Throwback Thursday | PinkiePieSwear | Artist Spotlight


If you’ve joined the fandom in the past 2 years, you might not have heard of this artist, but PinkiePieSwear was a common favourite back in the earlier days of the fandom (late 2011, early 2012), and was quite possibly the main reason vocal splicing became popular. So, whether you’ve never heard of their music before, or if you want to go on a trip down memory lane, head on below the break for some of my favourite old-school pony songs.

This is where it all began for PinkiePieSwear; a remix of Giggle at the Ghostly. Whilst far from his best song, this endearing track was memorable, bouncy, and was simple enough to remain a really fun track. It also became the underlying beat for Pony Swag [explicit], an early brony rap track.

Trixie’s Good Side was another one that picked up a lot of traction. PPS’s innate talent for vocal splicing showed through again, and with the interest in Trixie still at a high, this track was loved be so many at the time.

One of his lesser-known tracks, Luna, Please Fill My Empty Sky is a lovely ambient/orchestral piece dedicated to the Princess of the Night. With the amount of love that Luna got (and still gets today), I’m surprised this didn’t end up with more views…well, I suppose I’m comparing it too much to the next one…

This song. This is the one that really put PinkiePieSwear on the map and in my heart. Flutterwonder has a relatively simple underlying trance track, but that vocal splicing is the pinnacle of voice sampling, in my opinion. No other artist I’ve listened to since can quite match it.

Following on in similar fashion, Sunshine and Celery Stalks builds off the same style as Flutterwonder, this time featuring Applejack’s vocals from various moments across Season 1.

As much as I wish I could just post all of his songs here, that wouldn’t be ideal. Although he hasn’t uploaded any new music for over 2 years, and no new pony music for over 3, you can still find all the tracks he ever released on his YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

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