Boards of Equestria – Music Has the Right to Pony | Album | Electronic / Hip-Hop

A new album from one of Technickel Pony’s aliases (you may remember Beats and Pieces), whose name is in tribute to the Scottish electronic duo, Boards of Canada. The album is mostly made up of relatively short pieces, and keeps to a sort of chill electronic / hip-hop style which runs throughout the entire album.

Technickel’s production style seems to have become a bit more standardised in this album compared to Beats and Pieces (although I do still hear some Sytrus presets in there ;P). While I’m unfortunately unable to do a full album review, I’d love to recommend a couple of tracks in particular. Track 7, Night Time World (ft. donglekumquat) gives a great sort of spacey feel with both the vocals and the lead synths. The following track, Dusk Light, a collaboration with Seventh Element, also has some great instrumentation and has a very strong trip-hop vibe to it.

Again, apologies for the lack of full review, but if you like chill electronica and hip-hop, this is definitely the sort of thing you should check out!

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