Neon & Xavi – Penumbra: The Remixes EP | Multi-Genre

Taking a little pause from the Ponies At Dawn posts to bring you the long-anticipated remix EP of Penumbra by Neon & Xavi. This EP features 8 different remixes, many of which we’ve already posted, but for those of your who haven’t seen them, here’s a chance to check them all out in full! Get the whole album post after the break.

Full EP YouTube playlist:

The EP starts with the remix competition winner, Techoh, whose remix seems to transcend and cross between genres. It starts off in a deep house vibe, but then switches up and speeds up to a dubstep remix, before slowing back down towards the end. One to check out if you’re a fan of tempo changes.

Quadrivia’s remix, featured both on here and Cider Party, is my personal favourite of the EP. A full on dubstep remix featuring heavy growls and a brilliant stumbling drum fill into the drop, this is sure to rattle your eardrums.

Budzy’s remix follows, keeping the deep / future house vibe of the original. It’s pretty sweet and a solid remix, not fluffed out in any way, and I can’t think of any more Marshmallow puns 😉

Next up is Mastercode’s remix. I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of Mastercode before this, probably because he has more of a presence on SoundCloud than YouTube, but this is fantastic! More growls and custom wubs that rival Quadrivia’s remix!

The ExplodingPonyToast remix is a little electro house track that seems to play it somewhat safe but is enjoyable nonetheless. It holds up a good bounce and layers its synths nicely.

Number 6 on the album is Sights Unseen, whose take on this differs a fair bit from his usual style, but I guess that’s probably because I’m so used to hearing his vocals in his music. This remix falls under the midtempo branch somewhere and is full of retro sounds.

Something a bit different from the rest: Staccato Flame’s not only takes a drum & bass approach to it, but includes his own rap vocals! Some trap influence takes places later on into the song; definitely one of the more unique remixes on the album.

Finishing off the album is SonicTap with their vomitstep remix. I don’t know much about vomitstep, but you can probably get a feel for it by the name: dubstep with very wet mixing on the growls and quirky wubs.

This EP presents a variety of electronic styles of music – unless you dislike electronica in general, there’s bound to be something on this album for you. It’s available to stream on YouTube as shown above, and you can download it from Bandcamp for free.

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