Budzy – Summer Smiles EP | Electronic

A long time coming, after over a year of hanging around the brony music scene and making songs, Budzy’s finally released his debut EP, Summer Smiles. In this EP you can be sure to find plenty of custom sounds that he’s been building over the past several months, self-taught n everything. Continue reading for the full writeup.

First up is a collab with UndreamedPanic, and some good old trap. Classic 808-style kicks, deep sub bass and brass instruments adorn this piece, but the main attraction is the acid-influenced mid bass that makes up the beginning of the drop sections.

Onto the rest of the tracks, and we get right into something that seems like more familiar territory regarding Budzy’s work. Switch Right Up sticks to his usual style of expertly crafted and mixed growls in F minor.

Next up, probably the most unique track on the album. Backfire is a slightly more experimental piece when compared to rest of this EP, with some really cool sound design! I feel like that’s all I’m talking about with this EP…with good reason though…

The tongue-in-cheekly named Design of Sound marks the penultimate song of the EP, and another rather unique piece. This one sorta speaks for itself B)

And finally…it seems Budzy’s drawn up his inner LivingTombstone for the album’s title track. Summer Smiles follows a midtempo glitch-hop / moombahcore / whateveryoucallit kick snare beat, complete with wild, happy melodies all over the place. I know TLT has been somewhat of an inspiration to Budzy in the past, and I suppose this is a tribute of sorts, how fitting.

Compared to some other debut EPs (very much including my own), this blows everything out of the water. Budzy has really come a long way since I first met him and it’s been great to see him progress with his music and get better with every single song he’s released. Congratulations on releasing your first EP!

You can purchase this EP on Bandcamp, or stream all of the songs from it on Budzy’s YouTube and SoundCloud pages.

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