RosePoni Roseluck – Princess of the Night (NeighGative_’s “Day of Reckoning” Mix) | Trance

NeighGative_’s remix of RosePoni Roseluck’s “Princess of the Night” is a adventure full of twists and turns! In its epic, near seven-minute duration, the piece takes us on a journey through a multitude of different sections, each with its own unique sound and character, keeping the listener hooked! At times, it is dark, groovy, and focused with its synths, only to give way to a new section that’s elegant, introspective, and hopeful, backed by gorgeous strings. Then it turns to something energetic and intense, with its synth stabs and wubbing bass. Throughout, you’ll hear the same Luna chops that RosePoni used in the original—they complement the piece so well as the different aspects of Luna’s character match the sections of the track! The piece eventually comes full circle and returns to its original section before closing out with the scratching sounds of a record stop. Overall, it’s breathtaking, so make sure to give this a listen through!


Proto_ssin & GrazySmash – Depth pt. II (feat. Koa) [Ice Angel Remix] | Dubstep

Ice Angel’s remix of Depth pt. II begins with the lush tones of piano and Koa’s voice reverberating to create an ethereal space. But don’t let that fool you—as the drums and orchestra come in, it all builds up to when the electrifying drop hits. Here, the heavier dub rhythms blend nicely with the ethereal pads, still floating effortlessly above. The track then interludes with the sound of rainfall and xylophone-like bells before a four-on-the-floor bass drum delivers us to the track’s intense climax.


MC-Arch & PrinceWhateverer – Yay on! (feat. Drummershy, BlackenedBlue, SnugBugVA & Namii) | Rock / Hip Hop

MC-Arch and PrinceWhateverer’s first track of the new year is a collaboration powerhouse featuring not only these two legends, but also Drummershy, BlackenedBlue, SnugBugVa, and Namii! The track begins with mellow e-piano vibes and the incredible rapping talent of MC-Arch. Then a minute in, the electric guitars kick in, along with a couple of chiptune-esque synths and a drum feature, creating an incredible cross-genre texture unique to this song. My favorite bit though is the duet between MC-Arch and PrinceWhateverer singing, “You deserve love.” It’s simply gorgeous and a fantastic message to everypony listening!

This track will be featured on the third installment of “You got me, I go us”, so make sure to check that out when it drops later this year.


Daniel Ingram – Flawless (EveryDayDashie Remix) | Electro House

EveryDayDashie’s high-energy remix of Flawless from Friendship is Magic will have you dancing on your hooves for sure! With its ridiculously catchy synth line between verses, and its vocal chop swell before dropping into the final chorus, there’s plenty to grab your attention. In addition to featuring the Mane 6 vocals on top of a fresh beat, Dashie also blends in Pipp Petal’s “Show me what you got!” from Tell Your Tale’s “It’s The Pony Hip Hop,” delivering this delightful cross-generation remix.


rawrity – PINKIE | Synthpop

rawrity’s first release of 2023 is a nostalgic tale of an interaction with a certain somepony who left a lasting impression, yet whose name the speaker cannot recall (I wonder who that pony could be xD). The track is laced with Pinkie Pie vocal chops, and when the instrumentation drops out to just piano and vocals near the end, it’ll leave you breathless. Throughout, rawrity’s vocal performance captures the longing to be reunited; perhaps you can help them out?