Throwback Thursday | Kreühn Pöny | Artist Spotlight


You may or may not have heard of this musician, they were one of the more, shall we say, elusive members of the fandom. Kreühn Pöny specialised in jazzy stuff; songs with odd time signatures and irregular beat patterns. You know, a similar feel that of SoGreatandPowerful’s music (which is a completely different kettle of fish that we’ll revisit another time!). So without further ado, let’s get to his small yet brilliant discography! Catch it all after the break…

My Wonder, Kreühn’s first release from October 2012, is this wonderfully arranged jazz piece about Fluttershy. I love how the focus switches between different instruments throughout the song. After the intro, it starts off on the flute, then goes into some excellent vocal splicing, followed by a lovely piano solo. It ends with a fantastic play on Rainbow Dash’s cheering instructions – I’ll let you find how that plays out for yourself!

Their next composition, part of the Sori 52 album, a tribute to SoGreatandPowerful, is certainly a lot more complex than their previous song. And it’s exactly what it says on the tin – Music With Different Parts. It would be easier for you to just listen to it rather than read me explain the break-down of this song.

Now for my personal favourite song from Kreühn: No. 15. A much heavier piece than his others, No. 15 is about Rainbow Dash and was made for the second Balloon Party album, Rainbow & Rooted – Four’s Fall Down. The song is based around a 3-phase structure; the first filled with flutes, the second with complex time phrases and tempo changes, and the third with an insane bass solo! It’s chaotic, but in the best way possible, go listen, now!

The last song Kreühn ever released was Seawinkle, a collaboration with SoGreatandPowerful. A noticeably shorter track than all his solo pieces, and with much less jazz, but nonetheless still incredibly beautiful. Featuring SGaP’s vocals, this song has more of an electronic chillout vibe to it than you might expect judging from the last 3 posts. I couldn’t find the original, so this particular track is taken from the SGaP archives channel.

Whether Kreühn Pöny returns or not, I still adhere that they were one of the most unique artists the fandom has ever seen. I just hope they are still making music somewhere else; I would hate for such talent to go to waste…

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