Vylet Pony – No Matter What (10 Year Anniversary – 2022) ft. Sylver Stripe & Namii | Indie Pop

10 Years of No matter What… What a beautiful way to celebrate it throughout THIS rendition of it! Vylet delivers us this epic indie pop track with the back-up of Namii and Sylver Stripe, phenomenal musicians in their own rights as well! And oh… how the energy, passion, and power just RUSHES through you! And of course, how can I forget; the love… Vylet once again reminds us through the power of her music; love IS the most powerful force in the universe! Remember WHO you are, and the game is going to change because of it….No Matter What. Congratulations on a 10 year Anniversary! Proud of you all!


EveryDayDashie – Mane Melody Nightclub 2.0 | Trance

When one version of a song isn’t enough pony, pony gotta pony some more! This rework of Dashie’s nightclub theme sees him bring together several different styles and influences; not just the electronic sounds of trance and electro, but pianos and saxes playing solos with jazz harmony. Didn’t think I’d ever see that combination, but it works really well to create a lively and danceable piece!


Vylet Pony – Brohoof | Pop / Midtempo

Oh you BET I am ready to get groovy! How about you, dear reader of this article, joining me on witnessing the wonder of Vylet Pony’s musical works once again? How does she keep doing it? We get to listen this time to “Brohoof” a certified original gangster greeting if you will. And of course, an absolute classic! I love all the references throughout the track mixed with the extremely hyped up vibe and yet how smoooooth~ everything is. Vylet does it once again, like she ALWAYS does – bringing forward a great track with a great story to tell and bringing forward THE groove! Legit, Stay amazing you… /)


Brilliant Venture – PleXus | Electronic Album

The legacy of Brilliant Venture is, one final time, expressed throughout this album named: PleXus. Every melody, tune, chord, vocal, beat, just… EVERYTHING! Everything hits! you can clearly hear how these 10 years have affected our beloved friend here. It is wondrous to be able to hear & feel it. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean throughout this article…

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Frozen Night – Terra Nova’s Aria (voc. Kjellska, vln. Hannah K. Watson) | Symphonic Metal

Wow… what a track! Frozen Night once again, delivers pure majesty through music! And this time, we are blessed with symphonic metal INCLUDING KIRINS! Backed up by Hannah K. Watson’s phenomenal violin playing, and Kjellska’s stunning vocal work, the story of Terra Nova is told! This piece will rush through you similar to a Kirin’s fury, and yet it is so calm & soothing with wonderful orchestral elements. The contrast of peace and intensity meet each other in the middle here perfectly and YOU BET something beautiful has come out of that!


ALostCarolean – Invasion | Darksynth

As the sirens, the first shots, and the first stones crumble and collapse, the Invasion begins. And so, begins ALostCarolean’s track, bringing us a massive darksynth song! I like the contrast of this song, something grimdark is happening. but throughout the melody you hear both hope and determination, to make things right. Such is the tragedy of war, I suppose. The flow of this tune is really smooth where it needs to be, and so it is regarding the intensity. There’s even a nice bit of guitar work in this! So You WILL, absolutely go hard on this. I am happy this track got to invade my speakers and got my attention!


Luck Rock – What’s Going On Luster Dawn (feat. ProtoShadez) [prod. MelodyBrony] | Pop-Punk

Yeah, seriously! like, legit! What’s going on with this reverse Fluttershy as a unicorn type of h o n s e?

What does she think of Pineapples on Pizza? How can she eat so much Mayo-BING BONG!-and still remain so thin? Why am I still not getting my salary from her? SO MANY QUESTIONS! You bet I was really glad Luck, Shadez, and Melody brought this to the public’s attention through this extremely joyful and funny song! Three wonderfully talented lads putting their grand workways together to solve this mystery… I adore it! I believe in it though, that one day we’ll see her again! I’d love to say more, but unfortunately, I have to cut this article short because I believe the IRS just broke through my door right now for forwarding this great question to the public, I hope they don’t smash my head on the desktop for iTTEt4 dfghdfgh5 43[08


rawrity – starting over | indie

Well, rawrity DEFINITLY proves their name true! The RAW emotion I get from this track, WOW! Let alone, how the pony samples from the show harmonize and compliment with BOTH the song, and the message of the show, it’s absolutely incredible! And so is the way of starting over with something… I know exactly what raw talks about here. Life truly is a Rollercoaster… but y’know what? It’s beautiful to share the ride with so many people… I wish raw the best with their mental health journey. I’m glad you’re here with us! I would also personally encourage MORE bronies to spread & accept the message; it IS ok to care about mental health and encourage others to talk about it!


Nugget – Sad to See You Go | Orchestral

Nugget has been a roll since he started releasing fandom music, and a good job he definitely does! But this piece right here? It hits; it REALLY hits. And I felt EVERY melody that was played throughout this tune. Ludwigsburg has been the home for Galacon for many years, as well where I started my big brony journey… And let me tell you; I am still very proud of that! I think Nugget compliments the memories, the legends, the funny stories, just ALL the amazing moments experienced in Forum am Schlosspark. I am sure WE BOTH are ready to support Galacon on its adventure forward! We may feel sad to see it go, but know my friends; when the day comes some will say the magic of friendship “isn’t real” and that it’s all “just from a show”, we’ll tell them WE were at Galacon and STILL will be! Don’t be afraid of the future. We’ll be alright.

I thank all the staff and attendees of Galacon, as I thank Nugget for this amazing piece. Well done my friend, I look forward to writing for you again! Ludwigsburg, Auf Wiedersehen. Ich liebe dich.


The Horse Music Herald Slightly Belated Holiday Special

Missing the festive season already? Get back into the mood with some of these certified holiday horse songs! There’s a selection from upbeat pop to seasonal orchestral to a couple of dance numbers.

EveryDayDashie – Feliz Wishentine (parody of Feliz Navidad) | Pop

It wouldn’t be a very horsey Christmas without a relevant ponified song, but I didn’t expect to see this one parodied! EveryDayDashie’s spin on this gives a more modern pop feel to the festive classic.

Nugget – The Winter Gathering (The Theme to Winter Karaoke) | Orchestral

This song is actually an official theme for an annual brony meetup in Prague! Sleigh bells adorn this piece with its triumphant, Lydian feel.

SOUND BANDIT – xmas4ever (ft. rawrity, nikedunk, gulo, wishcore) | Hyperpop

CW: language / drugs

sound bandit & friends all undergo different experiences of christmas in this song, all with a retro G3 vibe

Ethan Toavs – MLP G3 “A Very Minty Christmas” | Orchestral

Also exploring G3 is Ethan Toavs, who has arranged a medley of song featured in the holiday special movie A Very Minty Christmas.

Agatan, BlueBrony, Drummershy & ProtoShadez – This is Christmastime | Pop

Big holiday collabs are still in! Here we have a jazzy pop track reminiscent of many classic Christmas songs, no doubt thanks to BlueBrony’s unique musical style.

EveryDayDashie – It’s Christmas, Baby | Future Bounce

One festive song obviously wasn’t enough for EveryDayDashie! Here’s another more danceable offering, mashing up a ton of traditional songs with some original lyrics too.

NeighGative_ – Ghosts of Hearth’s Warming Past (feat. 1_Sky) | Electro House

A Hearth’s Warming Tail is still one of my favourite episodes, and clearly BrilliantVenture likes it too. The dark electro vibes capture the feeling of a spooky winter night.

Thrack, Evershade, MelodyBrony & Luck Rock – Canterlot Nights (covering Turquoise Splash & Forest Rain) | Pop Rock

It’s definitely a Christmas song if you’re all wearing Santa hats! This quartet’s performance of a fandom classic is such a fun song and a great seasonal mood-lifter.