Dynamite Grizzly – Forever Crusading (Fillyfunk Remix) | Techno

Dynamite Grizzly serves us with a much welcomed “Fillyfunk” remix of her track Forever Crusading, filled with CMC samples and Funk elements! The groovy instrumental, covering the CMC Theme from the show at moments, has all that it takes to fire a disco club, one where fillies are welcome of course! Now let’s give this tune to Vinyl so that she could perhaps play it next at Rarity For You.


Raging Rarity – Guardians | Chill Trap

Raging Rarity strikes again with a changeling attack, in the form of a dark yet beautiful Chill Trap piece. I feel some sort of “crystal” vibe to this track, evoking subtles notes of a field BGM which would fit for the kind of place the chengelings are living in, perhaps some dark cave with glowing crystals here and there. Experience the musical bliss as that mix of genres unfolds!