST forever!


Vylet Pony – Keepsakes| Indie Pop

Vylet is back with another amazing piece. This one is about our favorite muffin loving pony, and the day-to-day struggles of being different. It explores some interesting aspects of sentimentality and isolation. But it’s not all sad, Vylet turns it around and there is a much more hopeful tone towards the second half. And as always, Vylet’s sweet, smooth vocals tie the entire song together. Well done Vylet, I can’t wait to see what you do next.



Pony Abstract – Star Swirl (Drixale Remix) | Hip-Hop

Pony Abstract is a rapper I didn’t know before, and I thank Drixale for letting me know about him through this remix! That’s another magic of a remix, it lets you discover new artists sometimes! Drixale certainly did amazing presenting the original vocals in such a cool new way, with electronic and reggaeton influences making for such a varied track full of different flavors!


FlutterDash Records – Mint | Pop

New release from FlutterDash Records, and it’s a wonderful duet brimming with love once again! Exploring further the relationship between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, the song expresses the refreshing help you get from friends who care for you. Gorgeous vocals are doing wonders reflecting those sweet feelings along the bright piano, and Mint is such a happy treat to savor while cuddling with your friends, may it be IRL or in a daydream!