/MLP/ Plays – >No Fun Allowed | Album | Multi-Genre

Brace yourselves everypony, because you’re about to get surprised in the most amazing ways, as we present to you the result of two years of collaborative effort from musicians of the 4chan /mlp/ board, a massive 51-tracks album of stunning quality. Featuring a wide variety of genres (even including some very unusual ones), perhaps even more variety than in the P@D or LDB albums, this heartfelt compilation of sophisticated tunes will surprise and delight as you experience its many wonders, such as the very mellow and enthralling RarityRF (#7), the emotional and surprising you-would-never-guess pony vocals from Flut (#8), the incredible vocal chops from Protocat’s remix of I’ll Fly (#11), the masterful collaboration work in To Anon Too Late (#15), one of the best and most epic remixes of Luna’s Future (#21), Feral FurE’s wonderful remix of Better Than Ever (#26), some more feels from the Out On My Own remix (#29), the original Derpy-centered Surf Rock track Surfin’ Derp (#30), the blissful piano melodies from Tree of Harmony (#32), the heartfelt realtalk combined with quality instrumental in Waifu Blues (#33), the mighty rock spirit from Eclipses (#48), or the massive party track The Club Pony Party Palace (#50) that I will feature as a solo post next. I guess the expression “Do not judge a book by its cover” works here, and you won’t be disappointed if you decide to go give the full album a proper listen (and if you would consider donating, note that all proceeds will go to charity). This music lover, for one, is blown away.

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