StrachAttack – Millennials EP | EDM

This week started off strong with the release of StrachAttack’s highly anticipated EP. The four track collection explores some new stylistic directions from Strach with the practiced ability that we were excited to expect. Checkout the rundown of each track after the break.

The EP kicks off with an electro banger that exhibits some of Strach’s signature tone. It makes an entertaining use of pop culture samples, namely Filthy Frank, and consequently earns a heads-up for explicit vocals. Solid, hard-hitting tune.

The second track, a redux VIP of Black Magic, features some collaborative work done by NekoWolf. The track employs the catchy melody of the original and backs it with a trill foundation of booming kicks, crisp snares, and rolling hi-hats.

Continuing on in a similar fashion, Shapeshifter VIP also brandishes the trap vibes to really chop things up. Grimy bass mixes with the bright melody to make for a killer take on one of Strach’s most iconic works.

Mustache Ride, the fourth and final track, pursues a bounce-inspired direction and is an absolute treat. The song starts with a bold saxophone melody before dropping into a solid groove of synth and some incredible vocal chopping of spike’s adorably devious chuckles.

All in all, the EP is a great release of electronic music that you can pick up for yourself off StrachAttack’s Bandcamp page. Also check his YouTube and Soundcloud accounts if you’re looking to stream it.

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