Various Artists – King Mars – A Tribute | Album | Multi-Genre

3 months ago King Mars, a brony deeply connected with music and the fandom, sadly passed away from a heart attack. In the wake of this, Staccato Flame and Techoh set up a tribute album in his name, and 3 months later it’s finally ready. Gathering together a whole range of artists, this album of 24 tracks contains a whole variety of music.

This is actually the first of two albums from the King Mars tribute team. The second one is still open for submissions, so if you have a song you’d like to dedicate to King Mars, the information on that is on the MLR forums.

We’ll be posting tracks from this album as they’re released with a [KM] tag at the start of the title, like we did [P@D] for the Ponies at Dawn album.

Lycan Dese Beats: Beats Me 2! Album Release Party Friday 1st July

To celebrate the release of the “Lycan Dese Beats: Beats Me 2!” album release, which will be available on bandcamp,

PonyvilleFM will be hosting a DJ event coming this Friday the 1st July leading up to the albums live play and release. The party will start at 1pm UTC with DJs performing until the album drops at 9pm UTC. There will be many DJs performing both before and after the album release!

You will be able to tune in and talk with everyone over at the PonyvilleFM chat

The Album will have a massive 26 tracks from a huge variety of artists including big names like Reverbrony, Francis Vace, and UndreamedPanic along with other highly talented artists such as DJT, Spectra, Homage McGee and many MANY more!

This album promises to be one of the most exciting and diverse examples of what the brony music community is capable of.

The album explores genres from all over the spectrum, with dubstep, house, 8-bit, rock, and more!

The album will be available from the Lycan Dese Beats bandcamp for whatever price you’d like to pay (including $0) once it is released on the 1st of July (depending on your timezone)! You aren’t under any obligation to donate, but if you choose to donate, we are certainly grateful. All donations will split 50/50 between the running of Lycan Dese Beats and the Bronies For Good charity of choice, which is currently the “Against Malaria Foundation”. As it is, over $1000 USD in total has been spent to create the Lycan Dese Beats show every week and to promote musicians and albums like this one. This includes hardware, software, artwork, music, etc. If the album reaches this amount covered, then ALL donations from that point on will go towards the charity, Against Malaria Foundation.

You can check out the album here:

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Thorinair – Hypersonic (Sonic Rainboom Remix) | Trance

I get excited every time I find a new trance song in my subscription box – it’s an uncommon genre not just among the fandom music scene but seemingly the electronic music scene in general nowadays. This remix of Thorinair’s classic Hypersonic takes me back to the late 00s when a friend introduced me to a lot of trance that stuck with me for years afterwards. Grab a seat and take a listen for a euphoric musical journey.