Vylet Pony – Love Letters | Album | Electronic

Making a seemingly very speedy turnaround from the release of Super Pony World this summer, Vylet’s back with another album, this one about Rarity. Not quite as monumental as SPW, however Love Letters still contains 12 tracks, more than qualifying it for a full album status. Read on for a look at each track one-by-one as it transitions through many phases of electronic music with hints of jaaazzzz.

The album opens with a short ambient piece, That Butterfly Feeling, which simply acts as a brief introduction to the album’s title track. Love Letters begins with a simple bell synth and a bass running through a pleasant major chord progression. We eventually get some drums and arps which keep the upbeat pace but chill feel, then for the piece to end with piano and strings. This then leads immediately into the lively french house track Like Me, a collaboration with YourEnigma, Sights Unseen, Silva Hound and Tsukii.

Up next is the rather jazzy Pretty Girl, which features a duet between Vylet and Cadie. It touches on the romance theme that spreads across the album, and has some very sexy sax sounds. Late Night with Friends goes on as a instrumental piece, with a sort of future / garage feel to it that’s tricky to explain. The title is probably self-explanatory too. The same goes for Evening Trot, which, as a soft jazz piece, takes the album into a very mellow change of pace. Just imagine Canterlot in the late evening, with soft lighting and empty streets…

Dabbling back into the elements of romance features in this album, Mistress sees Xavi assist on production and Chi-Chi take place next to Vylet performing vocals. It’s a very unique piece too, falling somewhere in the realm of synthpop and future, but as is often the case with Vylet’s songs, I can’t quite label it. TV follows this, and like the opening track, acts as more of an intermittent piece. Blockhead is a lo-fi track which, although non-pony, adds in the emotion of nostalgia into the story being told about Rarity.

A Show in Canterlot is a solo piano piece; something Vylet often incorporates into other songs but rarely seems to do for entire tracks (well, at least outside the context of this album). Drama Queen is a chill-hop track with another somewhat self-explanatory title, made with the help of Kyunn in terms of production (and maybe vocals too? idk what he sounds like). Then the album finishes with a song that actually dates back a couple of years. It was remade just over a year ago, and while originally not planned for this album, it acts as a very appropriate ending to the style and substance of this album.

Chill, jazzy, and full of Vylet lovely piano pieces, Love Letters shows us a side to Vylet music that Super Pony World did not. I suppose the best way to describe this album is ‘pretty damn sexy’ – the music, the content (, the character it’s about, amirite? <.<). As I’ve said before, it’s very nice to see Vylet take a new approach to music and do some more lo-fi, chill, jazzy stuff compared to his usual content. Variation is always nice.

Love Letters is available to purchase on Bandcamp, and the songs from it are being uploaded one by one to Vylet’s YouTube channel.


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