Vylet Pony – Victory in Canterlot | Glitch-Hop

Another track from Vylet’s new album, Super Pony World (we’ll have a post soon, it’s a big album), Victory in Canterlot lies somewhere between the realms of Glitch-Hop and Electro, incorporating elements from both. A fantastically produced song, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Vylet!


Archie – Chasing The Sunrise | Synthwave

I was rather surprised to find this in my sub box – Archie made a song that’s below 120bpm! Jokes aside, this synthwave track from Archie is filled to the brim with 80s influence, sexy saxophone, and just a hint of a e s t h e t i c (okay, I wasn’t done with the jokes).


StrachAttack – Ultraviolet | Drumstep

Starting as an artwork, the concept behind StrachAttack’s new piece named after Twilight’s main color the electromagnetic radiation sure is a subject of much reminiscence and emotion. Revolving around the S4 finale and more deeply the loss of the Golden Oak library which could sure be felt as a spiritual home for many of us, the Drumstep track strikes as hard as multi-alicorn magic with wubs and leads in StrachAttack’s signature sound, providing a fine tribute but also a banger to play while celebrating the victory against Tirek once more!

Vylet Pony – Little Dreams (YourEnigma Remix) | Future Bass

YourEnigma pleasantly surprised me a couple of months back with a fantastic future bass song, and now it’s great to see he’s done another take at the style with his remix of Little Dreams! And it’s a pleasure to hear some orchestral elements tied in there too, similar to his Tavi and Scratch series of songs, which create their own melodies on top of the electronic elements. Overall an amazing remix, and probably my favourite one of Little Dreams from the selection on the album!


OrchestralDesign – Summer Nights | Orchestral

OrchestralDesign is not only the best at flipping tables in the whole community, he’s also a talented composer and it most definitely shows in this new piece Summer Nights. Fitting to the recent Summer Sun Celebration but also an ode to the many beauties of the Night, this quick but meaningful Orchestral journey will make you experience all the beauty of a summer night in musical form with gentle piano, gorgeous choruses and winds evoking the very spirit of wonder itself, transitioning and ending with a mighty space-ey 8k subs special, worthy of 2012 A Pony Odyssey.


Vylet Pony – Little Dreams (Spectra Remix) | Drum & Bass / Synthpop

Sounding just as emotional as the BGM from an epic RPG with an amazing story you’ve just finished, here comes my favorite remix of Little Dreams I’ve listened to so far. There is just some magic in the soft, gentle mood of this remix, which is evoking emotions with mellow melodies, nostalgic sounds, and the one thing that never fails, Fluttershy samples and chops! Truly so many wonders in this magical experience that stays true to the spirit of the original while adding extra layers of appreciation and emotion.