[ASOS] Koron Korak – Time is Running Out (feat. SDreamExplorerS) | Folk Metal

Heavy Metal and emotional violin meet in this uplifting and epic piece from A State of Sugar Ice Cream! Born from the union of the talents of Koron Korak and SDreamExplorerS, it brings that pony cheer along an awesome animation and a deep meaning about the flow of time!


RoomVR – Winter’s Embrace | Orchestral

RoomVR always knows how to bring in the Vibes. Every melody Room plays, I can feel it. This track of Room, being no exception offcourse. Winter has come, but this time with the chill and good feelings and Melodies, (And no scary Medieval Skeleton zombies who try to eat you Alive.) The pure emotion behind all these beautifull melodies really create a wonderfull atmosphere worth listening too! such is the way of RoomVR, who always manages to create this kind beauty! ❤


Rarity Advocate – When We Meet Again | Orchestral / Alternate Electronic

Expressing his feelings on this Twitter thread, Rarity Advocate also made a heartfelt tribute to the show and the emotions had. Imbued with pony feelings, When We Meet Again is a powerful token of love for the show and you just know that some things will never be forgotten no matter what happens. And once again, we’ll be able to look forward to yesterday, as he has it in the inspiring description!


[P@D] Mane In Green – Journey Through the Unknown Wonders of Equestria | Orchestral

Mane In Green’s masterpiece from Ponies at Dawn Enigma is a real delight bringing much emotion as you imagine the ponies’ journey and all the sights they behold and the adventures they’re having! Our beloved musician’s talent shines so much in this, with a stunning progression and many parts each having their own mood and fitting to a certain part of the journey. A magical experience!


Vylet Pony – Convergence | Cinematic

VYLET back at it again with the good stuff! Again from her Masterpiece Album Homeward! Link to that can be found here.
Convergence is a track that conveys the feeling of both Enlightment and Desperation with The Starship Ponyville (A Hyperspace-cruiser Space Ship.) To explore the Galaxy for habitable planets to Colonise and unite upon! A most certain desperate but necesary step for Equestria according to the Storyline of Homeward. It represents both a Major Scientific Evolutionary step with prosperity for all, but none the less with a Sad reasoning behind it. The Contrast is very Interresting.
Next to that, It is portrayed masterfully in this Track! Legit, I enjoy songs that bring such passion and potrayal of magnificent untold storylines in Music! I am most definitly eager to hear more of Pieces such as these!
VYLET Girl, you rocked it! ❤


Koron Korak – Applejack’s Theme (Covering RC88) | Soundtrack

Aaah Fighting is Magic, the memories from that game… It’s always sich a delight to see People get Inspired / Motivated by it still! And Koron Korak’s his cover Of Appul hors theem is no Exception. It’s in full honestly really cool to find out that koron also drums however! Very cool, I didn’t know that he does that. 😛
It’s very Upbeat and Happy vibes including while kicking in the teeth of your Enemies! I love it! every second of it! legit, if you guys have the chance then most Definitly support Koron! Keep up the great work bro your Violin work is wonderfull as always!


OrchestralPony – Crystal Empire Suite | Orchestral

OrchestralPony delivers such a stunning ode to the Crystal Empire in the form of a 25-minutes Orchestral suite! It calls back to BGMs and musical themes from the show and a lot of thought has been put into each part of the suite, check out the description for more details! Also do check out the previous pony tributes that the musician made, including their Ponyville Suite and Canterlot Suite!


[P@D] Michael Picher – Beyond the Fourth Wall | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Beyond the Fourth Wall is a masterpiece right from the start! From the hauntingly beautiful melodies to the foreboding atmospheres portrayed, Picher sets the tone perfectly for what could only be the perils and mysteries that of which realms beyond the Fourth Wall can bestow. There is a very cinematic and grand feel to the whole piece and keeps getting me thinking “There is something bigger out there. But what?”
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma.