Horse Music Hotspot – May 2016 [P@D: Awakening Special]

HMHotstpot main art

Our May episode of  the Hotspot is up! You can listen back to it on YouTube, on SoundCloud, or using your favourite podcast app (click here for more info). To listen in live, tune in to Ponyville FM at 10pm Eastern on the last Sunday of each month!

A special extended edition of the hotspot this month to celebrate the release of Ponies At Dawn: Awakening not too long ago. We chose our favourite songs from the album to showcase at the start of the show, followed by our usual picks from the last month.

Embeds and full tracklist available after the break.


 – Ponies At Dawn: Awakening Spotlight –

0:00:32 ExplodingPonyToast, ThatMusicBrony, & LutariFan – Start Again
0:04:52 L.M. – Eve
0:11:43 Metapony – Sakura
0:17:40 Plum Creek Rhythm Section – Glimmer
0:21:54 Silver Note – Tanks For The Memories
0:26:45 Quicksilver – Breaking Point (ft. Stealing Shad3Z)
0:30:10 DJT – Horse Code
0:33:54 Phoxi – Starlight Ataraxia
0:36:56 AJ Young – Calamity
0:42:30 Del Rom – Blind & Deaf
0:48:02 Jastrian & Synthis – Ethereal

0:52:20 Exiark – Tides of War
0:56:29 Neon & Xavi – Penumbra (Agents of Discord Remix)
0:59:07 FruityFusion – Alhasea
1:03:24 The Wasteland Wailers – When The Sun Comes Back (ft. Brittany Church)
1:06:38 Ponysphere – Wither Away
1:10:06 WoodLore – Flowers
1:14:11 Stallionslaughter – End to it All
1:18:44 Radiarc – Unbroken
1:22:11 A Symphony Of Two – Bonheurs Ephémères
1:25:51 Hay Tea – Kratia (Age Of Vinyl Remix)

You can download the entire Ponies At Dawn: Awakening album from

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