Pony Music – Lessons of Equestria EP | Electronic

Time for another EP! This time our Swiss friend Pony Music has a 4-track EP to offer us. Rather than the usual Bandcamp uploads we’re used to, he is instead using Indietorrent, a relatively new site, the creators of which he is friends with. We have a preview of the songs via a YouTube video, but the full experience only costs $3. Full writeup after the break.

The EP starts off with Friends, a drum and bass song that is essentially a remix of Friends Are Always There For You, from the season 5 finale. Sampling vocals from that song, this major key dnb track is a real mood-lifter, that chord progression is just so happy!

Next we move onto Pony Music’s contribution to the recent Ponies At Dawn album, Awakening. Invasion is a changeling-themed glitch-hop track that takes a darker and somewhat more chaotic turn compared to the previous song.

As the first song sampled Friends Are Always There For You, track no. 3, Tiara, samples The Pony I Want To Be, albeit in a much more spliced manner than beforehand, creating brand new melodies. This song falls somewhere between the realm of chillstep and future bass, and draws nice elements from both.

The EP’s closing song, entitled Perception, has yet again more sampled vocals (although I can’t identify them this time, nice one) and is an interesting dubstep track. I say interesting because it doesn’t fit with any mainstream styles of said genre that I’m familiar with. Drawing on a range of dubstep styles, this somewhat melancholy song draws this EP to a close.

Lessons Of Equestria shows the diversity in Pony Music’s production, as he creates a mixture of happy, energetic music and dark, more chill tracks. If you’re familiar with his music, I highly recommend support Pony Music by purchasing this EP. You can do so through Indietorrent.

3 thoughts on “Pony Music – Lessons of Equestria EP | Electronic

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