Prince Whateverer – Reinvent | Album | Metal

New Prince Whateverer album? New Prince Whateverer album! It’s been 3 years since his debut (mini-)album, Rediscover, and after having built up a collection of single YouTube releases since then, he has recently finished Reinvent (I’m noticing a pattern here with the names). Catch the full writeup, track-by-track, of this glorious 16-track LP after the break…

The recently released So Long (which we also featured not so long ago) starts off the album, a song about Moondancer and her feelings in Amending Fences. Also featuring Wubcake on vocals, voicing lyrics from Twilight’s perspective. Following that we have Left Behind, which draws on Prince’s own headcanon about Applejack’s parents, with an awesome guitar solo in the middle to complete it! Track #3 is Walk in Shadows, which starts off considerably more mellow than the previous two songs, but picks up again soon enough.

The album version of Frailty is a reworked version of the single release from nearly 2 years ago, with all new female vocals from Milkymomo. Based on the season 4 finale, a song of proportions this epic is only fit for the battle in said episode! Following that, a song with CookieSoupMusic (the artist formerly known as dBPony). I was hoping to hear CookieSoup doing lead vocals on this, but it’s still awesome to know he played a part in the writing and production of this song.

This song has roots in Prince’s discography older than this album. Taking Flight was originally released back in 2012, but was revamped about a year ago with NRGPony brought in for some brutal harsh vocals and screams. It stands out to me as slightly more like speed metal than some of the others, especially with that intro. The next track, Away From Me, also features NRGPony very prominently. This time the song is based on Our Town (did that place ever actually have a name?) and (an unspecific) one of its residents.

Track 8 certainly takes me back a few years… Between Fairy Tales and Happy Endings dates all the way back to 2012, with its lyrics relating to Derpy (and some drama at the time blah blah blah). Completely re-recorded for the album, the song keeps that same beautiful acoustic guitars at the beginning, keeping it mellow for the majority of the song, building up to a full band finish. Did I mention I absolutely love this song? :’)

Prince. You magnificent bastard. What started off as an April Fools’ joke appears to have become a fully fledged song. Forget About It is a pop-punk style anthem about Twilight forgetting about everything and leaving Canterlot. When listening to this, the works of Jarrod Alonge spring to mind…

Ah, the old ‘Celestia feeling sad about sending Luna to the moon’ thing. Always a good source of inspiration for emotional lyrics, it’s a pretty deep subject, and you can feel it in the lyrics to this song! Following that we have something I wouldn’t quite expect to see on an album; a song done in 2 different version! It starts off with the first version of Fight This War, which features DivinumX on vocals, and while I can’t quite place the source of inspiration for the lyrics, I’d hazard a guess at Chrysalis and the changelings’ invasion of Canterlot (knowing me, that’s probably far off but oh well!). The last of the main songs on this album gets things going heavily again, with NRGPony back contributing some harsh vocals and screams on The Fight Inside. This song also dates back a few years, and it’s great to hear it completely remade with Prince’s new production skills applied.

Time for some bonus tracks or sorts! First is µThunder’s remix of Frailty, done in the classic  µThunder style of happy and upbeat electro, and to be honest it does feel a bit odd to hear an emotional song remade into such a danceable track. Still great though! Going back to Fight This War, we have the second version of this song – the difference being a change of lyrics in the verses and the bridge. Judging by the lyrics, my guess about the inspiration might be right…heh… Following that is an acoustic version of Prince Whateverer’s classic Not Letting Go. It also features P1K from the original on backing vocals, as well as Cadie and CookieSoupMusic joining in for this lovely rendition of the song. And to complete the bonus selection on this album, Aviators took to doing an symphonic rock version of Your Own Sky. Redone vocals in a gentler tone means that the same story is told in a completely different manner, and brings the album to a much softer finish than one might have expected.

It’s sometimes mind-blowing to think how long some people put into their personal projects, and sometimes even more so when you see just how much comes of it. With more than a year put into the making of Reinvent, it’s no surprise that it emerges as a fully fledged album, but to be one of such high quality is another thing altogether. And to see so many older songs completely remade to be up to scratch was a very nice touch too. Bravo, Prince Whateverer, this album definitely belongs in the collection of any fan of brony music!

You can purchase this album from Prince Whateverer’s Bandcamp page, or find it on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify, and you can subcribe to his YouTube channel here.

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