Ethan Toavs – Honolulu | Orchestral

Since 2014 Ethan Toavs has been sharing significant orchestral arrangements and masterly original compositions of MLP G4 and also the new wave of G5. As a wholehearted composer, he also explores the phenomenal world of G3. His recent piece “Honolulu” and great sound at finest is inspired by an artwork of “sydscribbs”. Impeccably for the G3 character, this charming song strolls soulfully the melodies by the serene touch of orchestral string instruments and a gleaming soundful piano. This is a chef kiss for uncommon G3 fan music.


Nugget – Midnight Sonata | Orchestral

Trying something very different to their debut release, Nugget brings us this gentle piano-led orchestral piece. It’s very harmonically interesting and seems to make use of a couple of different modes and scales! Its bittersweet sound and backstory is a reflection of its inspiration, as it serves as a lovely tribute to Nugget’s late great-grandmother.


Ethan Toavs – Catching A Star | Orchestral

It’s not often that you see Generation 3 fan content nowadays, but today I’m delighted to bring you this wonderful piece by Ethan Toavs, a wonderful bit of orchestral that gets you in an adventurous mood with it’s booming, deep horns and melodic strings, a definite must listen even if you have never seen G3!


Toby Macarony – Pegaflight | Orchestral

Dear Pegasi, have you been glancing through your playlist and don’t know which song to start your flight with to fly among Equestrian clouds with your mesmerizing wings? No need to agonize, TM’s latest single Pegaflight captivates the energy to keep you off ground. Start your flight routine with a soothingly piano playing and steadily be in unison with celestial choirs that’ll uplift your natural instinct to finally at free will journey above unseen enchanting lands and crystalline seas. Snazzy drums, a flexible bass groove and purulent orchestra elements fills up the environment of this song as in equal your existence hovering as one with nature. Once in a lifetime experience and what a fortunate time to get this orchestra piece available on TM’s Bandcamp.


[P@D] RedSpark – New Horizon | Orchestral

If you are one of those bronies just itching for some love for Zecora and the zebras, P@D: Zenith is the place to be! Give one listen to this aromatic and divine score composed by RedSpark, and you’ll find yourself right in the middle of the conflict of RedSpark’s Equestria at war project. The showcase of the Zebrica region will surely please any zebra fans with this immersion with a switch right at the end! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Eastquestria Records – Vol. 1: Prelude | Compilation Album

Disc A
Disc B

It’s not every day you find a double compilation album in your inbox (thanks Drixale), so this was a very pleasant surprise. Eastquestria is a new pony music collective from China, who last month launched their first compilation album, Prelude. The album spans two “discs”, each one featuring over an hour of music. There’s mostly a mix of electronic and orchestral/soundtrack – some of the latter even includes the sound of some traditional East Asian instruments. If you’re looking for some artists you don’t normally see anywhere else, this double album is a great place to begin!


Koa – forget me not | Piano Ballad

The final track from Koa’s 2021 album, In Your Eyes, takes a lovely little turn from the more upbeat and danceable songs that precede it. Stripped back of all instrumentation but a piano, Koa’s vocals really get a chance to shine here, in terms of both her singing and songwriting. She presents a bittersweet story of forgotten friendships, but hints a hopeful resolution – that maybe sometimes we can pick up where we left off…


Pipetka – Despair | Hybrid Orchestral

Content warning: mentions of death, pleading, crying.

Suffice to say, this song is a roller coaster of emotions. It starts out straight off the bat with terrifying vocals and pleading for life, supported by nothing more then low synths, before guitars set in to properly start the track. Everything takes a while to build, supported by another small vocal part, as the piece crescendos to a powerful drum solo. Towards the second half the song becomes more hopeful, with high strings and triumphant horns, making for a strange but quite interesting shift in mood before the song comes to an end on a piano solo supported only partially by other instruments.


Wandering Artist – At the end of the day | Album | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Wandering Artist is back once again with another incredible collection of environments and medleys, seven in fact as part of their new album “At the end of the day”.

Originally developed as a radio drama soundtrack involving Sunny, inspired by long commutes to work as of late and how well radio shows can keep you company during those lonely drives, but “at the end of the day”, decided to just release it as music, allowing us to think of our own stories and contemplate on what Sunny did during her day while she finally gets a moment of respite!

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Jyc Row – Fulmen, King of Thunder (elg. Ziv Shalev) | Orchestral

When you think of big, bold, and glorious, the image of Fulmen becomes an epic show of thunder and lightning! That hits you so hard and fast as the build to that epic guitar solo hits your ears; you feel you’re in the presence of a mighty king that looks and takes care of his lands and its people. The incredible score of power and glory that blends that mix of epic power metal and the pantheon of orchestral that would fire up anypony to follow King Fulmen into the deepest pits of Tartarus! Jyc Row again shows how it’s done by presenting a character by music! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.