fractilx – 5PECTACULAR 5EASON -second half- | Album | Electronic

fractilx recently released an album of songs inspired by episodes 14-26 of season 5, and we have a little overview of it. Check it out below the break!

5PECTACULAR 5EASON -second half- is, as the name suggests, the second half of a duo of albums by fractilx, the first one having been released in August last year (also available on their Bandcamp page). The songs that make it up lean towards the more experimental side of electronic music, diving right in with Inspection Fashion, a short IDM/Breakcore piece with expertly programmed drums and haunting pads. Track 2, Drag ‘n’ Posh, brings the tempo back down with an good solid Electro House piece. The third track, On My Flank, bring some trap into the mix, ingeniously using a Diamond Tiara vocal sample as a sound for a lead. This track is meaner than DT herself…hmm, that’s probably a bit insulting to one of those parties…

The following track, a remix of “We’ll Make Our Mark” is wonderfully upbeat UK Hardcore song that suits the CMC’s vocals surprisingly well! It is immediately followed up by a trance piece simply entitled “thank you A.K.R.”, presumably a tribute to Amy Keating Rogers, who left the writing staff on MLP last year. Track 6 is a Big Beat piece, with plenty of amen break phrases, named after everyone’s new favourite ship from the episode Hearthbreakers. Another remix features as track 7 on the album, this time a Hands Up / Eurotrance version of The Magic Inside, Countess Coloratura’s signature song from her episode. Yet again, this composition in this track is full of energy and sounds like the sort of thing you’d hear on Dance Dance Revolution (which sort of makes sense when you consider that fractilx is a member of the Trotmania team). Track 8 is a Drum and Bass track based on the season finale, and an epic penultimate song to the album. Finally, track 9 is a Happy Hardcore remix of Friends Are Always There For You, and continues the energetic feel of this whole album right to the end.

All in all, this album is great if you’re looking for something upbeat, energetic, and a little bit experimental. It’s available to buy on fractilx’s Bandcamp page.

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