Metal Core Pony – We Are Bronies (Remake) | Metalcore

Metal Core Pony is back after a few months’ absence (the art of rawring takes time!) with a remake of one of his older tracks from nearly 4 years ago! Check it out for fandom pride, heavy guitars, and teenage angst (jk, sorry MCP <3).

PS: rawr c:


Sights Unseen – Heroes | Electro-Rock

Aviato- no wait, Sights Unseen is back with a cover of Avia- no, Sigh- no, Aviators and Bronyfied’s song Heroes. This is part of an EP that Sights has just released covering and remixing a bunch of Aviators’ songs as a tribute to him…to Aviators, that is. I swear Sights is deliberately trying to confuse me here…