Nyancat380 – Depressed | Alternate Electronic

Nyan has always had some interesting and fun tracks and this no exception! A nice expansive melody that slips around constantly opens the track, trying to hold itself together as it builds. The multiple drops however are a different animal all together! Its hard for me to describe from percussive focused hard hitting energy to shuffling DnB style drops with a healthy sprinkling of power chords, you can feel the swing in mood and raw emotion and they do an excellent job switching between sad, and angry. If you’re looking for something a little different, you’ve found it!


[ETC] Royalpony – Delusional (feat. Venetin) | Rawstyle

(Warning: Adult Language used in track, you have been warned)
Are you ready for a Discord-themed song that lifts the insanity up into the stratosphere? Off the Horror-themed hardcore album, “Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville”, RoyalPony honestly, in my mind, has outdone himself. This track has some elements in it that are jaw dropping. The overall melody gives this uneasy, scary, but breakneck speed feel to it. With Discord there is chaos. This track has a lot of jarring, evil and unique sounding points of insanity. The pounding insane drop points are where RoyalPony takes the Discord and horror theme to ridiculous heights! Venetin adds to this web of insanity with some lyrics that are hard and full of psychosis. It’s such a creative twist on Discord’s character with horror-themed elements! You have to hear this. It is such a breakneck track! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Never Say Neigh – Black Stable: Vol 3 | Compilation Album | EDM

Never Say Neigh just unveiled their newest album and as with the previous two compilations, this one hits hard and with fantastic quality! The eight-track album has a nice variety of producers and collaborations who all combine to show that NSN is a stand-out project within the fandom to continue paying attention to! Do not be afraid to turn NSN3 up and make it loud – that’s how it is meant to be played!

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Toby Macarony – Flutty & Rainy doin’ Picnic | Orchestral

Flutty & Rainy doin’ Picnic is the opener of Toby Macarony’s new album, Shenanigans Two. This track lies among songs from a great variety of genres, just as expected from TM. It is a cute orchestral piece working as a conversation between a flute representing Fluttershy and an oboe for Rainbow Dash with each instrument playing a few phrases followed by the other’s response. The song ends on an ethereal note with a choir and strings.

Editor’s note: Find below an additional writeup by fellow writer Cynifree!

Start of Cynifree’s writeup
A nice heartwarming tale of two friends having a picnic together. Toby has released something a little different than I’m used to, however its a really cute and sweet soundtrack with happy woodwind melodies and soothing harmonizing strings of a wide variety. Things are placed very well through out the song from little chimes and choirs to harpsichords and harps. A very robust orchestral piece and this kind of stuff is my bread and butter!
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[The Rest of Our Lives] Replacer – season infinity | Indie Pop

The series finale feels continue with a melancholy-themed track from the new collaborative album, The Rest of Our Lives”. Replacer has put on an interesting and unique performance to try to express some of the fandom’s struggles of the “Friendship is Magic” book being closed. The lyrics and vocals are eerie, and they reflect the struggles of many bronies after watching the finale (with the use of a vocoder) to give the message of bronies feeling lost with no more gen 4. The calm piano is so effective and gorgeous in telling this story. You really need to hear this for yourself. It may not be for everyone. Regardless, its message is powerful. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


LaunchSix – On Top | Electro House

A song about friends, parties, night clubs, bat ponies, and drinks? This hoof-stomping track is full of heavy duty, party-inducing bass and grind-like melodies, with some pretty slick usage of a keyboard for the more uplifting flavor. Plus some hard faceplaning drum beats to get those hooves moving. The setting and lyrics in this track tell the story of what Launch and his friends like to do during a night on the town. It gets quite insane! His friends are Cynifree, Chasing Dawn and Sailor. The concept and composition were inspired by the nonsense these four get themselves into during voice chats. It is such a blaster. Enjoy the Electro House goodness! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


PSFMer – New Horizons | Drum & Bass

PSFMer’s streak of concept-powered pony music accompanied by self-made SFM art continues! Ponies are now exploring space and I guess it was only a matter of time! It’s not 2001 but 2020 (reference intended) and they are lucky to have such a refined and deep DnB tune to celebrate the interstellar launch, perfectly reflecting the wonders and endless questions of space with that rich atmosphere fueled by pony vocal chops, enthralling rhythm, and space-y sound design!


Dandelion – Shorelines And Open Skies | Chillout

Dandelion’s newest piece is a very reflective one, as suggested by the artwork chosen as video art. It has actually a whole concept around it, and you can read more from the description since Dandelion has written a poem about it from the perspective of Dashie! The gentle and hopeful instrumental is starring beautiful melodies painting the night sky wonderfully, and this is definitely a success!