Viricide Filly – Vanishing Point | House

Catch some surreal house grooves courtesy of Viricide Filly with this latest dream-inspired tune! Driven forward by a beat of kick drum and pumping synth, the track is also swathed in a thick layer of bass and heavily processed “Giggle at the Ghostly” vocal chops. If you’re hooked, be sure to subscribe to Viricde’s channel so you don’t miss out on her forthcoming album “Back From Reality”.


Eniix – PWNYS | Electro House

Fiesta! Ahaha, I think it’s radical whenever producers sample their local dubs on tracks as it’s a great reminder that this truly is an international community. Super fun tune here from Eniix driven by a pumping beat, playful basslines, and vocals that are definitively Pinkie Pie regardless of the language. If you’d love to hear more tracks like this, remember to leave a comment on the track 😀