Silver Note – Unicorns and Soundwaves | Album | Rock / Electronic

Compiling nearly 2 years’ worth of his brony music, Silver Note has just released his first ever album. After the break I’ll take a look at each track and give you a full rundown of it, going from his oldest songs to his newest!

The album start off with one of Silver’s more recent tunes, his rework of Friendship is Magic. A great way to open the album, this pop-rock piece is an upbeat piece about discovering what friendship means; I imagine it to be sung from Twilight’s perspective as an alternative intro theme to the series. Following this is one of his first songs, Inside My Heart, an electro-rock song featuring some…rap vocals? Well I wasn’t expecting this! I hope there are some more surprises like this in the rest of the album.

Next up, another electro rock song, and another rework at that too, this time of Sonic Rainboom. One of his classics, this Rainbow Dash themed song is a complete remaster of the original. Imbalance follows, which I think was the first song I ever heard from him. It was made for Nightmare Night 2014 and is considerable darker than some of the other songs on this album; naturally when you’re singing about Nightmare Moon it’s going to be dark, right?! Counterbalancing this is Adventure, a really upbeat song about Shining Armor and Cadance (the beginning of which sounds like it would fit into an uplifting movie trailer).

Track 6 is the incredible Chasing Marks, one of my favourite Silver Note songs ever. An alt. rock song with outstanding guitar work and great mixing, this CMC-themed song went on repeat for me when it was first released, it’s that good! Detonate, however, takes a very different direction as Silver Note tries out something on the EDM spectrum. Heavy beats and some wubs mark this as something quite out-of-the-norm for Silver. The following track takes a more chilling tone though. Rise is a military song of sorts for Equestria, an epic piece for the Royal Equestrian Guard.

Bringing the mood back to an uplifting sound, More than one kind of magic is a song dedicated to Twilight Sparkle. More pop-rock to brighten your day! Winter Before Harmony is something else that feels a little bit different to Silver’s usual music. This song is much more orchestral-oriented than the others on this album, and draws influence from the story of Hearth’s Warming Eve. A dark house-style song follows; Midnight Club has a mysterious feel to it and features somewhat grimdark lyrics…it leaves plenty to the imagination though. The penultimate song, Let It Go (in no way related to Disney), was featured on here a few weeks ago, and is a fun electro-pop piece that serves as an opportunity to just get up and dance!

The final song of the album is his most recent: Tanks for the Memories also features on Ponies At Dawn: Awakening. Inspired by the episode of the same name, this haunting alt. rock song takes meaning from the underlying message of said episode. Silver’s attention to detail in his vocal and instrumental performance really makes this song stand out, and truly worthy of its place on both albums.

If you’re already familiar with Silver Note’s work, this album may be a great way to collate all of his solo songs so far in one place for your music collection. If you’re checking out his songs for the first time, this is the perfect way to see his work so far (although I’d also highly recommend checking out Shine, a song he did with DecodingTheCodes)! Unicorns and Sounwaves: a collection of Silver Note’s music so far, and a hope for more awesome music to come!

One thought on “Silver Note – Unicorns and Soundwaves | Album | Rock / Electronic

  1. gLItcHyGeAR says:

    Silver Note doesn’t have much of an established style in my mind. He’s just so willing to try something new, do something different for nearly every song, that pieces like “Shine” or “Tanks for the Memories” are actually in the minority here; even Friendship is Magic, considered among his best by fans long before he remastered it, started off as a very acoustic, drumless song. Nearly everything he makes he tries something different in some way, even in songs like Sonic Rainboom; one of my favorite things about the guy is the sheer variety he’s always been so keen to show off. ^^


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