Heartsong – Amethyst Hollow | Soundtrack

What is even more incredible than a gorgeous composition crafted with love? The fact that it was made to depict a location from a full-fledged fanfic..! A teamwork with PsychicKid and his fanfic Magisight: Thaumaturgical Ocularity, this new release from Heartsong will make you explore a mysterious, crystal-filled cave that may hold a secret about the origin of magic or perhaps some meaningful message, deep within… And you get all that journey in beautiful musical form, with a delightful arrangement and breathtaking melodic parts full of OST vibes! Icing on the cake, it’s actually inspired by our shared favorite game and OST ever, Final Fantasy 9!


Vylet Pony – The King is Back (feat. Namii) | Dubstep / Hip-Hop

And so the king had returned, as did Vylet and Namii with this dope collaboration made in admiration for King Sombra! I honestly adore it. No cap, after seeing the final season opener for this Generation, it feels good to see the spark of creativity still being as active as when this wonderful adventure started for all of us. The beat itself is sick, the rapping is hype and innovative af, and overall its just very catchy! Nice work you both! Everybody you know what to do. ❤ Show some love.


Vylet Pony – Monolith to a Halcyon (feat. Namii & GalaxySquid) | Synth-Rock

This has got to be one of my favorite tracks from Vylet Pony’s latest album: Homeward. Vylet has long been known for their amazing vocal talent, and when accompanied by Namii and GalaxySquid, the resulting sound is nothing less then stellar. There are a few changes throughout the arrangement that keep the feeling of wonder alive.  The song tells of a mysterious room, but there is much more to the story…


Jastrian feat. FritzyBeat & Faux Synder – Friendship Princess (Element Of Laughter Remix) | Dubstep

A fresh, upbeat, and harder take on a track that was released four years ago, Element Of Laughter throws their energy into the mix and brings out an elaborate performance with creative drum work and astounding staccato chords laced with some harsh intricate sound design yet keeping the soul of the original. There is a lot going on here from the piano rolls to ambient and varying percussion. The builds have a very jumpy vibe and there are little surprises everywhere! This track is definitely a highlight worth mentioning!


Chiptune Brony – Nova Astralis ~ Cosmos | Chiptune/Video Game


It is really cool to see music inspired from the IWD comic book series, especially new comics! Chiptune Brony has an awesome and creative style that uses old synth instrumentation to create and epic, 90s era boss theme for Cosmos, a villain that uses mind-control on the ponies and has a bizarre, romantic relationship with Discord. The high, airy sounds set a great ambience of mysterious unrest while the hard hitting-snare and thumping, upbeat bass set a sense of urgency and action. Even without reading the comics, Nova Astralis sets the stage to tell you everything you need to know about how disastrous this villain is!


Ocean Melody – Beautiful Land | Orchestral

Ocean Melody’s love letter to the fandom, they bring us a wonderful medley of nostalgia and love spun with iconic songs both from the fandom and the show itself! Each song has a creative twist on the original and the sound stage of the orchestration is really pleasing as well. Some of the songs are very noticeable like “Winter Wrap Up” and “Smile Song” but there are also some subtler nods as well, notably Dawn Somewhere’s “Sinking Ships” and  4everfreebrony’s “Chant of Immortality”. How many songs can you find?


Andy Feelin & The Stone Pit – Granny Take Me Home | Russian Chanson

If you thought you had heard everything in this musical community, think again! Andy Feelin (from Przewalskis Ponies) and The Stone Pit bring us this very creative Russian jazz/ballad fusion telling the story of Big Mac getting put on the wrong side of the law after defending the farm from thieves. The instrumentation follows a very well-composed jazz pattern with syncopated brass and saxophones playing around a sweet, smooth percussion beat. Following a Russian theme of songs about criminals, this community once again shows its creative brilliance!



Jyc Row – King Sombra ~ A Final Encounter | Orchestral / Cinematic

In homage to the Season 9 opening, Jyc Row has created a thrilling cinematic & electronic hybrid piece about King Sombra. A choir section fades in to establish the expectation of a slow and droning cinematic piece, only for those expectations to be shattered in the coming movements. Low syncopated synths and pounding drums support the larger-than-life string sections. This masterful composition couldn’t be more fitting for the fallen King himself, with artwork by Margony.


The Wonderbolts – What Went Wrong | Folk Rock

In a heartfelt tribute to Derpy, The Wonderbolts spin a tale of the bubbly mare’s struggle and strife in What Went Wrong. What sets this Derpy song apart from many others is the abrasive reality portrayed through a bittersweet plea for understanding, characterized by the rugged instrumental and powerful vocals. One of the most curious defining traits of the song is the overall saturated and analog sounding mix that is present throughout, particularly during the loudest sections, evoking a sense of of looking into the past as well as considering the future of one of the fandom’s most beloved characters. This song is truly a monolith to the fandom, accompanied by art from ExclusionZone.


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Harbour (Pts. I & II) | Alternative Rock / Ambient

Yet another release from Vylet’s Homeward Album. They combine both parts of Harbour  and its really cool how seamless both these parts are despite giving off a very different vibe. If you aren’t already aware, this album is all part of an intricate story that really helps bring the world of Homeward into perspective and I highly recommend you give it a read.

Harbour is actually the song Vylet is listening to on his way to visit Sylver in the story specifically in the first part. We get a very upbeat and energetic rock track that Vylet says helps him to “drown the crippling fear induced by being away from home,”  The chorus is infectious and all of the elements blend together to create something truly powerful.

As the song winds down we are met with a *click* and a stark contrast as the atmosphere opens up into the bustle and noise of the Starship Ponyville which signifies the part of the story where Vylet has switched off the song and is waiting for Sylver to invite him inside his suite to reminisce on memories of Equestria and just tell each other stories to pass the time. Now I love these small details, especially when you have the context of the written story, they just breathe an air of immersion and I really appreciate when the little things, be it a conversation from the story, or sound effects are mixed into the music.

From here everything slows down and a soothing piano melody plays followed by some minute glissando and various string and woodwinds with the sounds of the busy life of the starship in the background the polyphony is wonderous and it ends all too soon but is a really touching extension to the song.